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  1. If your getting banned and posts removed from there your going things Right...
  2. 👋 Hello and How are you? 

  3. How are you? downlo678ad.jpeg.jpg.d7a3617d8b8a443d749e060e33c58e6c.jpg


  4. That's Tomorrow.. dang I lost track.. I seen Indiana and Clicked.. I was From Ohio 40min from Indiana boarder. So I was interested to see some info. Hopefully the Patriots near there will turn out in Force
  5. As far as THIS Group.. I haven't heard Much in any form of "Training"
  6. STP 21-1-SMCT Book or PDF Version of the STP 21-1-SMCT Skill Level 1(31,521 KB) found Here https://www.armystudyguide.com/content/SMCT_CTT_Tasks/CTT_Testing_Information/stp-211smct-skill-level-1.shtml Or you may get the Book. Good Base Information to learn for the Hard times ahead .. Craw before you Run, get everyone to learn some Basic Intel and get on the Same Page. Then walk through, and selective training
  7. So your in Florida? 

    Don't be Shy, send me a PM, anytime and I'll Respond as soon as I'm able..

    You are National Guard, i thank you for your Service you still in?

  8. There is 11 in Florida https://myfwc.com/hunting/safety-education/shooting-ranges/
  9. Hindsight is said to be 20-20 .. 6 months in, we see new things unfolding, most is Unpleasant, including Covid19, and Lockdowns. Antifa, BLM, and a New Black Panthers trashing city's, burning Cop Cars, some very unpeaceful Protests. But, But we see now the Patriots banding together.. COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO for Example STANDS UP…And ANTIFA STANDS DOWN! https://www.itsmac.com/2020/06/02/coeur-dalene-idaho-stands-up-antifa-stands-down/ Seattle in Washington, needs there Patriots. Currently in Atlanta, Georgia another incident recently.. list goes on. We all need to network nearby, find our like minded brothers. Before activities like this come to your Town. I encourage locating Patriots willing to support and Defend the Constitution against enemies both Foreign and Domestic, cause in a Time of Need, you have to know the friends in your area willing to stand with you, not against you. See who you may be able to Work with.. some have Good intentions but wont be the best fit. God Bless Everyone, and May God Bless this Great Country of America. Let Freedom Ring..
  10. As I Stated, entry of my Home for whatever reason.. maybe neighbor complained I had a Black full auto rifle.. who knows. They Enter, With NO announcement, no Credentials, maybe 4am, no knocking just bust in to my Home, I would Rain Hell on my invaders. (NUFF SAID) then if I live, I'd look at what came in to threaten me and Mine. Otherwise, they better Knock 1st, announce they are Police, and we will Have a civil discussion.
  11. If the States Dont Act, We The People Must Act, and Act Soon.
  12. Believe fake Media, or whomever all you want. The results are there. The Facts dont support your statement. Riddle me this, why have Kids with Covid19 ever died, why must there immune systems show less they have the virus, and Yet NO Schools?? Speak unto others who believe you on covid Kids.
  13. If they come in the door at 4am with no Knock and no announcements. I shoot back, I win. Then I look, say Shit! Gather my Gear, Tell my wife and Kid there not after them, give them a Kiss and Hug, then Run like Hell. I had no Warnings it was Feds or Coppers but I'd run. And if I run I take all the blame from my family and keep them out of it. I keep them safe.

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