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  1. As I Stated, entry of my Home for whatever reason.. maybe neighbor complained I had a Black full auto rifle.. who knows. They Enter, With NO announcement, no Credentials, maybe 4am, no knocking just bust in to my Home, I would Rain Hell on my invaders. (NUFF SAID) then if I live, I'd look at what came in to threaten me and Mine. Otherwise, they better Knock 1st, announce they are Police, and we will Have a civil discussion.
  2. If the States Dont Act, We The People Must Act, and Act Soon.
  3. Believe fake Media, or whomever all you want. The results are there. The Facts dont support your statement. Riddle me this, why have Kids with Covid19 ever died, why must there immune systems show less they have the virus, and Yet NO Schools?? Speak unto others who believe you on covid Kids.
  4. If they come in the door at 4am with no Knock and no announcements. I shoot back, I win. Then I look, say Shit! Gather my Gear, Tell my wife and Kid there not after them, give them a Kiss and Hug, then Run like Hell. I had no Warnings it was Feds or Coppers but I'd run. And if I run I take all the blame from my family and keep them out of it. I keep them safe.
  5. I know a Few Cops. Country Boy types, I'd trust. I've came across a few not so good. One was mad I was a Veteran, said some things, gave me a Ticket for 7 over. If you are in a Group just see what works, how people fit. If there not right for the band let em go. Cop, a Rabi, a military veteran, Construction worker, contractor can all work together and perform well, just like a Band. Know your lead singer, your guitarist, Drummer, bass, maybe keyboard, Harmonica. Someone comes along and dont fit, they dont fit. Vote not to accept them in see what others think too.
  6. Wrong, Kids Get it, Most Are Silent Carriers. Dont believe me kids get it? There are Kid Deaths from Covid 19
  7. Try to answer Both at Once. As my opinion, as I shared, I believe it should be left to medical Professionals. But! To better clarify, the Governor of the State should be working closer with an Advisory panel, likely by phone statewide to understand the hotspots (larger infected city's) and make judgements. In my Opinion only, the Government should be working towards policies while we are in "Lockdown" with health inspectors and medical opinion to stem complacency, and Better protect the Citizens, and Slowly, open select business with Hygiene plans implemented to "Test the Waters" sorta speak. Wearing face masks, having Hand Sanitizer available, require possibly less tables in restaurants. In some Asian area I seen they were Requiring Plexiglass dividers on tables, maybe that's an option. But Yes, instead of Protesting in Person I'd like to see people Flood the Government with Emails and Calls. Our Officials should already be moving towards implementing a Plan of Action to reopen the states with Caution. Lots can be Done electronically or by phone. And every politician has an Email account, and Petitions can be made and sent in. We are still in the early phase of understanding Covid19. A vaccine may not be made, but progress to handle it can be.
  8. Herd Immunity? What Get sick to hopefully build Immunity? Worked Well with the Aztecs when the Spanish Came.. 🙄 I have a Kid, you ever see a Kid Suffer, cause you didnt protect them best you could. Unlike you that wont be on my conciousness. I allow my kid into school when its safe, sure. But I dont go into a War Zone with a Kid piggyback. You know what, I don't like fully explaining it to you. But getting Sick now is Unwarranted for Stupidity Sake. Stay safe, protect the Loved Ones. Let the Medical Teams Understand this Virus Better. Dont go getting sick cause you feel you Personally need to, to better build immunity, and reswamp the Hospital with more Unnecessary Cases and possibly cause an Elderly to die..
  9. Unless leaders go to ground in there bunkers or take to the sky like Airforce 1. I'm sure in this day in age leaders are like the Hydra, cut off one head you still have more to go to kill the leader. There is Layers to Leadership, you learn that in the military, the squad leader goes to Platoon leader and on up a Chain. Good luck taking the Top man down
  10. Warriors of Liberty is still active in Florida.
  11. I'm not marching on a Capitol YET. I'm also not for the Reopening of the country YET. We push reopening without medical advisors we could be hurting our country with more Virus cases and Reswamp the medical field. Complacency, Laziness and impatience is not something needed at this Time
  12. In Part. Prior to his passing, Mr. Shupe requested that I step into the leadership position and continue to grow and organize the USFA. For the past two years I have attempted to move the organization in the direction the Founder had charted. I have alternately pleaded, cajoled and encouraged members to step up, get involved in some way and make meaningful contributions to the mission/vision of the Freedom Army. Those efforts were met with a small measure of success, but not to the extent necessary to make the USFA an effective influence on the direction our nation is headed. While several folks stepped forward to help financially, and several others volunteered to lead in various capacities, we still do not have the level of commitment required for the organization to continue to grow and to be the force multiplier for freedom that the USFA was intended to be. As a result, I'm closing down the USFA. At the end of the month, the website will be unpublished; email addresses will be inactivated; newsletters and Call to Action notices will be discontinued; PayPal links for donations or purchases will be de-authorized; social media accounts will be closed. Those of you who have been so gracious in your giving will need to be sure that you visit PayPal and end your monthly recurring payments. For the folks who have cared enough to engage in the past, you can continue to reach me at my personal email if you care to. I have not quit caring about the USFA, but I cannot continue to waste my time and yours - there is far too much at stake.Personally I will be moving on to join with others who have like minds and spirits, in organizations that are fully invested in actively engaging the socialist threat that looms opposed to our government and our nation. I wish you all the very best future; may God smile on you and your families, may He bring you health, peace and happiness, and - above all - freedom! Frank de Monbrun, (ex)Commanding General US Freedom Army

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