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  1. In Part. Prior to his passing, Mr. Shupe requested that I step into the leadership position and continue to grow and organize the USFA. For the past two years I have attempted to move the organization in the direction the Founder had charted. I have alternately pleaded, cajoled and encouraged members to step up, get involved in some way and make meaningful contributions to the mission/vision of the Freedom Army. Those efforts were met with a small measure of success, but not to the extent necessary to make the USFA an effective influence on the direction our nation is headed. While several folks stepped forward to help financially, and several others volunteered to lead in various capacities, we still do not have the level of commitment required for the organization to continue to grow and to be the force multiplier for freedom that the USFA was intended to be. As a result, I'm closing down the USFA. At the end of the month, the website will be unpublished; email addresses will be inactivated; newsletters and Call to Action notices will be discontinued; PayPal links for donations or purchases will be de-authorized; social media accounts will be closed. Those of you who have been so gracious in your giving will need to be sure that you visit PayPal and end your monthly recurring payments. For the folks who have cared enough to engage in the past, you can continue to reach me at my personal email if you care to. I have not quit caring about the USFA, but I cannot continue to waste my time and yours - there is far too much at stake.Personally I will be moving on to join with others who have like minds and spirits, in organizations that are fully invested in actively engaging the socialist threat that looms opposed to our government and our nation. I wish you all the very best future; may God smile on you and your families, may He bring you health, peace and happiness, and - above all - freedom! Frank de Monbrun, (ex)Commanding General US Freedom Army
  2. Feel bad for you! You deal with plenty of yahoo's your way. Tolls, and bad drivers.
  3. Well Banjo i heard 1 arrest. Dont know the Full details. But i heard the arrest was brought on by a refusal to the police, to remove ones Mask..
  4. Hello! 

       Hope you come back to the site.

    1. Bear7


      If your still looking for a Group..

       You could check with USFreedomArmy.com 

      Or Courage777

  5. Hello! Roll Call?? Im Here. Hope everyone is doing Swell. Lil cool today in Florida. I got barely 30 now with a high of 51.
  6. Get drunk as All get out, and grab the wife and get to humpin before you try and Kiss Yer own backside..
  7. Ok, a Prepper Question.. ;-D you will deal with Possible HEMP event, no electronics, electricity, most cars Dead, no refrigeration, no medical centers, no cell phone. If its 2pm it just gets Quiet. Your watch will stop, some say Pacemakers quit. Better get your weapon, get to your family, and either Bug out or Dig in. Ive Read 1 second After by william Forsyth. and other Books it wont take long to get Ugly. Meds would Run out, no insulin, no resupply, planes Crash. IT WOULD SUCK! it would last maybe 2 years maybe more after the damages.
  8. Just a lil education http://www.loeser.us/flags/american_note_2.html https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us!ful.html Also if you Look at most US Flags flown in Courts, And federal government. They have gold fringe, U.S Soliders have a Flag on the right sleeve edged in yellow Gold.. Gold Fringe Flag Stands for no Nation and no Constitution. It stands for Admiralty Law! Not Constitutional law, not Common Law, but the law that has taken over our nation and court system! It represents Martial Law! https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us-fring.html I would rather fly, as a Patriot who disagrees with our Current Government's Actions and State of Affairs... one of these flags.. The Grand Union Flag, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Union_Flag Betsy Ross Flag https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betsy_Ross_flag Or the original Secession Flag Bonnie Blue. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnie_Blue_Flag
  9. Wish Alachua County area of Florida wasn't so dang Liberal..
  10. Also SGeron has Posted possible name changes too.. Also Part of the concensus i was mentioned

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