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  1. I feel like an alien from another world, in todays America. The country i grew up in doesn't seem like the America i see before my eyes today. I'm sure most here likely feel the same way. Florida members i encourage you to reach out daily to any and all members of your voting area and elected officials. Do tell them what you support, and dont. What they are doing wrong and encourage all of them to support and stand with the Constitution and other founding documents. Just Be Tactful, but Encouraging. Now is the time our "pen" is Mighter than our "Sword". Wright often to your officials, be a voice for our God given rights. Dont go silent into the night, be active and be a voice.
  2. Im around, and Round is a Shape, so im in Shape! ALACHUA COUNTY AREA IS FULL OF LIBERALS! ! I feel like an Island in a Brown Stream
  3. Hi Bear7, Reply for a chance to WIN A KNIFE - JUST REPLY TO YOUR STATES ROLL CALL ...l . Well im here 🇺🇸
  4. 3 reactions no responses.. I hope if your not a Legion member and could be, that you consider it. Our 2nd Vice officer has up and left without word almost 1 month ago. They Contacted him and he said he wont be back. When asked about my thoughts on the position, as an Assistant. I volunteered to step up, but said if, if need be later on i would resign. The position is a unpaid Manager like position, and this group its managing is out of Whack! I hope i can assist in bringing Some Law & Order, and restore a lil direction. Get orders and deliveries done as needed timely and efficiently. Get a base 2 week schedule going. And fix some issues.. I already know that I have my work cut out for Me.
  5. I did a While ago. I have not seen nufin so i guess i dont get one. Oh well its fine. I at lest get to chat with everyone.
  6. Brown, Was more like tan.. i just read about it. The Scorpion camo did better at a distance. I wonder what Airforce Tiger stripe would be like in this Greenish Dye? Different pattern
  7. WHY DIDNY THE ARMY DO THE DYE!!! Save tax payer money.. Awesome this worked so well. Thanks.
  8. may have seen you then. Golden coral there is GOOOD. Took the wife to shop over there. Heard of a great gun shop that way too. Babys R Us Went out.. Im over in Alachua County area. Out by Gville and Stark, Waldo
  9. Local American Legion Post's around town, here have been I would say "Hurting".. they need members, and they need people helping out, and stepping up Has any other Legion Members here noticed personnel "Issues"?? There have been requests that other vetrans not yet members consider joining up, and the Sons of Vetrans, spouses and daughters of the vets. There is a brand new "Legion Act" that has been passed to allow Vetrans of the Cold War to join. From about 1941 - now.
  10. You lay Off your Cool aid and I'll Spike mine. I can guess which strand of lights you belong to. .
  11. Ive been voting! & EMAILING politicians! Heck i even emailed the White House!! HOOOAH!!!! What else you think im to do?
  12. I email my politicians. Never done me much good but telling them i support the American pastor held in Say Iran gives me a bit of comfort.

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