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  1. Vans or buses could pick up folks to do physical training and combat drills and all of that. They can also take those folks for classroom time where they are being taught cyber warfare, social media warfare, information warfare, meme warfare, using XBox and video game chat to seed and drive memes and counter narrative to reach those kids mentioned in the OP, etc. They can also get together and make posters and pamphlets and stickers. All kinds of possibilities.
  2. I think that Militia as you are stating isn't reality and maybe Militia isn't what most of us are thinking what we need using the definition. I have read elsewhere that maybe the term Militia is out dated for what we need in the USA now I'm just not sure. I think most people seem to be seeing the militia as infantry. That's what SecurityGuy42 had in his video today, and generally the concept that it seems everyone has. And that's fair. I think right now what is needed is an entity/network/group of cells/overt group/whatever it is called (I've been thinking in terms of
  3. Its sad. I saw another clip earlier today of the guy in the bronx that was walking across the street with his daughter holding her hand, and a car pulled up and shot him dead. It really is a spiritual war out there, evil manifesting all around. I feel like the BLMers and rioters and agitated kids are not cognizant of the horrors of what they are trying to unleash. In some ways they know not what they do.
  4. He is exactly right, but I don't share his optimism of only a 70/30 chance of this devolving into combat in the streets. At the moment I think its 100% its only a question of timing. I think we are going to start seeing incidents before the election, soon even. The communists don't care about an election or no election. They are going for it now. The penalties for statue/monument defacement? That's a double edged sword...I think they will start thinking if the penalties are that high for the monuments then f* it, lets move on to the next phase NOW everybody get your gat. The
  5. This is my favorite fpv plane/drone channel on youtube, he's in Colorado and has a really nice Skyhunter setup and some great videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuMRKRaYjg6T6bAPuVs6Gbw This Skyhunter video is pretty good demonstration: I had a Bixler 2 setup but the Skywalker X8 was an airframe I always wanted to get and do a build with, this guy took it up to over 5k meters altitude: Its a huge flying wing that is extremely stable and efficient and can carry a big payload for an FPV plane.
  6. Something to think about with drones is that there is a whole world of tech out there beyond the DJI stuff that most people think of when they think of "drone". There was a segment of the r/c hobby doing long range FPV long before any regulations came along. The FPVLab forums are a treasure trove of information on doing long range FPV. It looks like the creator of the forum has moved on to ultralights and built a minimax. Some of these guys have done long range fpv flights 60km+ out and back, there used to be some great videos on Youtube that are probably still there. Some of the planes
  7. Yep like the single seat Mosquito helicopter. The ultralight variant doesn't require any licensing.
  8. There is a positive psychological effect of a turnout like that. There might be folks who have a mental image of what the militia is formed by demonization in the media, but then they see those pics and see its not just a handful of people and its people just like them.
  9. There's stuff going on, I'm watching one of those multi-livestreams right now they are tearing it up but its in "safe" territory for them in the usual hard left cities where they have political air cover.
  10. Didn't see any current livestream from Gettysburg but did find this clip when searching youtube: Looks like a decent turnout.
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dhs-federal-law-enforcement-presence-over-july-4-weekend-to-protect-monuments-amid-fears-of-vandalism Doesn't mention Gettysburg specifically, but a positive sign the gubment is doing something.
  12. https://www.fox43.com/article/news/local/fact-vs-fiction-police-weigh-in-on-online-firestorm-spreading-rumors-over-4th-of-july-uproar-in-gettysburg/521-c68e59b4-5003-42f6-b7b5-ec0da7a7a1a7
  13. I have a question for both you and Todd since you both have former govt/military/leo fedgov experience... Why does it feel like there has been practically no response from the government on any of this and the communist revolution is rolling on unopposed? Is that reality or just appearance? It feels like there is absolutely zero counterinsurgency activity going on. But I understand that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't happening. How much faith can we have that it is or isn't happening? What can we or should we be doing that doesn't step on any toes or interfere with whatever one would
  14. I believe the originator of the fireworks/arson thing was the halturner radio show: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/news-nation/antifa-to-desecrate-gettysburg-national-cemetery-on-july-4-the-murder-burn-white-suburbs-under-cover-of-fireworks I haven't seen it corroborated anywhere yet. It definitely seems plausible though, after seeing the clips of some of the extremely abnormal fireworks activity.

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