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  1. They are spinning and demonizing "militia" groups and setting the narrative. Nobody is running counter-narrative or education or anything at this point though.
  2. Uggh. That guy was dumb carrying on video imho but clearly they "found a way" to get something on them. What are We The People supposed to do when you have half or maybe even more than half the government that won't comply with or enforce laws already on the books in order to garner more power for themselves. Leave it to "authorized" law enforcement but oh by the way they've been ordered to stand down and not enforce the immigration laws. So literally what are we supposed to do. Just sit around and wait for the terrorist sleeper cells coming across the border to get their orders and start going house to house in suburbia beheading people in the middle of the night or something, and then just take it because we can't be islamophobic of course. I really just don't get how this is even possible.
  3. These laws have only one purpose and that is to be abused by leftists as a backdoor to confiscation. It will lead to nowhere good. We tried to tell people. So much for being a free people in a constitutional republic. I think Trump is underestimating how much disenfranchisement this causes in his base.
  4. At least these guys actually got up off the couch and are doing something. This stuff with unconventional political warfare/unbanking and unpersoning people and groups is only going to get worse. Facebook pages and groups seems to me like an unwise thing to be using. Seems like maybe there is a market opportunity for payment processors and other infrastructure that isn't run by the hippies.

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