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  1. Thank you sir. I'm an old guy but I can do something. Patriots are my best friends. 

    1. Grey One

      Grey One

      Got my DD214 in 82', so I'm not too far behind ya brother

  2. Afternoon Mike, welcome aboard. Be sure to sign in to the 231 Area Code Militia here under Area Code Militias.
  3. Some of the carriers also include the digital system. I monitor NW Michigan and the Metro Detroit area. https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/
  4. Militiamen of the Area 231 Militia, please keep us posted if you see any developments regarding enforcement measures in your community. This includes roadblocks/checkpoints, unusual LEO presence between communities if you're allowed to travel to work, or NG movement. We are all in this together.
  5. Update: Make that 4,659 cases now almost 2 weeks later.
  6. Keep us posted brother as to the developments on the East side. We're all in this together.
  7. Talked to my mother this morning down in St. Pete, FL. She was telling me that several of her friends from church have family that work in the hospitals down there, and the phrase they are using; "this is a war that we must win". I am reminded of the "greatest generation" the sacrifices they made and the effort they put into winning the war of their time. I am fortunate enough to have had my grandparents alive when I was a kid, and remember the stories they told about getting through the depression and WW2. One of my great aunts worked as line-worker at one of the aircraft factories at Willow Run, kind of a "Rosie the riveter". Anyway, there is a lot of inspiration and wisdom that can be learned from them and applied to this generation if we work together.

    1. KCS


      Hi Grey One,

      My dad was 18 when he got drafted into WW2. He was sent to the Navy at Great Lakes Naval Base. I have a picture of the ship that he was on, a letter to my mom, and a really smart picture of him in his Navy Blues. I love that picture. 18 years old and serving his country proudly. His father bolted when he was 16 and he basically had to take care of his mom and 2 sisters and go thru the depression. My mother lived upstairs and that is how they met. 2 flat on North Ave. in Chicago. Became a bricklayer after and raised 6 children. He was tough, but loving.

      I used to wait for him at the door and tell him the Cubs score and get him his Old Style. Great memories and just the best dad ever! Miss him so much!


      So lucky to have had him....



  8. Good morning militia of Michigan. How is everyone doing during this statewide stay-at-home order? What are you doing to prepare if things get worse economically/socially? Have any of you begun to see extra LEO's in your travels, if you are permitted, between towns and communities. We have here in the NW - increased presence between Traverse City and Kalkaska as well as Gaylord and Alpena. Already have a report of a "travel violation" with $500 fine.
  9. Thanks for the thumb's up neighbor...?

  10. There are now 58 known cases here in Michigan, 2 of them are here in northern Michigan. Below is a statement I issued to our militia 2 days ago. Regardless of what your personal feelings are on the politics of our national emergency, whether you think this is man-made or comes from bat farts, we are in it now gentlemen. All actions taken by the State and the Feds are going to affect us, every day. And of course the masses that live in a "playground" mentality most of the time are not helping the situation either. They now find themselves in the reality of a national mobilization in the midst of a constantly changing "battlefield"; they are unprepared physically, emotionally, or mentally. This is the origin of panic and bad decision making, and is only going to get worse as we move forward. As previously stated, if you feel that this is all bullshit, then do nothing. Go about your daily life as you have been, many people are and will. If however, you feel that you should make some adjustments in your interface with the world, then do so, calmly and with clear mind. If someone you know does not want to interact for a period of time, do not judge them as being somehow paranoid or stupid, they are simply looking out for themselves and or loved ones based upon the information they have. Be prepared for interruptions in basic essentials as its already happening. Stay in touch. It is a good idea right now to monitor ham radio nets; this is one way information will be transferred, that was evident the other night on the West Michigan Net. That is all.
  11. Welcome aboard Roadwarrior
  12. At your service sir. I see you posted on the 15th, not sure how I missed it. Sent you a Welcome on the 231 page.
  13. Welcome aboard Mark Strait. What Unit are you with sir?
  14. Welcome aboard brother

  15. Welcome aboard brother

    1. Rakkasan


      What's happenin'?  ?

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