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    Baldwin County XO for Lower Alabama Security Organization (LASO). 25 year retired vet. Air Force Security Forces. 10 year Military Instructor. Head of field combat training and special operations for LASO.
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  1. Contact me lets talk

  2. Hey, in order to add you, I need to know who you are. PM me through Facebook and we'all go from there. Thanks

  3. has there been any more thought into making it to where we can build forums within our groups where we can assign permissions so that only certain members in our group can see and post in the forum? I had brought this up a while ago but haven't seen any responses. I want to do this so our admin can discuss planning out of site of other non-leadership members.
  4. Have you picked a date for August training?

  5. Who ever removed that post... Thank you. That kind of rhetoric will surely drive a lot of folks from this site.
  6. PM either me or Diesel to let us know who you are


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