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  1. The Oath Keepers have now come out stating they will resist and refuse to recognize a Biden presidency, I feel it necessary to say that if it comes down to a Biden victory I hope that the WVSM will do it's part to resist a fraudulent and illegitimate tyrannical leader with his party of corrupt cronies that'll get the US re-involved in middle eastern conflict and sellout to the CCP and the "communist" fascist organizations that have been actively destroying and burning down cities all over the US. 

  2. Not looking forward to a Bide... I mean Harris Administration, whose said in the past her first act as President would be to sign an executive order abolishing the 2 Amendment. Clearly that's not acceptable to me so I'd suggest everyone try and grab up some tannerite and ammunition. If the Court can't figure this out and the Dems get into the oval office I'm worried about the outcome...Not for us but for them.


    Biden can rally the dead in the ballot box, but I'd like to see him rally them in the streets

    1. West Virginia State Militia

      West Virginia State Militia

      A bit of an update to this post, Governor Jim Justice is already beginning the start of locking down the state again. For economical reasons it’s a horrible idea and from a standpoint of personal freedoms it’s unconstitutional. I am considering marching on the state capital in March for the National Capital March if I can find the time away from work to do so. We must show the politicians in the capital that we reject their draconian lockdowns 

  3. For anyone interested in joining, the basic equipment I would want people to have is


    1.) A semi automatic rifle, preferably something that has a detachable magazine and is of common caliber .223Rem/5.56NATO .308Win/7.62NATO or 7.62x39 Soviet
    2.) Plate Carrier have something in it rated for at least a large handgun, preferably but not required a ballistic helmet like a PASGT, Polish WZ2000 or similar

    3.) Fatigues or BDUs, preferably the Polish Woodland or WZ.93 camouflage. You can find it on Amazon from tactical clothing companies like Helikon-Tex or through surplus alternatively the French CCE or M81 woodland.
    4.) An IFAK with at least 1 tourniquet, gauze, bandages, and common pain relief drug like Ibuprofen or similar (no narcotics unless it's prescribed to you)
    5.) Boots, jungle boots preferably or something with a hard toe and steel plate in the sole.
    6.) A ruck or pack, anything that can carry your extra supplies in that doesn't stand out
    7.) A CamelBak or similar system, with additional canteens for refilling
    8.) Some form of shelter, a poncho or tarp something that can provide cover for yourself
    9.) A side arm, doesn't matter what it is revolver or semi-auto, just something that is of common ammo type and can put down a target effectively, prefer no .22 caliber sidearms during an event
    10.) a "less-lethal" weapon like a billy club or riot stick, paint ball gun or chemical spray (if carrying chemical deterrent then appropriate counter measures should be acquired gas mask and detergent for cleaning spray from eyes) 

    These are the basics and can be bent to help people if they can't get specific equipment

  4. Currently in “phase 1” just getting the group started, right now a one man operation, hope to get some help in the future. Hope to get out of “phase 1” by 2021 hope to have the group running by 2020.

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