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  1. Not looking forward to a Bide... I mean Harris Administration, whose said in the past her first act as President would be to sign an executive order abolishing the 2 Amendment. Clearly that's not acceptable to me so I'd suggest everyone try and grab up some tannerite and ammunition. If the Court can't figure this out and the Dems get into the oval office I'm worried about the outcome...Not for us but for them.


    Biden can rally the dead in the ballot box, but I'd like to see him rally them in the streets

    1. West Virginia State Militia

      West Virginia State Militia

      A bit of an update to this post, Governor Jim Justice is already beginning the start of locking down the state again. For economical reasons it’s a horrible idea and from a standpoint of personal freedoms it’s unconstitutional. I am considering marching on the state capital in March for the National Capital March if I can find the time away from work to do so. We must show the politicians in the capital that we reject their draconian lockdowns 

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