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  1. I was hoping to get advice on parts people have first had experience with when building an ar-15. I have owned 2 in the past but gotten rid of them for various reasons. I am looking to build 5.56/.223 lighter weight carbine. I say lighter weight because while I'm not a gram counter, one of the reasons I got rid of one of mine previously was the crazy weight of it. I don't need some heavy bull barrel long range target gun. If I can get nice groups at 200 yards I'll be happy. I am looking to hit the $800sih mark, but I have wiggle room as I'll be buying parts when I have the extra funds. I live in VA so there's not many restrictions to what I can purchase. I'm starting with an Anderson Manufacturing lower. Not only do they seem to be a great bang for buck lower, I can pick them up at a local shop for online prices and don't have to pay a transfer fee.
  2. I doubt that police or DHS will switch anytime soon. Probably the opposite if there's a large surplus of 5.56 ammo and rifles. There's also a good possibility that the other branches won't switch right away if at all, as can be seen with the shotguns. It'll be interesting to see if they carry through with it. It may end up becoming another XM8.
  3. I am a former Navy CTT, currently going back to school for EE. I got involved with a local activist group back home during the Tea Party. Been a few years and I now live in Hampton Roads VA. I am looking to get involved and active with the movement and a group. With the way the countries going I can easily see the need for militia, and like minded people, coming to the forefront. I don't feel that the government can or will do anything about it. I feel that they want it to go that way, it's in their best interest. Unfortunately the government has forgotten that it exists to serve the people, not the other way around. I see this in the military. I got out in 09 and have been living in a military town again since '13 and see the changes just in the few years from when I was in and now.
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