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    When you lay in your bed at night and your mind carries you to those places.
     Those places that make you happy and feel good about life and then to others that are dark and full of all of the bad things in the world you want to block out.
     Everyone has these places in their minds eye. Sadly some people can't get away from the dark ones. Some people are totally consumed with a deep dark hatred that has been engrained into them since birth.
    These people are the ones we hope never bring the dark side into our world but, realistically we know one day they may very well be right here in front of us. 
     For this reason we train, exercise and practice a variety of skills. We teach ourselves, our friends and our neighbors how to defend against whatever darkness may come our way. 
     We don't claim to be Super Heros or Larger than life. 
     We are real people with real skills and experience that may be the difference between life and death in many circumstances. 
     We are the people who will do whatever it takes to preserve our way of life from whom ever may wish to take it from us.
     We are those who will stand, as our forefathers have done,  for Freedom.
     We are those the dark side fear...

    Together we stand, divided we fall...

    If you are ready to stand, then join Us and help ensure that our Great Country will never fall.


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