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  1. I'm in chandler and queen creek area looking for like minded people who get together and train. Please reach out to me with any info
  2. What part? What is it your looking to get out of the site
  3. When is my alarm Arizona native Landon Queen Creek I stay on 5 Acres I have had multiple guns through my life my favorite is probably a Beretta PX4 Storm and Glock 23. I guess I'm looking for some people who are like-minded to do some basic training brush up on skills stay active I'm 29 years old this is me never used a fully automatic weapon but hello and multiple semi-automatic handguns all different brands Kel-Tec Ruger Glock Beretta Springfield Kahr if anybody knows of any type of moves training group please reach out to me and let me know unfortunately right before went into the army I got in an altercation and had a gun on my dashboard of my vehicle that's preventing me from me serving my country I would love to serve anyway I can be prepared
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