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  1. In the time of crisis and unconstitutional times such as now. We must stand up and lay our life on the line as we swore the oath to the constitution. You do not have to be in the military or LEO or other agency's to have sworn your heart and soul to the USA. When you were conceived in the womb you acquired the freedom and the protection of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is times like now, we must fight to keep the balance so that the out of line doesn’t get ahead. This land is my land, this land is your land. Freedom is not free but fighting for the freedom is. It’s time we provide a balance. Our future depends on us today! 

  2. Hi Striker. I'm from montgomery al.

    1. Sigma Tactical

      Sigma Tactical

      Good morning Striker. I am from Mobile, Al. Hwy 90 & University. 

  3. Had issues with the site. Ready to get rolling . Where is everyone from. Irvington South Mobile co.
  4. Striker, I'm interested in joining a unit. My contact information is [email protected] or (424)279-7792. Thank you.

    1. Olderebel


      Mr. Wheeler,

            I am Earl Webb of the Alabama chapter of oathkeepers.org.  I want to invite you to join our organization and join our local Alabama unit! I am putting together a unit to defend Alabama and defend our Constitution and our Country from foreign invaders and domestic ones, like some we have in our government right now that are trying their best to drag our country into socialism! Please email me directly at [email protected]  or text me at 256-577-9261 as soon as you get this message!

      We really do need men like you in our unit!


      Thank You,


      Earl Webb

    2. Catipillar


      Where are you located at.

    3. Catipillar


      I'm located in montgomery, Al and I really need some militia around me. Need like minded people.

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