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  1. It does but remember this as the Red Horse of the Apocalypse Rides. War is very serious! https://digitaldjpool.com/songs/244870/tom-oneil-war-original-mix
  2. Destroy enemies Foreign and Domestic! https://gofile.io/d/DzkPrF
  3. Armed Service Men and Woman of America Where should I begin, its WWIII? And where should the enemy of our Great Nation end up? Do I need to remind any of you that we currently are at War and that the enemy is definitely on the wrong side of it? The axis never seems to learn its lesson and live in peace. The date of their attack is September 2, 2020 and the Asian navies are camping at the gates of the west coast of California 1200 miles away in the Pacific. The enemy combats of this great Nation are Asia, Babylon, Russia, China_Mexico and half of Germany via the U.N.! In this wisdom of understanding; we shall move forward with thunder, shock and awe and decimate their navies, armies and air force. I do not want to see one survivor of the dark side, send the entire dark side straight to Hell! Americans are winners; we always win against any odds. Americans thrive against any negative force, for when our way of life is at stake by any enemy we triumph against them with a heavy hand. America prepare or die soon, I would rather stand and die in my boots then bend a knee and live a lie. Stand with me for with God speed we shall see Victory and the enemy will die! https://gofile.io/d/DzkPrF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wOv8OkbCILP9rMohA8QFCMA6HiQ3xtlY/view?usp=sharing
  4. Antifa is th Enemy true! https://digitaldjpool.com/songs/244672/tom-oneil-ace-of-spade-original-mix
  5. Fascism basically is right wing, but in the wrong hands like Satan its a pollution of ideals and creed!
  6. @LetFreedomRing Got it so Antifa hates the U.S. ideals? They are fomenting a revolution for a free ride at the cost of many American lives? If this is the case then I stand against them and we should not let this happen. I don't wish for the military to fight Americans but yes bring in the National Guard and stop this crap immediately. Trump must do this yet not the military! Restore Oder now!
  7. ? LetFreedomRing I'm a centrist, is this definition correct? An·ti·fa /ˈan(t)ēˌfä,ˌanˈtēfə/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: Antifa; noun: anti-fa a political protest movement comprising autonomous groups affiliated by their militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology. "Saturday's rally had the support of Antifa, whose sworn enemy is the far right"
  8. I firmly believe that the oath keeper will not fire on Americans; but what about the UN forces inside the USA? I don't think I care anymore, You all want war so taste it. It seems to me its an inevitable trait associated with the dark-side to create violence within the human race and humans fail to see, because now the demons are mere human too. The dark-side demons and Natas have lost their wings and any minion humans who follow them are headed to hell. So while we are fighting each other this is who may come our way don't ever fucking forget this GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember this if the government goes militaristic on the citizens of the USA then what follows will be worse than what happened to the Jews of WWII so I advise which I hate to do would be to kill every bastard who comes at you associated with UN forces, oath breakers and any government which espoused to enable this to happen upon U.S. citizens. This video is really what the Trump and Putin relationship is about. They don't trust each other but use each other. Yes personally they collaborate and WWIII is almost here
  9. ☢☢☢☢☢☢ Silent Hunter 4 I cannot even call him a President, Lets refer to him as the lamest duck who ever held office for now on. I have been pondering this false prophet Trump and his Anti-Christ Kusner moron agenda. Seeing that these guys are perhaps some of the lowest slime to be in the White House. I wondering if they would order EMP attack upon America since Trump is a Manchurian Candidate with Putin and his Russia Ties. Trump goes to New Zealand after being fired with a hacked voice modulated Biden Football and since his ego is larger than the Universe orders a EMP attack on America. Just a Scenario to think about before its too late. Fire Trump and take his nuke footballs away lock him up now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think?
  10. This is my take on the United Nations it's a 10 king dragon like Daniel said! Un spelled backwards is Nu and everything in this World is backwards, because of the Corrupt! Translation, "Ba", for a F-->Riggen Goat can u believe that, yes on google for Romania its about No, I'm calling Bullshit here? Meaning the Nations are backwards because of this guy Nu translation is "Ba"
  11. Diss Machine Gun Kelly we need to sign him up to the Army of One!
  12. The Dark side is finished, they just pulled their last stunt! Anarchy next Revolution then a Politicians Gruesome Fate When those that make the laws do not abide by them Eventually they will perish by its unjustness, because of no proper moral compass Time for its swiftness followed by Anarchy is sure as fire ignites improper fiat In these dire times as dictators step into the mire That this civil unrest designed by the the folly of its tyrannical ignorance Setup by their unjustness Not the people’s concept as it was oligarchies miss calculation with its strings on Democracy This as foretold in Revelation6-4, however some people truly are 2nd timothy chapter 3 The immoral dogs not leaders as they believe they are But pawns to their ego and greed is their trepidation for its loss There will be no hiding for the government officials as public executions present themselves By the rabbles hand for the proletariat in a frenzy and rage act a Judge, Jury And executioner towards Oligarchies of the world which tried to act out a Immoral code on the people, now it is turned on the puppet masters evil plan This will be the end Chapter A true blunder to plunder a great economic and proud nation by the few Who in their malevolence set covid, racism, exploitations and evil of every kind. The 3 branches this is not a government, but a farce a sick and wicked lot now in control https://digitaldjpool.com/songs/241643/tom-oneil-devastate-the-darkness-original-mix
  13. this is how it gona be trump if u mess th== thee good ole USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Death for anyone who tries to attack my country Yep it s mine
  14. U know what this fuckin country won't let me own a gun, because they say I'm bipolar that is the most chicken shit pussy crap from Natas and the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati. fuck them I'm getting a fucking machine gun!
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