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  1. Stay observant and have a plan!!!

  2. In about half an hour I will be making a video to my fellow patriot about the situation. Stay tuned.

  3. Figured first thing we should do is get to know each other. I am rob. I created the militia, The Old Republic of America (OROA). I recently moved to newport. My area of expertise would be combat tactics and survival/medical skills.
  4. Hello,

    I am commanding officer of NH 3% United patriot looking to get in contact with officers of the northeastern states.

  5. Hello, I am commanding officer of NH 3% United patriot looking to get in contact with officers of Pennsylvania.
  6. Hello, I am commanding officer of NH 3% United patriot looking to get in contact with officers of Vermont.
  7. Hello, I am commanding officer of NH 3% United patriot looking to get in contact with officers of New York.
  8. Hello, I am commanding officer of NH 3% United patriot looking to get in contact with officers of Massachusetts.
  9. Hello, I am commanding officer of NH 3% United patriot looking to get in contact with officers of Maine.
  10. Hello, I am commanding officer of NH 3% United patriot looking to get in contact with officers of Connecticut.
  11. The Gray Man Concept The “gray man” survival concept isn’t new in preppers’ circles, but it’s also something a lot of questions are asked about. Becoming a “gray man” essentially means strategically not drawing attention to yourself to avoid conflict. Being a “gray man” is easier said than done. Since it’s impossible to predict what the future will hold, especially the future of survivalism, we can only speculate how to best achieve “gray man” status. That said, it is a skill that can be practiced now though, before the SHTF. Blending in, laying low, recognizing dangers, and situational awareness all play a role in this concept. Going unnoticed can keep you out of harm’s way. It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So if you can avoid conflict or any need for self-defense, you’ll have an added advantage when the SHTF. This is one skill that actually costs nothing. All it takes is some rational thought and heightened awareness. HOW TO BE A “GRAY MAN” The first step is to observe others. Start to notice things like attire and how people speak to each other. Observe how people interact with each other and begin to recognize their mannerisms and inclinations. This requires you to first has some decent situational awareness skill – which is also free. After you’ve observed others, your goal is to fit in and avoid creating a stimulus (something that can be embedded in someone else’s memory and creates an impression). Be like those around you. If you stick out, you could become a target. Be remarkably unremarkable and unmemorable. You want to be as invisible as possible, so while keeping with the general tone of attire others are wearing, you’ll want to make sure you wear muted colors, avoid prints (yes, even camouflage), and don’t accessorize. Avoid any military-style clothing. That makes a statement and ensures you will not appear invisible to others. Hide any distinguishable markings such as a birthmark or tattoos. These will make you easily identifiable. You also want to appear non-threatening and make sure your demeanor matches your attire. Don’t go all out and cover your face with a bandanna under a hood. That will suggest that you’re up to no good. Instead, wear a baseball cap and give off the “vibes” of someone who is not doing anything at all except existing. Be boring, but walk as though you have a purpose. Minimize interactions with all people, especially those you do not know. Once the SHTF, you’ll have more enemies than friends especially if your friends have failed to effectively prepare for the bad times. Most importantly, you will want to learn to think like a “gray man.” Changing the way we think is difficult, and impossible for some. But if you want a chance at avoiding as many altercations as possible in dire situations, you’ll need to make the attempt. Learning to be a “gray man” could save your life. Blending in while being forgettable and not leaving an impression on anyone will allow you to go about your business with very limited altercations. This is one skill that is ranked up there with situational awareness. Both situational awareness and being a “gray man” are essential to a proper prepping mentality. Both are free, and in addition to this article, I suggest you read as much as you can about both and begin to use them in your everyday life as practice.
  12. Best low cost communication starter gear. Baofeng Radios UV-5r, GT-3TP Your HT (Handie Talkie) is going to be your first important communications purchase. Forget about regular walkie talkies or FRS radios, they are restricted to transmitting on a half a watt only. You can also get paired MURS radios, but this is only a pale comparison to the capabilities you have as you take 1 step up, and enter into the world of amateur radio. Baofeng radios are a great place to start. Having had numerous debates on this topic, I have found many a die hard radio buff, who will recommend you go for a $200 and up, high quality handheld. If you can afford to spend the money, AND have the inclination to do so, go ahead, there are some pretty nice handheld HAM radios out there, of very high quality between $200 and $400. But here’s my personal experience from out in the field. First of all, if you’re trying to get a group of motivated dedicated people together that will show up for more than just hanging out at the range and drinking beer, then you have a challenging time ahead of you. When you start putting people together, unless you have the perfect storm, you would be doing well to have 10% of them be reliable. What I have found is, that if you convince someone of how great that high quality radio is, and it’s more than they wanted to spend, they will end up with no radio at all, and nothing makes your team members more unreliable, than lack of communication. The cheaper radios will still do a Great! job, and I’d rather be able to get in touch with 10 guys using cheap radios, than only 2 guys with super high end radios. It seems to be that a vast number of preparedness groups rely on the Baofeng UV-5R or variation thereof. Baofeng has several models, but the UV-5R would be your bottom level entry radio that will get you up and running, and you can get them for under $30. The UV-5R is a dual band 5 watt radio that is capable of operating on hundreds of frequencies, is 10 times more powerful than a standard FRS Walkie Talkie, and has a whole host of add-ons that you can buy to go with it, like extra batteries, head-sets, and antenna upgrades. This radio is capable of operating on all MURS, FRS and GMRS frequencies but as you start to unlock the tremendous potential of a dual band handheld, there will always be an appropriate corresponding learning curve. The UV-5r has a variety of sister models that all share interchangeable accessories. These include the UV-5R2, BF-f8HP, BF UV-82, F-9v2. The F8HP and F9v2 are 8 watt versions. I have most of them, and have set up several hundred for people. These radios require some work to program frequencies into, and it seems the best way to get the most out of them, is to use a $5.00 USB cable to connect your radio to your computer, then download CHIRP software for free. Personally, I tend to also like the Baofeng GT-3TP, it has a nicer and sturdier feel, is an 8 watt radio, comes with the car charger cable and add on hand mic. The GT-3TP, TP Stands for Tri-Power, so don’t mistake it for the GT3, which is not the 8 watt version. The GT-3TP even comes with the new waterproof shell, although I’m not sure I’d take it swimming. This version runs about $60, or $65 with the larger battery. Be advised that batteries and some accessories are NOT interchangeable with the UV-5r series models. *FCC License may be required for legal operation.
  13. III% Racist? The answer to this is simply no. The reasoning behind the liberal label of racism is simple. The III% believe in the continuance of america as a productive self sustainable free nation. This means forign policy should be America first. Do whats good for this nation before saving third world countries. Closed borders for both safety and continued productivity of the american people. It is not a no immigration stance, but a legal immigration stance. Do it by the books. Because mexico is populated by mexicans we become labeled as racist. Yet i know legal mexicans that have come to this country legally whom are involved in the iii% movement, as are those of every ethnicity. Building a wall is a move of protectionism which liberals have renamed an act of racism, facism, and nazism. America has involved itself in a war against ideology, more specifically islamic ideology due to its threat to the liberties we are to enjoy granted by the founding of this country. We are labeled islamaphobes. The left habe always used buzz words like this any time someone does or says Something that goes against their own beliefs. Yet there are plenty of examples of why there is a legitimate threat to our society. Look at France for example. They opened their borders to the world. They felt that they could house these depraved people from other countries and no harm would come of it because they can live amongst french citizens and not take their kindness for granted. So masses of islamic followers moved to paris and other parts of france. They grouped themselves together in their self created ghettos that are so dangerous police refuse to go there. Paris has become daily terrorist attacks for more than a decade because these people DIDNT abandon their islamic faith and THEIR lifestyles. The people of france live in fear of these terrorist atacks because it IS an everyday event. It only resently hit international news though when the attack on the paper happened due to cartoonists drawing Mohammed. And it has fallen out of international news but it hasnt stopped. And still more and more of these people are moving in because france is scared of looking "racist" to the world. So rather than protect its people, they do nothing. Mexico has some of the most dangerous places in the world run by drug cartels and ruthless gangs. They already with "closed borders" supply america with 98% of every drug available. They are undocumented and when arrested for crimes, even murder and rape, are sent back to the border again and again. I read one story where this one guy killed 1 person in four different events and was sent back to mexico and he'd just come over and do it again. And its not just Mexican illegals or islamic followers. Its any illegal alien from any country, any ethnicity that we stand against. The chinese government forges its own school records to send chinese to america on student visas. Over 1/4 of these "students" then disappear and never resurface again. So no, we are not racist.
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