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  2. This is an observation. I'm a member of a militia in SC. The problem I see, and it's probably true in other SC militias, is they divide the state into zones. They assign new members to the appropriate zone where they live. The problem is . . it's hard to meet other militia members in your zone if there is no way to find out who they are. I understand that some members don't want their names posted on a website that show they are members of a militia because of their job, church, non-militia friends, etc. Why don't militias use individual call signs so they can mask the identity of their members? Use a login ID and password to a part of a militias Facebook website to information, and member identity is protected? I think member activity would increase because they can meet and traine locally. Most members work and cannot spend hours driving to a meeting or training exercise on a weekend when they have family, job, and other commitments.

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