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  1. Sons of liberty NC is currently recruiting. We are state wide with extremely active members. For more information please contact me at 2525088078 thanks I'm advance!
  2. Contact me at 252 508 8078. I dont get on this site too much. So people contact me via text. Thanks
  3. I am the CO for sons of liberty NC we are currently recruiting.if anyone is interested text me at 2525088078. We stay away from fb and do things differently than most groups we uphold the true name of the sons of liberty.
  4. We are state wide in NC I am the CO for sons of liberty NC contact my by message on here and we can go from there. We do things very differently
  5. Contact me We dont go by zones we are state wide. Ichave guys close to you i believe.
  6. We are active nc state wide. Sons of Liberty. I am the CO contact for info.
  7. Hello again Dave. My name is Shane Lamely. I sent an email to [email protected] and i reside in southern illinois. Any info on how long it takes for someone to respond to the email? I am ready to move forward. Thanks again for your time.


  8. Sons of Liberty North Carolina is now recruiting. Where you at NC!
  9. Anyone in North Carolina looking for a group?

  10. Hello everyone I am LT Reinhardt the CO for SOL NC. We are no longer recruiting through Facebook. Please contact me here or at my email for more information on what we do and how to join.
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