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  1. Hello Dave. My name is Plank. I contacted you a ways back about joining a group. I appreciated your response. We have a solid group here in illinois. PSPA. I just wanted to contact you again and let you know we are here and dedicated. Our communication lines are open. Just wanted to make contact. More groups should do the same. Its time to atleast come together will some solid communication. I hope all is well where you are. Stay safe.

  2. Due to the circumstances of our country I am posting again that I am actively looking to join a group or help start a group. I am a former CO of a group and former infantry assaultmen in the USMC thanks contact me at 2525088078
  3. I am possibly starting a new group. If you would be interested in a start up phase of a group please text me at 2525088078.
  4. I am currently looking for a group to join or help start a group. I am a former CO of two groups and former infantry assaultmen in the USMC. I am in Williamston nc. Martin county. Contact me ASAP 2525088078 text first pls.
  5. I am also willing to help start a group I do not want to be a CO but I can help.
  6. I am currently looking for an active group to join I am a former CO of two groups and former infantry assaultmen in the usmc. I have a lot to bring to the table. Thanks. contact me at 2525088078
  7. I am a former CO of a couple groups. Dedicated and serious about the movement I’m looking for an active group that is training and preparing. I am former infantry in the marines and have experience and knowledge.
  8. Might need to talk to my CO

  9. We do back ground check and then interview. Once we clear you on interview then you become a recruit. Once you make it to your first ftx you become a probationary member. Then you have to make 3 consecutive FTXs and you will be patched as a full fledge member.
  10. New to the group. How can i help

    1. Dave A Pomeroy

      Dave A Pomeroy

      Send me a text at 2525088078

    2. Claudia


      I have your number and don't want to waste your time with unnecessary questions but will contact you this week. Is there a good time to text? 

      Thank You,


    3. Dave A Pomeroy

      Dave A Pomeroy

      Any time after 1600 please text me first or I won’t answer. 

  11. Thank you for the offer. If they would like to join us they are more than welcome. They will just have to go through our vetting process. We have a very good group now that the ones causing problems are gone.

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