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  1. We do back ground check and then interview. Once we clear you on interview then you become a recruit. Once you make it to your first ftx you become a probationary member. Then you have to make 3 consecutive FTXs and you will be patched as a full fledge member.
  2. New to the group. How can i help

    1. Dave A Pomeroy

      Dave A Pomeroy

      Send me a text at 2525088078

    2. Claudia


      I have your number and don't want to waste your time with unnecessary questions but will contact you this week. Is there a good time to text? 

      Thank You,


    3. Dave A Pomeroy

      Dave A Pomeroy

      Any time after 1600 please text me first or I won’t answer. 

  3. Thank you for the offer. If they would like to join us they are more than welcome. They will just have to go through our vetting process. We have a very good group now that the ones causing problems are gone.
  4. Hello everyone I go by Reinhardt and some of y’all know me from being the CO of sons of liberty the group has mostly few apart due to corruption in my leadership so a few of us left the group branched off and created the Nameless Warriors. We are a very dedicated group of patriots and take this very seriously We will not tolerate any drama. Please contact me at 2525088078 please text me first I will not answer phone calls. It’s time to be a part of something great and prepare for the worst. Thanks!
  5. Guys I am no longer associated with sons of liberty due to corruption in my leadership. A few of us from the group have branches of and started our own group. If you are interested please contact me at 2525088078 please text first I will not answer phone calls. I will be making a new recruiting thread. Thanks.
  6. Sons of liberty NC is currently recruiting. We are state wide with extremely active members. For more information please contact me at 2525088078 thanks I'm advance!
  7. Contact me at 252 508 8078. I dont get on this site too much. So people contact me via text. Thanks
  8. I am the CO for sons of liberty NC we are currently recruiting.if anyone is interested text me at 2525088078. We stay away from fb and do things differently than most groups we uphold the true name of the sons of liberty.
  9. We are state wide in NC I am the CO for sons of liberty NC contact my by message on here and we can go from there. We do things very differently
  10. Contact me We dont go by zones we are state wide. Ichave guys close to you i believe.
  11. We are active nc state wide. Sons of Liberty. I am the CO contact for info.
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