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  1. A Knight in my group is someone that dedicates themselves wholly and entirely to learning how to fight, staying in shape and above all else are my group's most capable warriors. They have other jobs too though. Knights must be exceptionally patriotic and loyal to the cause, must learn and know the Constitution by heart as well as what it means and are expected to be model citizens to true Americans. In short they are badass mother fuckers that kill really good and also know how to inspire others to greatness.
  2. Roles and ranks in this context would be the exact same thing. One is placing another above the other person. A platoon leader gives orders to a squad leader and so on. So... same system. The bigger problem with militia that I've seen is most of them want to pretend to be one and hand out high ranks like candy.
  3. Hey guys. Just wanted to let you all know I have parts II, III and IV up if you want to look at them. The more activity on these messages the more people will see them and take them seriously. We must band together or we will die alone.
  4. It depends on your state but felony crimes do not automatically mean you can't own a firearm. North Carolina will allow felons to purchase muzzle loaded firearms for example and I believe crossbows are still legal for convicted felons. However it also varies greatly by state as some states specifically state that only violent offenders are excluded from firearm ownership.
  5. Alright so you decided you want to hit that fuel convoy and now you're all hopped up on adrenaline and ready to save the day right? WRONG! You are so underprepared that it's laughable and if you try to use conventional military tactics like you were taught in the Army/Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard/Air Force/Space Force then you're going to die. Why? Well it's simple. You don't have a machinegun, grenade launcher, fifty cal. or any of those other nice things that your foes have. Modern vehicles have DUKE systems, CROW systems and if you think you can shoot the gunner of a CROW system you're an idiot. My words may be harsh but if you're reading this and smirking about how you have all the answers you are unfortunately wrong and probably haven't read past this point. I'm pretty sick of every militia thinking they're going to 'fight them the way the American colonists fought the British'. Firstly, you don't have six months of resupply times for your enemy you have a few hours. Secondly, your enemy is already here whereas the British had to cross an ocean on a sail boat. Thirdly, you will NOT initially have the hearts and minds of the people; governments are complicated enough to make tyranny seem like safety. Fourthly, the British did not have machineguns or artillery like we have today nor did they have an Air Force which are all things your little group will need to contend with. If you still think you can fight that way then go murder yourself by attacking a convoy while an Apache helicopter fires hellfire missiles from so far away you literally cannot see them. Steal a vehicle? Nope. Modern military vehicles have GPS systems which are made to prevent exactly that from happening. Why? Because supplies are valuable. So... what do you do? First in this example we are assuming you are attacking a convoy. That means you have intelligence telling you where the convoy will be at what times with roughly how many units escorting it. An unescorted convoy is a laughable affair for a modern military and no modern military is going to do it. So yes, there will be tanks and guns and bombs you will have to contend with. Secondly we are assuming you have the munitions to do so; obviously. But for our example we will also assume your supplies are VERY limited because they will be so each militiamen in this example has only one hundred twenty rounds of five-five-six for their primary weapon, we will assume one team member has a shotgun for breaching purposes and we will assume that your team knows how to create IEDs (it's not hard, getting them to explode when they're supposed to is the hard part). So this convoy will be an ammunition convoy because let's face it; you need supplies. We're also going to assume that for whatever reason they haven't just air lifted the supplies to keep your little band of bastards from doing exactly this plan because let's also face it; a Chinook helicopter is something you probably can't deal with right now. Our little convoy is going to be rolling through a city block because fighting in the countryside is absolutely stupid as I stated earlier in my How to Fight series. Troops do not stand around in the countryside waiting for things to happen. That's a third world problem; not a problem when you want to control the population. Your first step is NOT to establish a base of fire (fire superiority, suppressive fire, whatever nomenclature you prefer). Your first step is to get into position an hour before the convoy arrives. Then you will do the hardest part of the plan; wait. During this time you will place any explosive ordinance in the convoy's path. This ordinance MUST be command-wire detonated, timer or pressure plate activated as a DUKE system will not allow wireless communication with devices nearby. But there is a silver lining... it also means your foes can't call for help immediately. Once your devices are in place, the squad leaders and fireteam leaders should emplace units in fields of fire that are overlapping without placing their own soldiers within those fields of fire. The fields of fire overlapping helps to mitigate friendly fire, provides total coverage of enemy formations and assists in eliminating blind spots where enemy units can hide. When the militia are in position at least one fireteam needs to be away from the battlefield in order to provide overwatch as well as to assess the situation from afar. These individuals should hide themselves and should not attack unless absolutely necessary. They are, additionally, spotters for unexpected enemy units entering the battlefield. For example it would be best to know a tank has suddenly joined the operation before it becomes a problem on the field of battle. Likewise, spotting enemy air units is an exceptional goal. In our example we will assume that our enemies have not sent additional reinforcements. If they had it is up to the discretion of the commander to determine whether or not to engage the targets as planned or to disengage or to hide in place. The target of this operation is not the troops escorting the supplies but the supplies themselves. No one will win a war by completely annihilating their foes. The explosive devices set into position earlier are the first step of the attack. These devices should be detonated at either the first vehicle of the column or the last vehicle. If the supplies in the convoy are not necessary then the devices should be triggered when they can deal the most damage to those supplies. At this point all fireteams engaged with the enemy should open fire as rapidly as possible into the largest masses of troops that are available as targets. Radio operators are primary targets for riflemen and following them in priority is the machinegun operators. Obviously if your enemy has the capability to call for air support or artillery; target that guy first. The objective in targeting these individuals is not to kill them but to disable their equipment. Once these operators have been dispatched it is time for the militia in question to perform one of two actions: engage further and steal supplies or disengage immediately. Since the convoy in this example is already disabled and will have trouble moving through a city block with a vehicle in the way we will assume that supply theft will be small scale rather than stealing an entire truck. This means small boxes of ammunition, small crates, taking magazines of ammo from fallen foes and stealing boxes of crayons from Marines. Alternatively, if the supplies are not necessary for the continued activity of a resistance movement, they should be destroyed with incendiaries or explosives as necessary. The team mentioned earlier providing overwatch should then begin to either withdraw or provide covering fire for the extracting teams. If the extracting teams can withdraw without covering fire then the overwatching team should withdraw without alerting anyone or drawing attention to themselves. If not then the teams should open fire to draw attention away from the retreating units. Any dead comrades should be, regrettably, left behind as small militia forces will not have the manpower nor equipment to overcome the superior firepower of a hostile nation's army. Any wounded comrades should be extracted to a safer location or dispatched on the spot as necessary to avoid capture. The latter option can be heavily mitigated if certain precautions are taken which will be discussed in the next part of the series. Any equipment from wounded comrades should be extracted for later use but not destroyed; a hostile nation will have no need of your militia's supplies especially if that nation is a foreign nation which will likely not use the same calibers, likely have standardized equipment and will understandably have body armor and equipment of their own. This equipment will likely be destroyed at a later date by hostile forces if it cannot be retrieved. Maps and communication logs however, should NEVER be brought onto a battlefield. Remember; you do not have the manpower to stand up directly to a hostile nation. You must fight smarter than your opponent. After extraction the team members should stash their equipment and immediately separate as soon as possible to flee from the area; masking their presence by fleeing with locals or by hiding amongst them in plain sight. For this reason, militia operators should not go to battle wearing three hundred pounds of tacti-cool gear but instead dress in typical clothing expected to be worn by individuals of the area relevant to the season and local fashion trends. If you are wearing camouflage and no one else is; you stand out. Once the team has separated they should not rejoin one another for several days and communications should be kept sparse, brief and sporadic. Your foes will be on a high alert after an attack and will be searching for any sign of resistance activity to seek out and destroy said activity. Instead, local militia groups should seek to make amends with any families that suffered collateral damage (there will be some, don't lie to yourself. Warfare is a bloody and brutal business) as well as hiring someone to retrieve the bodies of dead foes as well as friendly foes if they were not already retrieved for burial. Your enemy is still a human being and your local population will view them as such. 'Well I'll just leave them to rot in that field' is a stupid and asinine argument that includes logical fallacies which only hurt your cause in the long term. If your enemy does not retrieve their dead; bury them and show the people that you are more human than them. Likewise if your enemy mutilates your dead or disgraces them; make them pay for every inch of a mile in their blood and make sure to keep hiring people to deliver the bodies to their families and publicly make it apparent why these tragedies are occurring. And above all else... PLEASE REMEMBER THAT VIOLENCE IS AN ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT! WE SHOULD NEVER GET THIS FAR AND KIDDING YOURSELF BY HIDING IN THE WOODS AND ISOLATING YOURSELVES FROM SOCIETY MAKES YOU THE CRAZY BASTARD THAT NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN TO! YOU ARE A PERSON! ACT LIKE IT! See you all in part V. Please leave a message in the comments if you have anything in particular you want to ask about. Next segment we will cover how to attack installations effectively.
  6. Alright so you survived the initial shitstorm and now you're a lean, mean, green killing machine right? WRONG! You are a person. And like it or not you are just as replaceable as the next twenty guys both ahead and behind you in position of rank just as they are. So what does all this "rank" stuff mean? Not a damn thing. However rank has important meaning to militia as it provides the basic fundamentals of what is absolutely necessary for basic tactical functions and purposes. The main purpose of rank is to establish a chain of command. A lot of militia make the mistake of thinking that rank should be awarded based upon the military rank of former soldiers. While this can be a contributing factor, it is an asinine assumption that all military personnel are better than civilians. Many times they are worse and have been taught exceptionally bad habits or even been taught entirely wrong. Remember: military SOP and regulations are created because the DUMBEST people join the military alongside the smart people but we must all be treated equally. We will begin with what makes a rank structure. My own militia uses this rank system from bottom to top. Private Corporal Sergeant Lieutenant Captain General Knight (special rank) In my group a Private is someone who has no military experience, has no militia experience, no special skills and no exceptional qualities like natural leadership. Everyone, regardless of military experience and the like starts here. A Corporal is the next logical step. It denotes a leader of a fireteam (four people) and acknowledges the individual's capabilities as a leader. Special skills (college education, mechanical skills, etc) have no bearing here as the position of Corporal is a management position. Past that are Sergeants who in turn lead squads (three fireteams) and manage their interpersonal relationships between squadmates, command the squad effectively and efficiently as well as make sure the squad is adequately supplied with ammunition, food, water, weapons, miscellaneous equipment. In addition they make sure the squad is battle ready if the squad is made up of combatants. Lieutenants run platoons made up of four squads and much like the Sergeants make sure that the platoon runs effectively and smoothly. Effectively both positions have the same job though the Lieutenant covers a city while a squad leader may only coordinate a city block. Captains likewise perform conpany duties and are expected to give the order to platoon leaders who in turn delegate the duties to squad leaders to perform reconnaissance, tactical operations or other such activities. Conversely it is the Sergeant's job to enforce these orders and maintain morale as well as discipline and combat readiness. Generals will coordinate an entire county utilizing a battalion which is made of no less than four companies. A General's job is not glamorous and mostly involves paperwork, coordination between companies, logistical work and of course the occasional coffee break. Knights we will cover if people ask for it but it is specific to my group as far as I know thusly I will not waste time. See you all in part four.
  7. Why are we doing this when we should be organizing? There is a food shortage incoming as well as the potential for government tyranny as a result. Most militia are on facebook and openly diaplay their plans which makes them easily countered and we are few in number. We should be educating the public and ourselves, marching on legislation that threatens us and taking back each mile the government took inch by inch. I will say my nickname is very personal however. I'm not a complete killjoy.
  8. Alright... let's expand on what we've seen. So let's say you decided to stay home in your endeavors as I suggested and you've decided to play it smart and safe. First thing's first, you have already prepared multiple weapon stashes in locations that are both hard to get to and also not readily thought of as a weapons depot. Such places include putting weapons inside sewers (wrapped in plastic to keep them clean and working naturally), old abandoned buildings that are on your property, buried locations using a strong box (make sure to mark it in some way so you can find it again!) and the like. Now it's time to go get the weapons and shoot up everything and everyone right? WRONG! You are not some action movie hero. You are one man fighting for a cause far greater than yourself and it takes an army to win a war; not a single guy. 'An army of one' can go straight to hell. No one here needs that crap. Your first objective is to go and link up with the other militia members in your cell and make it look like friendly visitation rather than any sort of rendezvous (which means quit wearing your tacti-cool stuff for ten minutes). From there you will leave your phones far away and even go as far as to take out the batteries, you will unplug computers and webcams and remove any electronics from your safehouse. Why? Because any electronic with a microphone is capable of spying and we need at least one room in the safehouse where that is not an issue. That room should also have the blinds drawn and the window closed. There should not be any phones in the room either. This room is used to discuss your plans as a cell. What kinds of plans? Explosive plans, violent plans; think anything you wouldn't want your enemy to know about. THIS INCLUDES PLANS THAT ARE MERELY HEARTS AND MINDS! Regardless your first step should be a hearts and minds plan to show your locales that you are not their enemy. After all if someone sees you going into the safehouse they're going to start asking questions if you haven't ever met up there before. In which case you'll need to give them a reason not to report you to the authority for suspicious behavior. Bribery, referent power, coercive power and relevant power are the primary reasons someone will listen to you: bribery, admiration, intimidation and rank. Obviously you don't outrank them if they aren't in your militia and reporting someone to the authorities could be as simple as your group hasn't talked to one another and thus they thought you snapped and are doing something insane (COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT). Admiration? That's a hearts and minds thing. You should take every opportunity for the locals to like your militia and want it to stay. Intimidation is another useful tool for that turd that simply won't give up on his ways. It is also useful for your enemies; make them fear you. Not just make them fear going into battle with you but become their boogeyman. Okay, so now you have this whole 'safehouse' thing figured out, right? Right. We'll assume you've dug tunnels to connect these safehouses or just dug tunnels as escape routes. Either way you need to know when to use them and when you shouldn't. For example, it'll be pretty suspicious if four guys go out a tunnel and never leave that house. Or if the four of you leave the house and never went in. Exit and entrance with these tunnels must be the same. However; digging extra tunnels and lining them with booby traps is an amazing way to keep your foes guessing and also to collapse tunnels if necessary. You should link up with architects and engineers for these purposes so that they can be dug in secrecy. I've noticed a lot of militia seem to think their backyard county boy group can do it all. If you truly think that, stop reading because your militia is already dead. You NEED educated people just as much as they need you. Stop putting yourself on a pedestal because all you're doing is creating strife and making things harder for groups like mine which WANT the educated people. So it's time to attack things right? Sure. We'll go with that. What's your first target? Oh a supply convoy? WRONG! Your first target is to create a demand for a supply that is limited. Take away your enemy's food and they'll air drop some more where you can't touch it. Take away your enemy's water and they'll just take it from the local population; making you the bad guy and making them well hydrated in the process. So what do you attack? You attack where it hurts most; fuel, equipment and communications. First strike is blinding your enemy and snapping their communication grid's spine. Your second strike should be fuel or equipment; whichever is more relevant to your situation. Imagine you're on the enemy team and you rely heavily on air support to keep your forces effective. Now imagine that someone bombs the hell out of your communications array and then before you can get it fixed they've bombed your runways which take jets out of the fight even if those jets can still fly, they've smashed your fuel reserves and broken or stolen all the equipment you need in order to repair these things. Now you're having a bad day because your average Joe out in the civilian population isn't carrying around a spare barrel of JP-8 which is necessary for turbine operated engines, he's not carrying the specialized tools and equipment necessary to repair an F-35 nor is he carrying a satellite on his back. Which brings us to a conclusion for this particular bout of randomness. See you all in part three and tell your friends about this place.
  9. There is no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace and you can have it in the next second; surrender. Admittedly there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, then eventually we have to face the final demand the ultimatum. And what then? Then we will be a disarmed and broken people begging at the heels of government to allow us any modicum of rights. By then when the government comes to deliver the final blow our surrender will be voluntary because by that time we will have been weakened from within spiritually, morally and economically. I believe this because I’ve heard voices pleading for gun rights to be stripped away or as one well-meaning Liberal put it that any life taken even in self-defense is still a life that should not have been lost. And therein lies the road to war, because those voices don’t speak for the rest of us. You and I know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. If nothing in life is worth dying for when did this begin; just in the face of this enemy? Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard round the world? The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn’t die in vain. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well, it’s a simple answer after all. You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, There is a price we will not pay. There is a point beyond which they must not advance. Winston Churchill said that “the destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits not animals. There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.” You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness. It’s time to take back what is ours.
  10. Rank is necessary for any organized fighting force. Every militia I have ever seen fail does the "if you were X rank in the military you can be that rank" because then you end up with a ton of NCOs, no lower enlisted and exceptionally few officers.
  11. Rice would be a good start though yeah? Let's see... Rice Oatmeal Maybe some canned veggies and fruits?
  12. My group is new but we are more than willing and ready. If anyone is willing to join we're in the 803 area code and we could use a number of new members. I've noticed there's not many militia in my specific area code so grabbing members from other militias that are in my area code would be super helpful to both militias I think.
  13. I'm in. How shall we start? I think buying bags of rice will be a good idea. It's cheap, you get a lot of it, it feeds multiple people and can keep for years at a time.
  14. Former US Army Infantryman, dedicated gunman, active like crazy. Where we meeting?
  15. In order to win a lawsuit against the government the first step is to have the government accept the lawsuit which they won't do unless they know they can win. You're fighting a losing fight. It's time to switch tactics.

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