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  1. I don't care what your YouTube video says, I don't care what your grand pappy taught you. I don't care about your military experiences; I have my own. This is equipment you will ABSOLUTELY NEED when shit hits the fan. First: you need a weapon. I keep hearing "oh the food and water and the stuff and you won't be able to eat without FOOOOOOOODD". Okay? And? First of all, without a weapon you cannot fight. Without a weapon you cannot defend yourself. Without a weapon you cannot protect your country, life, family or anything you care about. "But food is more important so you don't starve!" BULLSHIT! Your enemies will have food. Slap those bitches in the face, shoot them in the guts and then take THEIR food. Not only does it make sense to feed yourself but it also makes sense to take their shit and put it to a more worthy cause. That said; have a little bit of food to get started. But your country isn't going to be saved by canned food or jerky. If you disagree; speak up. But I'll be glad to prove you wrong. The government likes having workers. Workers need food to live. You're a worker. Stop being an idiot. Personally? I recommend an AR-15 chambered in 5.56 NATO. It's a VERY common and very cheap bullet. Magazines are plentiful and if for whatever reason we go to war with our own people; guess what they're using that you can now pick up and take? 5.56 NATO. Cops use it too so don't come at me with that "well da army wil tuch u pee pee" because they one, probably won't, and two it's more likely you'd have to fight police at the start of things. Secondly: You need water. This is important because fresh water might not always be available. You don't need gallons and gallons and gallons. You should have enough in your bag for three days. Your enemy will have water too. Take his shit and quit bitching about how important it is to know how to scrape dew from the highest mountain under the moonlight of the fifth butt fucking that happened. You're just making yourself into an ass. I am too but I probably care less about it. Also; water is kind of extremely important for the government. And just life in general. Factories stop working without it, chemical plants stop and people start dying. If you think your government will suddenly abandon having clean water which increases their productivity sky high you're wrong. No government is THAT stupid and they're all about profit and productivity. "But they'll kill the poor" no they won't. Who do you think does all the work around here? The rich? Pack about three days worth of water into your bag. If you stockpile more at home; go for it. But your BAG (the one you take with you to do the pew-pew) needs about three days worth. That's roughly two gallons ish. It also depends on climate, how hard you're working, bodily needs which vary between individuals and many other factors. Thirdly: You need a vest. I'm not talking about body armor though that would be even more amazing. You need something to carry all those magazines of bullets you have. Without that vest reloading your rifle will be a bitch and a half and slow as old people fucking in January. You also need a bag to carry all of this shit. Get one if you don't already have one. Fourthly: YOU. NEED. A. GOD. DAMN. TOURNIQUET. Get an entire IFAK for about $80 online. It comes with a tourniquet, pressure bandage, some gauze and some other things. An epinephrine pen would also be useful but most of you probably aren't trained to use one. They're easy to use; stick'em in the leg and be done with it. However the training isn't about 'how to' but 'WHEN' to use an eppy pen. Morphine is also useful but I'm pretty sure that's a narcotic and it spoils quickly when not used. Don't bother with it. If your enemy has this sort of thing and you don't: steal from him. If you already have it; steal it anyways to make them suffer. Fifthly: Food. Hey! Lookie! Food! We found it! Yeah it's not all that important. EVERYONE and their mother is stocking up on food. This is why public opinion matters a lot. Get the public on your side and you don't have to worry about food. They'll give it to you just to help your cause even if you don't need it. Disregard this piece of advice and well... good luck Chuck. You'll need it. That said; pack about a day or so of food in your bag. Mostly? Pack snacks. Small containers that are easily opened and don't require you to eat a lot at one time. If you haven't noticed by now, I pack extremely light so I can move quickly. Sixth: Repair tools and equipment. You need to be able to fix your shit. It's more important to know how to repair it than it is to have ten thousand rifles stock piled. Learn to make things work. Duct tape? That's gold. Keep it. Electrical tape? Platinum. Pack some. A sewing kit? Daddy, I can only get so erect. A maintenance kit for ALL weapons costs about $20 to $30 bucks if you get a universal cleaning kit. It's not very big and well worth it. Get one. Like right now. Go on. I'll wait. Seventh: Hygiene. If you can smell you, so can your enemy. If you can't smell you, wash anyways. Don't go fruity fragrance of dick sucking with it but get some scent-neutral soaps. Hunters use them all the time. They're useful. Oh and if you think not? The wildlife can give away your position faster than enemy eyeballs. So get scrubbing.
  2. Range, power, maintenance and cost. A musket cost more than a bow but the difference was more than made up for in maintenance. A musket hits harder and further than most bows (fun fact; bows were used during the Revolution alongside muskets) and the ammunition was smaller and lighter; leading to an overall reduction in weight. Perhaps most importantly a musket could have a bayonet which made it useful in close combat unlike the bow. It is an objectively better weapon in ninety percent of situations.
  3. Wherever the heart of the fight is I will be there. I am almost thirty and have broken my spine three times. But the commie bastards will still be slaughtered by my hand through the will of God. I was once a U.S. Army Infantryman. I swore an oath with no expiration date. I intend to uphold that oath until the river of blood runs dry or my last breath leaves my body.
  4. Also if you have doctors let me know. I want some.
  5. Having casualties on a battlefield is a certainty. Get that through your head that eventually without fail one of your troopers will be wounded or worse. It is inevitable. Even if you're the best trained and most disciplined team one of you will sneeze during an ambush and be caught with your pants down, someone will look up at just the right moment (for their team), you'll step on a twig you didn't see or someone will get blindly lucky. Regardless reducing those casualties is important to all of us. Superior firepower is the best medicine when combined with violence of action. But say your man is hit. That poultice you made? It isn't worth a damn if he bleeds out. What if he has a TBI? Chemical burns? Or how about burns in general? Poisoning? First and foremost stop thinking that a bit of moss and some mud will magically fix it. Because it won't. There's a reason we stopped putting leeches on people to subdue infections and stopped trying to 'rebalance their humors'. It's because science advanced. What do you do when your buddy has been gut shot? Firstly: do NOT let him drink water. He can have small amounts; just enough to wet his lips and mouth but do not let him swallow it. Using a pressure bandage, scoop his intestines off the ground with the clean side of the bandage. Do not attempt to put them back in. Doing so can twist the intestines and cause cuture and far greater problems down the line. Lay them on top of his body and wrap the bandages around his entire torso as tight as possible. You can't overtighten here. Get him to a hospital. Your poultice and your native American medicine isn't going to magically cure him. What if he got shot in the arm or leg and has a severed artery? Tourniquet. Do so immediately as high on the limb as possible and as quickly as possible. Write the time and date on the tourniquet. Your belt is NOT a tourniquet. It does not get tight enough and will not be enough. Your shirt is a better improvised tourniquet but it should only be used when no alternative remains. Even then with a shirt he is likely to die. DO NOT REMOVE A TOURNIQUET! LET THE DOCTORS DO THAT! What about a shot to the head? He's dead right? Wrong. Over 5% of people shot in the head survive. Of them 60% are able to recover without changes to their lifestyle. Some even return to active service. This method works for any head injury. If the brain is exposed do not press on it. Brains are not solid and have the consistency of jell-o; meaning they can easily be damaged just by trying to hold it. Secondly, wrap bandages around his head and cover the brain with the sterile part. DO NOT TOUCH THE BRAIN! IT WILL LEAD TO INFECTION AND HE WILL DIE! Keep at least one of his eyes uncovered and his ears to prevent him from going into shock. Shock kills more people on the battlefield than anything else. If the brain is not exposed the method is the same. Get him to a hospital the day before he was wounded. He will not survive without serious and intense surgery. Even then his chances are grim. Be prepared in this situation to write a letter home with a chaplain and NCO. "Well my buddeh has a chest woond so he ded rite?" WRONG! DEMOTION! GET OUT OF MY MILITIA! If your comrade has a chest wound you need to act fast and decisively though. First, if his chest cavity is punctured you need to make a flutter bandage. When the chest cavity is punctured it disturbs the vacuum seal of the lungs and causes the cavity to fill with air; causing the lungs to collapse. Using a piece of flexible plastic (literally a ziploc bag will work) place it over the wound and tape it on three sides. This is called a flutter bandage. When he breathes in the air in his chest will be pushed out through the bandage. This is temporary. Get him to a hospital. He has about 8 hours to live without help even with a flutter bandage. If he has an exit wound do the same thing but secure all sides of the bandage on the opposite side. In the above if his lungs are punctured from the bullet... say a prayer. Fix him anyways. It is better to try and fail than to not try at all. A shot to the arm or leg but no arterial bleeding? Bandage it tight and send him to the rear lines if he can walk. If not, carry him home to his family. In the event of an amputated limb, tourniquet immediately. He will still probably die before you get to him though. It takes an average human being approximately 30 seconds to bleed out from a hit to the femoral artery. Approximately 5 from a hit to the jugular or cartoid artery. Broken limbs are tricky but doable. Firstly do not try to straighten the limb. I was once riding along in an ambulance and saw an EMT try to do this. The guy he 'fixed' ended up with bone splinters in his lungs and died after they shredded his organs. That was from straightening a broken finger. Let the professionals do it. However, find a stick or similar stiff object that is the same shape as the broken leg. DO NOT TRY TO SET THE BONES! THAT GUY DIED IN AGONY OVER A SIMPLE AND STUPID MISTAKE! Immobilize the limb entirely so that the injured limb cannot move. Better yet; tie it to his other limb or against his torso. Your job is not "fix muh budeh". Your job is to get him to a hospital alive. When you have the limb immobilized get him away from the battle. His fight is over for now. Broken neck or spine? Immobilize it. DO NOT TRY TO TWIST HIM BACK INTO A PROPER SPINE ALIGNMENT! YOU CAN PARALYZE OR EVEN KILL THEM THIS WAY! Put him on a stretcher. Carry him home. His fight is over. Period. I broke my spine three different times in the military. I know from experience. "Bu mu budee wuz shot in da ass" Tell him to open a shrimping company. He'll make millions. Seriously though, bandage it. Tightly. Same for an arm or a hand. Let's do the ABCs of trauma care. A : open the airway B : stop the bleeding C : control and treat for shock D : Dress and bandage any wounds. A and D are closely related. You may have to dress or bandage a wound to stop the bleeding. Obviously if he's breathing skip A. TREAT FOR SHOCK!!! Talk to him. Tap him. Wave your hands in his face. DO NOT LET HIM FALL ASLEEP OR HE WILL DIE! Oh right. A chest catheter. He's probably dead. Stick him in the third rib down from his collar bone. Either side. It's another way to relieve a sucking chest wound. Still, make the wound not a problem anymore. This is probably a subject I feel very strongly about. Take what I said with a grain of salt. I have seen too many people die to stupid shit to be nice about this. MEDICAL TREATMENT IS IMPORTANT! YOUR POULTICE ISN'T WORTH A DAMN FOR TRAUMA! Use your poultices on minor wounds where if something happens and shit goes sideways, it doesn't matter and can be fixed. Burns and chemical burns... this is tricky. Pay attention. Firstly, we won't cover first degree burns because that's like a sunburn. Suck it up buttercup. Still, drink extra water. Those will dehydrate you quickly. Second degree burns are basically blisters with maybe a little bit of flesh completely missing. These can be nasty. Treat for shock and bandage them to keep them clean. Run it under some water to reduce the heat inside the burn if you can but on a battlefield, send him home or get him back in the fight. Third degree burns involve the complete destruction of human tissues and sometimes damage to the bone structure itself. These burns are catastrophic. Without help... he will die. First, bandage his wounds and make sure he isn't still on fire. Secondly, move him away from the heat. Thirdly, put a blanket over him. Your skin is what retains your heat. Without it (and with third degree burns he will have huge bits of it missing) he will die of hypothermia even on a temperate day. On a hot day make sure you move him somewhere relatively cool to keep him from likewise overheating. For a chemical burn... He's dead. Or maimed. This is unavoidable. Most people aren't carrying an entire surgical theater on them plus replacement organs. Crush some charcoal and put it into the burns. It will help neutralize the chemical. DO NOT USE WATER! IT MAY SPREAD THE CHEMICAL OR EVEN MAKE THE BURNS WORSE!!!! GET HIM TO A FUCKING HOSPITAL!!!! Overall? Your job is not to be the uber badass and make sure no one dies with your magical healing powers and chanting rituals. Your job is to stabilize him and get him to a real doctor. Unless you have an entire hospital in your militia. In which case get him to them and why are your doctors in the field...?
  6. Amen. I have a goal that my troopers will be the hardest, meanest militia. Songs will be written of our victories and our enemy will learn to fear the very mention of our name. Ordinis Libertatis
  7. Which is why I do PT and encourage my guys to do it. We have a training standard. If they don't meet it they don't get to fight. But yeah, that makes sense on the gun thing.
  8. So far you keep saying talk is better than action. So yeah I think you're all bark and no bite.
  9. I'm thinking the same about you really. Piss off. You want me to prove my methods work better then find a way for your guys and mine to do combatives, shoot houses and the like and I will PROVE my methods work better.
  10. I've already spoken about the propaganda war here many times. It will fall on deaf ears on mymilitia. That said fuck caution. Anyone fighting defensively in history has lost. Get aggressive and butcher those ANTIFA fuckheads when the time comes. Bayonets, grenades and knives will be my weaponry of choice. Close with them, engage them brutally and viciously and you WILL break their morale and send them fleeing to the hills pissing themselves. When one of them engages you shoot him in the belly and as he pleads and begs for his life kill his friends and make him watch. Then and only then do you consider giving him a modicum of the mercy of death. ANTIFA wants to have a monster that lurks in the dark to fear. I'll be that monster. And I'll give them everything they wished for in fucking spades. By the way there's a video where on of them gets their skull cracked. You can hear him begging if you listen close. Link upon request. That video makes me swoon.

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