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  1. We need to UNITE



    I am not talking about militia groups becoming a single group. We need to unite under a common cause rather than bickering amongst ourselves and making ourselves out to be lunatics. More militias stray away from science and the knowledge it's providing rather than learning more. Many militia seem to be concerned with fear mongering and spreading misinformation instead of doing their best to educate the public. 


    This is NOT helping our cause when you scream and yell at people.  "But people don't want to be educated". This is flat out; bullshit. I have seen how many groups of militia "educate" people. Mostly it's by shunning them and hanging around them no longer. Some even scream and yell at uneducated people and even some still to this day would rather bicker and argue rather the presenting facts and complete evidence. 


    I will say this now and I am not joking; I do NOT want to even be associated with a group like that. We are MEN not little children bickering and arguing and shunning one another because we don't like their opinions. If we do that we're no better than the damned ignorant people so many militia claim to fight against. 


    Left and right side of politics don't matter one bit. The US is a two party system because many of us are perpetuating it. The government is not inherently evil simply because it's a government. PEOPLE are evil. A government is a tool, not a monster. Straying away from government is not helping our public image. 


    And that is EXACTLY what matters right now; public image. 


    I am NOT telling you to kiss the ass of everyone and everything you come across. I am NOT telling you to stray from your beliefs. I am NOT telling you to back down. 


    But you need to learn some tact and how to discuss topics logically and amicably or else more and more people will stray from our side to the others. You'll catch more flies with honey than you will with piss. Quit being sarcastic when people ask questions. Quit scoffing and laughing when someone doesn't know who their local governor is. Quit banding together only to raise a little hell with your buddies because a law is being passed in another state that barely concerns your own livelihood. 


    What we SHOULD be doing is EDUCATING people. We should be explaining WHY these laws matter; calmly and rationally. So what if your neighbor doesn't share your beliefs. Your neighbor isn't going to change his views because you bitch and moan and hide yourself in isolation away from the rest of the world. You know who hides from society? Terrorists and lunatics. 


    Rant's over. But I'm still serious. I will leave this community if this is how things will continue and frankly I'll probably work against you lot because you are harming MY mission; to get our rights back to the people. We must stand united or our mission, my mission, WILL fail. 

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