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  1. I received a notice today that the crazy left wing fanatic group Antifa, had posted Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and other Patriots that have spoken out against the left wing socialists, home address and had called for all of its members and other left wing groups to go to these peoples home and attack them! I have one question! WHY ARE ALL OF THE MILITIA GROUPS NEAR THESE PEOPLE ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN? They attacked Tucker Carlson's home once before while he was not at home and his wife was alone and hid in their pantry because the Antifa group tried to batter down the oak door of her house, and broke out windows and painted threats on their house! WHY WAS THERE NOT THOUSANDS OF NEARBY MILITIA MEMBERS THERE TO KICK THE HELL OUT OF THESE LOW LIFE SCUM BAGS? I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA , OUR MILITIA UNIT WILL BE THERE IF CALLED UPON TO REPEL ANYKIND OF LEFT WING ATTACK ON ANY PATRIOT!!!! JUST CONTACT US AND YOU WILL SEE WHERE WE STAND!!!!THE ALABAMA UNIT OF OATHKEEPERS III% MILITIA!
  2. I just want to let all persons that are interested that the Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers III% Militia are having our monthly FTX and open recruiting session the 29th Of June at 10:00 am at 365 Joe Quick rd, Hazel Green, Alabama 35750. We will have a basic combat/field first aid class to teach recruits the basic fundamentals of treating combat related wounds in the field with what they have on hand and in their personal first aid kits, until the wounded person can be moved to a medical facility for extensive care! We will also have a demonstration by one of our snipers in basic long range marksmanship and setting up proper dope for your rifle sights in different weather conditions! We will also be signing up new recruits that want to join. We will also be taking up money for patches to go on the woodland BDU that we use! I hope to see every Patriot that is not a member of a Militia that lives in the State of Alabama or Middle Tennessee to the Alabama state line at the FTX! We do not discriminate as to race, Nationality , sex or religion! The only exception is that you be loyal to the United States Constitution just like our forefathers wrote it! Also, if you are of Muslim decent and follows the Islamic Sharia Law, we do not want you! YOU ARE OUR ENEMY! PERIOD!!! Contact me at webb116054@gmail.com if you are interested in coming and want to know what to bring! We take members from 18 and up,17 year olds can join if they will be accompanied by a person at least 21 to vouch for them until we feel comfortable with them training with us without the adult! I will personally make that decision! Entire Families that want to join are very welcome and 16 year olds can train with us along with their adult family members. We will find something for everyone to do ! Do not worry about not having experience ! Earl Webb Commander
  3. Well people, if you are not prepared for a civil war or a member of a militia group, I would strongly advise you to do so a.s.a.p.! President Trump has announced that he is going to enact the 1807 Insurrection act to enable the United States Military and National Guard units to mobilize and start rounding up 38 million illegal aliens in this country and send them packing back to their home lands! That includes ALL illegal aliens, not just those South of the Border! That includes the muslims that poured in while osama bin Obama and killary Clinton was in office and all of the aliens from other countries that are here illegally! Those of them that hold beneficial jobs to the United States will be permitted to stay and apply for citizenship! This includes doctors, scientists, teachers ,etc. This is almost guaranteed to start mass panic and retribution against conservatives, republicans and Trump supporters and Patriots that love this country and our constitution! This came directly from a news post and from our mother organization, oathkeepers.org. Leftist groups and those that are pushing socialism, Marxism and Globalism are expected to cause mass civil unrest nd armed violence. Antifa has already had members arrested for trying to purchase military arms and ammunition and explosives from the drug cartels across the border. It is no telling how much arms and equipment they already purchased before they got caught! We know for a fact that they have a former army special forces SGT and more of his men that have become merc's training them in hand to hand combat, firearms training and tactical movements and more than likely explosive training! Patriots, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET PREPARED AND ARM AND SUPPLY YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY WITH FIREARMS, AMMO, FOOD AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND TENTS AND OUTDOOR GEAR! IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF A MILITIA GROUP, FOR YOUR SAKE AND YOUR FAMILIES SAFETY, JOIN ONE NOW! This will more than likely be the shot that starts the second civil war in this country and if that happens, a possible invasion by the UN Peace keeping force or even Russia or China could attack us! IF YOU ARE LOYAL TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND THE FREE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU! OUR MILITARY IS SCATTERED ALL OVER THE WORLD AND WILL TAKE TIME GETTING ALL OF OUR MILITARY EQUIPMENT BACK ON OUR ON SOIL! WE ARE GOING TO BE THE ONES IN RESERVE TO HOLD OUT UNITL THEY CAN GET HOME! THEY ARE DEPENDING ON US TO KEEP THEIR FAMILIES SAFE WHILE THEY ARE OFF FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM! IF YOU LIVE IN NORTH ALABAMA or MIDDLE TENNESSEE AND WANT A UNIT TO JOIN, OUR MILITIA UNIT, THE ALABAMA OATHKEEPERS III% MILITIA WOULD BE VERY GLAD TO HAVE YOU! THERE ARE A LOT OF OTHER UNITS ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES TO JOIN. GO TO WWW>MYMILITIA.COM AND FIND ONE IN YOUR STATE NEAR YOU AND JOIN UP! TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE!

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As the de facto authority in american patriot militias we understand that we oversee a significant share of the publics perception of the militia, and with this many individuals and militias entrust their ideas, work, and data to our platform. We do not take this lightly as we mandate an extreme amount of responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. We will remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people. So help us God.
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