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  1. Anyone in or near Fayetteville NC?


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    2. Russell Langford

      Russell Langford

      What's up with the profile pic btw???

    3. John Mosby

      John Mosby

      Its a joke.. i got banned on fb for a meme. So i changed to my profile pic to a gay black jewish etc etc etc fill in the pronoun. 

    4. Russell Langford

      Russell Langford

      That's some funny shit. LOL. I don't FB btw and as far as social media goes, this is abt my limit. Text me if you wanna. I'm just thinking there has GOT to be some folks around here with a preparedness mindset and I wanna get a group going or get involved with an active group. My numbers 910-987-3353. Or [email protected]



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