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  1. Why I’m here....just wish I’d known about this site long before now and a little younger!! To begin with I retired in 2000, after 28 years with the Dept. of Public Safety, as an Adm. Tech. for THP Lt., THP Sgt. and Texas’ finest, elite law enforcement officers. Plus we had the great organization of the Texas Rangers, other intelligence services, all of who were good friends. It wasn’t until years later I started doing research, just for the sake of researching which eventually led me to the wide spread corruption in high places. The deeper I dug the uglier it got and that main stream media covered up or Mockingbird media spread CIA propaganda to control the narrative for public consumption to keep them from waking up. This was all before so much started coming out, before the all-out, do whatever it takes, to remove the President. Years with law enforcement made it a little easier to get my head around the worst, most evil activities imaginable in the child sex trafficking, satanic rituals, etc. The kind of horric, sickening stuff the average citizen will have trouble digesting. Another thing that burned me up was the disrespectful treatment of our veterans, treating illegal aliens better. My late brother was a USAF jet fighter pilot, served in Vietnam, retiring a Major. I really got unhinged when the last administration got rid of our best military generals, admirals, almost gutted our military and gave tons of money to Iran. I guess you might say I’d probably bleed red, white and blue. I own a shotgun and a brand new 9 mm handgun and I can’t imagine giving up my liberty, my inalienable right by voluntarily handling over my weapons. I’m within my rights to defend my liberty and inalienable right to self protection should anyone attempt to remove my weapons, including anyone from the government. I’m what some might call “elderly” but I’m not helpless and it’s really not a good idea to make old people with guns mad to start with!!! There’s more but this is getting kinda long!!! 😁 Oh, did want to mention I’ve not had an opportunity to practice shooting with my handgun. I’ve no doubt I can but it’s been a long time since I’ve actually used a handgun. Really don’t like the idea of going to a range either. 😜

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