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  1. Gen. Hof


    U.S. Militia members, men 17 to 45, I have three words for you... "This is It" and expect Tyranny must be defeated by 2029 for our Posterity. General Hof (USA Master Military Strategist, non-Affirmative Action Leader)
  2. We need Community Organizers to plan and execute a "2nd Amendment Power Rally" near Sacramento. Bring lots of people who can Keep and Bear Arms during the rally. We need a 1000w sound Power Amp on Private land for a publicly attended event regarding US Constitutional Law. With at least 3 HIGH profile Guest speakers, preferably speakers from the NRA , local Sheriff's PR and the local Militia Leaders (Jefferson Militia http://www.Soj51.org ). Thanks, in addition: The "2A Power Rallys" should also be done near all State Capitols around America. Militia work groups must be established to provid
  3. Threats from militia provoke shutdown at Oregon capitol, a day after GOP lawmakers fled

    A truck moves around the Oregon state Capitol during a protest against climate bills.  (Sarah Zimmerman, File) A truck moves around the Oregon state Capitol during a protest against climate bills. (Sarah Zimmerman, File)
    June 21, 2019 at 11:49 PM EDT

    Oregon’s top lawmakers will shut down the state capitol after receiving threats from militia groups, who authorities say are planning to demonstrate there in support of the 11 Republican senators who fled the state to dodge a vote on climate change.

    State Senate President Peter Courtney (D) told his colleagues on Friday that Oregon State Police had informed him there was a credible threat to him, the rest of the remaining senators — all of whom are Democrats — and the building’s staff.

    Our OREGON brothers may need our help stop the West Coast Tyrants. 
    1. Mike Dag

      Mike Dag

      Good!!!  Make em  shut down, make em  act  hastily, stupidly,  make em nervous!!! We  3 % , We FEW  need to  stake our claim boldly, unflinchingly. America needs 9 million  militia  members to  step up and be counted!!  That's roughly  3 %  of our entire population  give or take!!!!  9 MILLION   ARMED Americans   will give any foe an instant  case of diarrhea!!!!  A STANDING Army of 9 million, not  spread out from sea to shining  sea  but  9 MILLION  STANDING  With toys.

    2. Gen. Hof

      Gen. Hof

      We are standing our ground...and yes, they now know our power as a State Militia. God Bless the USA "Give me Liberty, or give me Death."

  4. Gen. Hof


    We are going to need help in California after the 2020 elections. The police are not prepared to help and the CA National Guard is controled by Communist Socialist party thugs. Pray for California's Patriots.

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