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  1. Love this. Joining a group isn't enough. Go train. Exercise. Eat right. Read books. The enemy is training, you need to train harder. Find and implement the discipline.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1937755026537060/ Message me for details.
  3. Off the charts. We are having a hard time keeping up.
  4. III% Defense Militia recruiting in Madison, green bay and fond du lac areas.
  5. III% Defense Militia is recruiting in iowa. They have a good crew and good training.
  6. Thank you for your interest in our defensive Militia. We are a family friendly faith based community of Patriots. We have state, multi state and national training exercises. Lots of knowledge available on our training pages. We are active in 36 states. Please request an interview today! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1937755026537060/
  7. Absolutely! I will get the N.J. on point in touch with you.
  8. Rodger that gentlemen. No racism or sexism in this group. We are not radicals. I will get the on point in Nevada to contact you here. Thank you.
  9. If we declined you already, you might be blocked. Sorry, link works for me.
  10. I ready,willing and as able as i can be at 55yrs old! I work in construction and always have shit to do on the weekends but can make time once a month to meet and occasionally train.I do some training on my own but time is a huge factor for me.The last event i attended as a member of the NJLF was the 2018 freedom rally in DC as part of the security detail.shortly after that work picked up so much i was removed from the group and told there would always be a place for me when i have the time.I still dont have a lot of time but i am getting some,time for myself now that its winter in cape may.Summers are a bit tougher to get away from work.but i am desperate to get back into a group to support my fellow citizens and defend our Constitution!!! We need to demand our current Admin and President enforce current Constitutional Laws and remove all illegals which im sorry include all Moslems.If anyone were to read the Constitution in depth would see all Moslems must 1st "Denounce" Islam befor even being considered for Citizenship!As i see it we have two out spoken Moslems in our Fed. Gov. that shouldnt be there!If they are still a  part of Islam there is no way they support our countries laws and culture! I am not prejudice but it is the law of this land and must be followed! When i took the oath i swore to protect and defend the Constitution,Declaration of Independence and our Bill Of Rights 1st and foremost and then our President "if" he/she is following the laws within our countries founding Documents!!! Im a patriot willing to risk life and limb to ensure this country remains safe and free.so that my children and grandchildren dont have too!!!% I hope even though i cant make every meeting or "all" training sessions that i can join a group to help in some way?P.S. i have a few chest rigs to donate so that a  some members of a group that cant afford gear will have something?Military surp.


    1. Sean Fuhrman

      Sean Fuhrman

      Awesome big mike! My guys in Wisconsin are pretty active but it's all voluntary.  I usually plan multiple training events each month so everyone has a chance to train. We will accept whatever time you have to offer. 

    2. BigMikeU


      well damn.....i guess i should have stared with i live in New Jersey? lol good luck and i pray for you and your fellow patriots! GOD BLESS!

  11. III% Defense Militia is recruiting in New Jersey. Faith and family oriented group of patriotic like minded individuals. Please consider joining us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1937755026537060/
  12. III% Defense Militia is recruiting in Nevada. Faith and family friendly group of patriots. Lots of support from neighbor states. Please consider joining us.
  13. III% Defense Militia is looking to expand our family into Connecticut. Looking for effective communicators and leaders. We are pro Constitutional government. Faith and family friendly. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1937755026537060/
  14. III% Defense Militia is looking for leaders from Illinois to join our family. Faith and family oriented Militia. Lots of support from neighbor states and nationally. Please consider joining us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1937755026537060/
  15. III% Defense Militia is looking to expand into Missouri. We have a great family with National support. Looking specifically for military experience (but not required) who can be an effective leader for other members who join. Please consider joining our family. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1937755026537060/
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