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  1. Here is a video that has the chair guy in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abu_tbH-ewg
  2. Like the movie Swiss Family Robinson. Minus the drama.
  3. Why wasn't a really hot chick that is mute an option.
  4. Looking for patriotic people in Wexford and surrounding counties. We are a group of law abiding patriots. Almost all are welcome regardless of history. What is important is that you live a moral, honest and law abiding lifestyle today. Our training comes from military doctrine. Our membership is broad from veterans to ex law enforcement to retail and factory workers. Anyone with a radical mindset will not stay long.
  5. An Army field phone has a distance of 22 miles dry. No I don't think it is feasible on a production basis. Your right about the soldering. With all that work it was easier to buy the PABX. Using the PABX and modern telephone, I do not know what the range is. My use will be for basecamp HQ or a bug out retreat where I will have an invertor, battery and solar panels to power the PABX. LP/OP on a patrol that is bedded down for example will use a FRS/GMRS radio to give a SALUTE report. ta 312 TM_11-5805-201-12.pdf
  6. Bought 1000' of phone line at an auction for $3.00.
  7. We are growing. Come join us. I have no intent of stealing other militia members but if you are unhappy or your unit is ate the F up then come to our training sessions. Our curriculum is Army manuals and standard. Will we meet that standard every time? No, but we will try again.
  8. What is the odds of getting this Tactical/Leadership and the Medical libraries pinned to the top of the forum? That way they don't get lost in time.
  9. If your not prepared now, your going to do a lot of stealing later or you will give up and go home.
  10. The Michigan Civil Defense Force and Michigan Constitutional Militia are sponsoring a training event December 14th 2019 from 1000 hrs until COB. Training is located to the West of Manton, MI near Meauwataka . Wear what you want but preferred is a uniform and load bearing equipment, No firearms, bring a substitute such as a pellet rifle or airsoft. This event will be outdoors. Please dress for the weather in layers. Bring a canteen filled with water. Water will be available. Please RSVP thru private message so that I can get a head count. Those that reserve and are sure they are attending will then be given the address the day before. Here is a list of classes that we will be conducting Dec 14 as time allow. Main training *Move as a member of a fire team *Move under direct fire Supplemental classes React to indirect fire while dismounted React to flares Select temporary fighting positions. If time allows then we do refresher training on evaluate a casualty and putting on a tourniquet/field dressing. *means these classes have the priority. Depending on time additional classes can be taught or we can go through previous classes to improve proficiency. The address to the training property is: Will be released the day before training. If you need snacks it is on you to bring them. We will provide a garbage bag for any trash. You need to bring your own water container/canteen(a 5gal water can will be provided). If you do not like sitting on the ground then bring a stool or camping chair. Please keep the sidebars at a minimum. If you do not understand something then please raise your hand so you can be helped. If you want to offer an opinion or something different from your previous training or life experience then wait until the end of the specific class then please offer up your knowledge. Bring a note pad to take notes.

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