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  1. Your to far away from Cadillac area at both locations but yeah, you would be very useful. You could help train, plenty to do at base camp like rear security, cook, mechanic, quartermaster etc. Lots to do. Good luck finding a home.
  2. Still looking for volunteers. Our #1 rule is no illegal shit!
  3. Bullshit You kind of sound like a fanatic. I do agree the FBI and most defiantly the CIA are corrupt when it come to We the People. There is a time and place for exacting defiance and putting guerrilla warfare principles into play but today is not the day.
  4. Sadly you are correct. Every since Oklahoma City Bombing the propagandist(news) has been putting the militia in a bad light. After this bullshit we have a public relations nightmare going on.
  5. They were caught because individuals did not drink the coolaid and called the FBI and became an informant. When it is still rule of law and you start talking some crazy shit people are going to tell on you.
  6. I just did, anarchist does not = ANTIFA. All the information that I learned from the friend that attended these meetings is they all basically hated all law enforcement. They were planning the kidnapping of the tyrant of Michigan. They were planning some type of police assasination and get it blamed on the FBI. Yeah, dont know how that would of worked. They all belonged to different militia groups that connected and came together. They had meetings in Ohio and Wisconsin.
  7. You know what is stupid? Eric Molitor was a single father with two little kids. Las I knew the ex was fighting for custody. You know what? He just gave custody away. When he gets out of prison his kids will be adults and wont even know who he is.
  8. Disagree with you. I know an inside person and was told about this whole operation. They were all militia. Who told you they were ANTIFA? Alex Jones?
  9. These people were fanatics. I personally know a person from the inside. I was told all of their plans. I highly recommended this person to contact the FBI. They did. We are living in Rule of Law. You cannot do this stupid shit without consequences. What they were planning was terrorism pure and simple. What these people did was hurt our movement. They created a public relations nightmare. How is your recruiting going now? What does the public think about us now?
  10. Correct 100%. These people were terrorists. My number 1 rule in my unit is NO illegal shit. Anybody posting shit that makes me believe they are a fanatic they are then discharged. Both Eric Molitor and Adam Fox were briefly in my unit. Both were angry. Both did not stay very long. If I knew the shit they were planing in advance I would of called the FBI myself.
  11. You probably dont need to correct shit. The news articles are correct. I know two of these people.
  12. Who ever told you they were antifa lied. I know two of the people personally. Eric Molitor was my medic for a while and Adam Fox was wasted space. They were both angry individuals.
  13. No the story is real. I know two of the people that were arrested. Both were a member of my unit once upon a time. They were both hate filled individuals. They did not remain members of my unit.
  14. I hold no liability. Read and use at your own risk. If you like, give a thumbs up. Boobytraps FM 5-31.pdf CIA Field Expedient Incendiaries.pdf CIA-Simple-Sabatoge-Field-Manual-1 (1).pdf Death By Deception-Advanced Improvised Booby Traps.pdf EOD-FBI Manual.pdf Explosives & Demolitions FM 5-25.pdf Explosives & Propellants.pdf Explosives and Deomolition_fm_5-250 - 15_june_1992.pdf GTA 5-10-27 Mine Card.pdf Guerilla's Arsenal.pdf How-To-Build-Flash-and-Stun-Grenades-ByGeorge-Dmitrieff.pdf Improvised_Land_Mines.pdf Improvised Shape Charges.pdf Incendiaries TM 31-201-1.

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