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  1. I didn't watch the video. During a conflict and a spie is found with absolute truth then the person will be hung. If foreign troops are captured they will be killed. If any US troops that are not loyal to the constitution are captured they will be branded with a T for Traitor on their cheek. If they are captured again they will be killed. I also encourage the stockpile of hollow points and soft points to be on the battlefield. One reason is because of the wounds they will cause and two because of those wounds it will effect their morale. There going to know we are not fucking around.
  2. Welcome to the forum. 16 years of service here. Once upon a time I was a staff sergeant.
  3. What I tell my people is that I am not Uncle Sam and I am or specifically the unit is not paying for your uniforms. Use what you can afford. At a minimum use earth tone clothing or subdued clothing so that you will blend in. Sure it would be awesome for uniformity but who am I to tell some one to buy state of art camouflage. Edit: There is always a way to fine tune it. Spray paint, God's gift to the frugal partisan.
  4. Thanks Fixer, if and when I use it I will give you guys credit for it. This is a very good civil affairs/public relations/recruiting photo.
  5. @fixer, on the main page the banner photo of the little girl on the fence. How do I get a copy? Swamp Fox
  6. A lot of people cant afford to buy in bulk. If they at least start with sterile gauze and a wrap they are on their journey. Dollar Tree is a good starting point. But otherwise I agree with you. I just bought 10 4" Israeli Bandages for $30.00. That makes it $3.00 each which= affordable. I am passing the saving to my militia group for those interested in buying them.
  7. Yeah, I totally agree but my comment was meant as a joke. All training is a muscle, use it or lose it. That is why I started a militia group. I was starting to lose my skills. I figured with militia training and teaching classes I will regain most of them back.
  8. Hit up Dollar Tree and get gauze and wraps.
  9. Check out Michigan Constitutional Militia. I have combat veteran friend in the Michigan Constitutional Militia and he is in the thumb.
  10. Check out the Michigan Constitutional Militia. They have a Facebook page.
  11. I use eBay a lot. I wait patiently for a good price and I also do the "make offer" option if the listing has it. When I bid I wait until the last 5 or 10 seconds to snipe the bid. When I make an offer and I am a returning customer I tell them that. Sometimes it helps. I have a medium to large surplus store that is about 30 miles away. When I am going thru the area and will stop to see what they have. Sometimes I will be surprised and the item that I am looking for will be cheaper than online. I also go to a certain gunshow that comes to the area. There is a surplus dealer that I often buy from that has cheaper prices. Key is to have patience and keep your eyes open.
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