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    I am a 64 year old who has the capability of being as tough as one needs to be to protect our country & Constitution!!
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  1. It's really great seeing all the Patriots here!! I wish I could meet every one of you some day. Though, it may be when the SHTF. I will be ready & able, my fellow Patriots!!!
  2. The U.S. Constitution has been suspended since 1933. All forms of government, as well a sovereign American persons, are now held in receivership as default payment on the bankruptcy of the nation in that year. That's correct, we are all now owned as private property. We are no longer entitled to the the inalienable rights of the Constitution, but the privileges defined under statutory public policy. Our court system no longer operates under the authority of the Constitution, but under military authority, as designated by the gold fringed national banner displayed in our courtrooms, as per military code. I have supplied needed info concerning the things that are going on in our Republic and am an avid supporter of getting back to our Constitution as the Law of the Land. Not what we have now....
  3. Good day, Lt. I live a couple of miles south of you - in Lubbock. However, I am interested in joining a group. Though I am on a fixed income, I hope to save the money to buy an AR by years' end! I am a 65 year old female vet and survivalist. I have a wide range of skills from truck driving to licensed counselor and ordained Reverend. I am in reasonable physical condition & still get around. Good enough to have a complete, and well prepared, BOB - ready to get out of the area should the need arise. I am a Constitutionalist and have been looking for a group of people with like thinking. I have my conceal carry license and practice shooting weekly. I am, also, trying to save the money for a low cost AR. Then I will feel totally safe and ready. I, also, just bought a handheld ham radio & am looking for some place where I live to take classes on its use. I'm thinking this would be good for any type of group. I believe in God and the "separation of church and state" being what the Founders meant it to be, not what it's become. I believe that the Government is supposed to be protecting our borders - which they do not. I believe in freedom of religion - not just all religions except Christianity. Finally, I believe our Constitution is the supreme Law of the Land and that we MUST get rid of those violating it and replace them with those that WILL follow it.....
  4. Ha! That IS good to know, Phil. BTW - I was thinking I could try to come up there a couple of times a month by bus. Less wear & tear on our 18 year old car, you know? I'd have to have someone meet me there & see I get back for the return bus trip. But it sure shouldn't cost that much. I have your phone number. So, I will let you know when I start this training next week & once I have the bus schedule & cost.....
  5. Why, I'd never be able to build a gun by myself! I'd have to have someone do it &, probably, pay for it to be done. Hell of a price, tho....
  6. Can you send me a link, Megatron?? Though, I cannot afford at the moment. I can save & in a few months have that to buy one. I am very interested.....
  7. I just used my imagination, Megatron. I have a good imagination.....
  8. Well. As soon as I start training here and feel more relaxed using MY weapon, I will make the trip to meet you. I really want to train on those different weapon systems you are talking about. I want to learn as much as possible about as many weapons as possible. Buying the 9mm is the best thing I have done for myself in forever! I want to become a force to be reckoned with and feel comfortable doing it with multiple weapons. Thanks for your faith in me. Oh, Jacob & I had a good talk last week. I just hope I pass the vetting process so I can become a part of something bigger than myself and part of the Patriot movement actively......Ohhhhh. I, also, found a shooting range here and the manager wants to take me 'under his wing' so to speak. I am so excited that someone, I don't know, is willing to help me out on a fixed income. God is good! Actually, He is AWESOME......
  9. Well, Marinephil. Jacob and I are playing a kind of phone tag. I missed a call from him & he was unavailable when I tried to call him. However, I have not given up on connecting with him real soon. The good news is I bought a cheap 9mm. So now I am armed & have been looking for a range to learn and become proficient with my weapon. I have been concentrating on that right now as I will need weapons for any activity within a Unit of yours. I just cannot afford an AR. I just don't see that happening on my limited income. Just wanted to give you a update and stay in touch.....
  10. I'm looking for a group close to my home to join. I am so serious I went out and bought an inexpensive 9mm. I was told I would need an AR 15, too. And, I am wondering if a carbine of some type would work instead or, at least, to qualify to join a group. I am, currently, awaiting a copy of my DD214 - which has been requested of me. Thing is I don't know what group is asking this of me & they won't give me much info until I'm armed and ready for service. I need a lot of field training and learn maintenance on my weapons. I am actively looking for a shooting range here in Lubbock and take lessons from them. It will cost some money & I am on a fixed income. So, we'll see how that goes..... Anyway, I live in west Texas - Lubbock - and know there are, at least, 3 groups working out of Amarillo. Which is 2 hours north of me. But I will keep trying to meet up with some people and get this show on the road. So, if you have any suggestions, please PLEASE contact me at vchampagne@gmail.com.......
  11. Thank you so much. I will give him a call when I have a calm moment to do so......
  12. I believe in the Constitution as it is the Supreme Law of the Land. 

    I believe in God and the "separation of church and state" being what the Founders meant it to be, not what it's become. 

    I believe that the Government is supposed to be protecting our borders - which they do not. 

    I believe in freedom of religion - not just all religions except Christianity. 

    Finally, I believe many, within our country, have been participating in it's destruction for many, many years and that they are true Traitors. 

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      The quran is a manuscript on how to invade murder kill all non believers 

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      Well I read it that's a portion of it but you know it all bud

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      Most people are often fooled by Muslims as peaceful and loving. The reality is they are nothing but invaders who walk into a country and eventually get enough percent of the population and start demanding sharia laws and implementing Islamic doctrine.   They are encouraged to lie to non believrs  

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