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    I am a 64 year old who has the capability of being as tough as one needs to be to protect our country & Constitution!!
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  1. I believe in the Constitution as it is the Supreme Law of the Land. 

    I believe in God and the "separation of church and state" being what the Founders meant it to be, not what it's become. 

    I believe that the Government is supposed to be protecting our borders - which they do not. 

    I believe in freedom of religion - not just all religions except Christianity. 

    Finally, I believe many, within our country, have been participating in it's destruction for many, many years and that they are true Traitors. 

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    2. Megatron


      The quran is a manuscript on how to invade murder kill all non believers 

    3. Ripcannon


      Well I read it that's a portion of it but you know it all bud

    4. Megatron


      Most people are often fooled by Muslims as peaceful and loving. The reality is they are nothing but invaders who walk into a country and eventually get enough percent of the population and start demanding sharia laws and implementing Islamic doctrine.   They are encouraged to lie to non believrs  


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