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  1. Let me tell you people whats going to happen, because I am showing you how it's done. I'm a bad man. I'm being wrapped up for things this judge can't measure and he can't answer the question, "How do you measure fear?". I have another one for you, "How do you measure what a person views?". But, here is the best one, "How do you measure the decision between two people to have a relationship? When a woman and man makes a decision to create a life, how do you measure that? When those decision go south and it doesn't work out, how do you measure that?". You know what the law say's should happen to Mrs. Kelm? She should be put in front of a bar, stripped of her law degrees, and disqualified for life from practicing law! You know what law say's when a judge violates your right, to argue the introduction of evidence last year, because of political pressure, when a judge doesn't care about our fundamental way of life and the basic qualification, you must be able to measure a crime, doesn't even flinch at a lawyer that blatantly calls our 8th amendment guarantee that the sentence must be proportional to the crime, my basic human right to the presumption of innocence and it's violation a, "Diatribe" in his own court room, don't you? He should be put in front of a judicial committee, stripped of his right to serve, and disbarred for life. This is a little preview of what's going to happen in court November 11th, 2019. This is the first of many proverbial casualties, as i clear his court and Dunn county of all the traitors posing as defenders of the American way of life! I can tell you one thing I am going to say, "Perhaps your honor, if these things I have said are troubling you, there is something wrong." But, I have had six people tell me, "That man is out to make a difference!", so I have to conclude, "Your a good man and after 22 years, I have to believe you got some good judge buddies, so why aren't you all pushing some ink to paper and sending this back up?!!! Our fundamentals make it clear, it's the people that hold this government accountable, at the end of the day, when you hang up your robes, you kiss that lovely wife, your one of the people!! Your out to make a difference, and my suspicion is, not all is well in the good old US of A and the clocks ticking!" If your in Wisconsin, Dunn County, Menomonie, District Court, show your ass up! This soldier is doing his duty one last time. I'm pulling double duty now. You want change, you want to keep America great, you want a future, you want prosperity and security, this is how it's done. You persuade good men and hold their feet to the fire to actually do something! YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED!!!
  2. Over the last year and a half, six different people have stated the exact same thing about this Judge, the Honorable Judge Smeltzer, "He's out to make a difference." Yesterday, September 9th, the first shots in were fired in court by myself in a attempt to rectify the years of wrong, and the real problem, the transformation of our country thru legislative compromise that violate our fundamental laws. When court began, I waited a minute then spoke up, "Open Justice!". Mrs. Kerry Kelm, my appointed attorney was silent, the judge leaned forward ever intently, I looked at him and stated, "British Common Law". I stood up and lifted the bible I had brought and said, "Your honor, according to this bible and my God, absolutely no way should I have threatened my ex-wife with bodily harm. You have your accountability. This could have been over in two weeks, not two years. However, the 8th amendment guarantees me a sentence proportional to the crime. See, the original principal was a eye for a eye a tooth for a tooth. The size of the Wisconsin Legislation, If I dropped it on the table, would make a loud thud. How do you measure fear? I've asked this of many people outside this court, so surely you have the answer." The Honorable Judge Smeltzer replied, "Mr. Glinski, some of the things you have said have troubled me for years. You have a couple things going in your favor, there has been no incident in a year and a half." I then proceeded, "Your honor, the last year I spent sleeping in a janitors closet because every apartment complex has denied me rent on a open case. Now it's illegal because we signed treaties with the U.N. ratified by our congress that the presumption of innocence is a basic human right. I won't tell you where I am at right now." Mrs. Kelm my appointed attorney then interrupted me, "The judge does not have time for you diatribe.", however I continued, "This DA is forcing me to fight her over a felony for something that can not be measured. The DA's case has no weight. Over the last year and a half, six different people have stated the same thing about you, 'He's out to make a difference.', so I have to conclude your a good man." The Honorable Judge Smeltzer replied, "Mr. Glinski, there are rules and procedures we have to follow, you will get your chance." We got up, but I asked one last question, "How are those working for you? Are your jails less crowded? Is your funding freeing up?" I grinned and waved my hands, my tone of voice like in hallelujah, "Are lives being changed?!!" The Honorable Judge Smeltzer,, just looked at me, beamed with a grin. Case Details: I wish to denote. For 13 years I have been financially, mentally and emotionally raped by Mrs. Nodolf's supposed victims. My son is terminally ill as of 2016. His mother ran state to state, I've seen him 6 times in his life at best. I've paid the bill, was shipped the birthing expenses, medical, and in 2017 I was violated illegally by the VA for a damage of 6990 dollars illegally walking over Federal Guidelines over a 4 year old garnishment order no less while being called in official paper work, "A Rambling Man" His mother got another phone in order to override the block I had placed on hers. My daughters mother that same year, she cut all communication with my daughter, despite 3 emails demanding to speak with my daughter or a reason why she was being with held, no response all year. Same year, I was being verbally abused by a Doctor at the VA, denied medical to which I have 3 audio recordings. To date, my sons mother, despite full payment of the arrears at a extra cost of 6990.00, in violation of our agreement that on payment of the arrears I get the child income tax credit every other year, is continuing to steal the child income tax credit, which also means fraud on a Federal Tax Form. To date, I have demanded from my prior attorney and this new appointed attorney, the yahoo DVD to which my old friend and I had conversations on why I should totally drop my daughter after the divorce, the court being involved in family, which, under the 8th amendment you can no measure the relationship between to people, or the decision to make a human life, so the United States Government has no business being involved, just like, if there is no measurable damage, the court should not be hearing the case, but yet the laws are on the book. Conclusion: The issue is several things. First, these evil people could not come in and transform our fundamental laws, so instead they added and subtracted from them to such a degree there is no limitation. Furthermore, Mrs. Kelm, my appointed attorney, believes, and now the judge is witness, our 8th amendment, measurement of a crime, my basic human right to the presumption of innocence and it's violation are a "Diatribe." They have had their nose in this soldiers family, messed with the relationship with my daughter and by authorizing what I have coined "Legalized Kidnapping", a injunction on my daughter when this started. Now, after 10 years of abuse by the VA, denied medical treatment, over 60 grand in damages, because they have violated our fundamental laws, turned court into a matter of profit not principal, I just opened the first shots, but, Mrs. Kelm, she is the first casualty I am inflicting on this court. The judge is now witness to her opinion of our fundamentals, it's on the minutes, they are a "Diatribe." I am giving the judge until the next court date to think about those things. Next court hearing, gloves are coming off. I am firing Mrs. Kelm, but, I am confronting the judge about the fact, she sat right in his court room, made that statement, and he didn't even flinch. Oh yeah, I am going to shake him up a bit just like last year, I am leaving with his hands shaking and cornered. I have concluded, while he is a judge, at the end of the day, he is also a person and obviously, it's one happy court case to the next, right into his and our caskets. Mrs. Kelm is a wolf in sheep clothing, working from the inside, with no interest in our fundamental laws and no interest in really defending me. She should be disbarredThis is going to be very angry, aggressive and I'm not backing down. The DA will not make me a reasonable offer so I am going to keep chopping off arms and limbs off, proverbially speaking, of course until this judge is woke up. I must conclude after 22 years, if he is troubled, perhaps that is because something is wrong and if he really is the man everyone claims, and from my experience, he is, this man is asleep in happy go lucky, lala land. He has more power in his possession then I do in writing, and needs to be sending this stuff back up. Those pesky rules he's clinging to, they have been hijacked! Persuade him and wake him the hell up, you get change, but he has to realize, with the theft of elections, those rules no longer apply and he is not obligated to conform If your not working and around Dunn County Courthouse, Menomonie, Wisconsin, November 11th, 0945 the battle begins and it will be intense, but the goal is not just accountability but to ensure this quits for everyone. The more people, the better. "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!" "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!! "
  3. @ Michael james#4 Brown I'm going to chime in here, if you don't mind.


    What needs to change is the notion that electing more people is going to fix the issue.  The reason being is you can elect any number of people to positions of power, but, each person has their own opinion, views, and they are not legal experts. The issue is the legislation and laws.  The laws have been created and designed with intent to compromise our fundamentals, so, in order to fix these, one must remove the contradictory laws, close up the gaps on Non-Legit Supreme Court Rulings, but you also must removed the people with evil intent, which should have been enforced thru our U.S. Codes, but these bad people have ensured a complete compromise of all three branches of the government because the end goal was to transform, convert the United States and overthrow it.  As long as the bad element exists and rule with impunity and are un-elected, they will continue to present a obstacle to removing any compromise in our laws and stall up equal justice across the board.


    That being said, the answer is no longer electing people.  The right to choice has already been taken in mass and you have no guarantee that right will not be taken in 2020 at this point.  The fundamental course now resides in the hands of the people to hold their government accountable.  As long as free choice in elections was possible and guaranteed, then there was no other avenue that needed to be taken.  Now that the basic electoral right has been taken in mass, and evil people sit up top, then if falls to the people to understand that once you removed the right of a people to choose who governs in mass, then you no longer have a obligation to adhere to the laws that are written, you can no longer validate the authenticity of the legislation as being the authentic will of the people or ensure it's conformance to the original laws, and there is no compromise.  Hence the ACT Rally I am proposing.


    ACT is about taking the first steps to hold the government accountable under these conditions.  It is climbing over the hump of disagreement and no definitive line agreed on between all of us on what constituted the right of a people to enforce on the government our laws, and when they have the right to act.  That line is Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 5, but is originally written in our declaration of independence and I quote, "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.", this is just a excerpt.


    Now, I believe and it has already been shown in our first 200 years, the original system worked, however when you add on to, or subtract from the Constitution as has been the case by men with silver tongues, crafty pens, and evil intent, then you wind up in a place we are now.  Lawless, broke, angry, swamped legal system, confusion.  Elect whoever you like, no man can undo anything effectively until even those in power are held accountable under our fundamental laws.  A Example would be why "Fredo" has not been arrested, or Antifa members throwing acid in faces and cracking skulls, not arrested, but if I issue a threat, no problem.  Drag me thru court, charge me with a Felony, subject me to endless rights abuses.  It's about money, and intent with these people.  Therefor, either people will be angry enough to recognize that our fundamental rights say it is the people that fix this kind of issue, or inaction which will ultimately lead to our demise and if your lucky you have four years left to get this down.

  4. As I have spoken with men over the last two years, soldiers, veterans, conservatives, the citizen, one thing I have noticed is anger. I also have noticed many men tie their self to accomplishments, wealth, family, house, car, children. All these things are material things, they come and they go, so how should a man define himself and what is a good starting point? A nation is only as good as it's people, and if it's people define themselves by material things that come and go, then the nation will be a material nation and will come and go. I simply wish to address the measure of a man. A man is not defined by any of the fore mentioned. He is defined in his mastery of himself. As a man, you must switch your view from material things to who you are and the difference you make. As men have been the victims in this war on America, anger is a reasonable response, but that anger must be restrained and how we respond defines our course in life. A man is defined by his character. What is character? Perhaps the best definition I have heard is, a man is patient, kind, slow to anger, quick to forgive, not proud, arrogant, selfish, boastful or proud, he endures all things, hopes all things good and where these are present, he will never fail. If you achieve these in your self every day as perfect as possible, and you esteem these qualities in yourself over material things, then you will find the anger will dwindle away and those material things will no longer define your happiness. Why am I posting this in leadership? We need leaders who esteem these things and set the example for others. There is a time and place for anger. Being here in anger, either for a outlet or hoping for action, these are not good motivations. As I plan on organizing this ACT Austin Texas Rally, it is not about anger, and anyone angry and wanting change on that basis or conflict, while I understand the anger of the American people, you must switch your focus. Anger has only one purpose, to win in a conflict. Where does it begin and when does it end? When I was in Iraq, I spent 24 hours in hell, and ultimately it was anger, training and superior knowledge that beat the odds, but when it's over, the anger must be switched off. Anger only leads to destruction, and anyone seeking conflict for change, you obviously do not know history well, because physical conflict is destruction and should be avoided. When I came back, anger was perhaps the most difficult emotion to get under control and it resulted in many bad responses. My situation was defining my happiness and contentment. I want you to think on what I have said here. If you are angry, it's probably for many just reasons, and you are not alone, but by switching from the material and external things that comes and goes to what really defines you and how those attributes, patience, kindness, gentleness, meekness, long suffering, endurance, being unselfish, not proud, or boastful, not only will this make you content in whatever situation your in or no matter what happens to you, but it will be noticed, by family, friends, strangers, those that follow you, and by those in charge, in your work place and it is contagious and spreads, is more powerful than your anger ever could be. God Bless!
  5. @ Claw Hammer Think of it as getting to know people via a website. I am a patriot, conservative and christian. I don't believe in one man and one woman. I have meet these women personally once during service. I also have been a investor in the past. Did you know for 250$ you can live one full month with a family of four there plus have extra because of the value of our dollar compared to their Philippine Peso. All my life, just wanted a large family, nice house, horses, mountains, but things are so bad here financially, it won't happen and my backup plan is to go there. I posted this in off topic because if you step outside this country and go somewhere like the Philippines, you find out what normal is. No abortion, they can't fathom it. Family, close ties, lots of social interaction, no social media. Yeah, sure there are some scammers, but most Filipino's are very decent, moral human beings and they appreciate the small things, not spoiled in luxuries and debt. The government is not involved in the family, that's a big one. If the women make a bad decision they take care of the children, and this idea Government needs to dish out consequences to the men if the man doesn't take accountability isn't present. Before the government was involved in family, the universal law is you reap what you sew, so the women make the best choices they can in a man, and if the man is a bad choice, he will get what's coming to him later. Doesn't take government intervention in family, it's just a natural law. However, this place is my backup plan, I'd like to try and make a difference here first, starting in Texas. Our system was the best before these people began adding onto, or taking away from our Constitution and compromising our fundamental laws. Before I call the United States not salvageable, you and I need to try and reboot this country because our basic system was a miracle and the best in the world and if we can get thru the division and clean things up using those fundamentals, then we win something, and this becomes a great nation again. But, if we can't get past the division and confusion, the anger and hate that's been sewn by many wrongs and a government destroying it's people, then I am planning to leave and go where I can make a difference. The people there are having knowledge with held from them, all it takes is someone with knowledge and they are smart, and would take it and build, grow, change their land and I would be able to settle in the Mountains around Cebu in a house I built on the income I get in just one year. I apologize if you felt this reflected on the militia negatively, I was simply sharing. These are wonderful people, but yes, you don't send money, you actually go there, meet them. But, if you can't afford it, their are many women on facebook that are genuine and you should get to know a couple. I hadn't seen a hand water pump in years. They do laundry by hand. The women are whole communities and they help each other, and are very close. They don't suffer depression issues and just a little kindness and they love to give back in so many ways. If you want to understand what normal, basic human beings are, find out and i recommend them. We have really gone astray and you can learn so much from people that have never been afforded the benefits we have. Their very attitudes make you love them. I'd like to start a washing machine business there, but I'd break their economy! Haha
  6. @ Claw Hammer Yes, I already meet her in person. I've known her a year now. She's no scammer, she's very beautiful. She loves to make glamour photos so I have been helping build a portfolio and I do the digital editing. I'm a polygamist and she is fine with me having multiple wives. I plan to go back there in October and spend the month with her. Because of the situation here in America, I haven't decided if I will bring her here or I will go there. First I want to put this convention together in Austin and Texas, put out the history, U.S. Codes and the right of the people to bring the militia to life to defend them by majority consent. Plan to have several constitutional experts and experienced combat veterans, including myself who is very educated in legal matters, combat and technology speak and put out the game plan. I would prefer to try and repair this country because the original system was good, we just need to get back to it and remove the enemy from inside our country. But I love her and she loves me. My second fiance I've known since service. She was fifteen at that time I vacationed in the Philippines during my break on tour in Iraq. Now she is 27. Her name is Jeralden. Granted, she can turn into Chucky on occasion but we've gotten past the cultural issues over the years. She want's babies. Her son died of typhoid and it broke my heart because as a Doctor of Science had I been there I could have treated it. If we can't salvage this country I plan to go there and help them recover from the oppression by teaching them science, literature, music, and I will start by showing them how to build hydroponic gardens in their homes. They've been oppressed a long time and knowledge with held so they are very basic people. Bisaya was hard at first but I have been getting the hang of it over the years.
  7. @ Claw Hammer No, she is my fiance. We are working on papers now to bring her here. I do glamour photography to as well as digital art and design. I helped her take the photo and I cleaned it up. Really. What do you think? Like the photo? She is incredibly beautiful in real life.
  8. I agree. That is why I need your help and others here to promote the Texas ACT Rally I am moving to put together. I am going to need word of mouth, phone calls, emails, donations and I am going to need, non-radical, constitutional people in favor of taking action to clean things up. The first step is getting the professional legal experts to show up and get the red line defined to the public and I am a very articulate and persuasive speaker, but you must have legal basis and everyone must be on the same page which is impossible using social media and talking individually. Look at the events. Would you be in support of this event? The danger of this is that if you get majority consent, there has to be a good leader that understands, violence is a last resort because historically if you get into a fight, that will be the end of the country, not a cleanup. All you need to understand is Edward Gibbon - Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. It was not the lunatics in Rome, or the barbarians flooding over the border that did them in, it was when they started killing each other and activating a states militia by majority consent can be very provocative. The goal is to show unity and a determination to hold the enemy inside accountable and that we are not divided and put a freeze on the border issue, but, that could potentially create a serious conflict if you are quick to act and not restrained in a very disciplined way. So it's a dangerous maneuver, but it is essential.
  9. This is my fiance, Asian Star. I do glamour photography and I thought I'd share this one with her permission that we did together. I'd like you men's opinions on the photo. It's a art.
  10. until
    America is united under President Trump and we are Making America Great Again thru our choices. However, the time has come for the people to act. As Trump has stated, America is a nation of laws. Law was the bedrock fundamental of our nation and the Constitution a miracle in it's own right. In the last four years, we have witnessed the truth, watched in horror as we see the Federal Government has been compromised to such extremes that it is paralyzed from within. We have watched testimony and witnessed as people came forward and more are coming that in 2016 the leaders, who have sold us out to china, exported our jobs, miscalculated and Donald Trump, a man of courage, not perfect but courageous stood up and got in the gap between them and us. These people redoubled their effort and in 2018 they didn't miss a step. Governor races were overturned thru election theft, House Seats stolen and now, Judges paid off to block his every move and keep the border open. Orders to those administrating the release of those that cross our border to give preference to criminals, violent offenders, those with mumps, measles, and various plagues transported and released into our general population by preference. A paramilitary force in our boundaries appearing, throwing acid on Christians, Conservatives, Trump Supporters, wearing uniforms, utilizing combat tactics. Where are the police? Where are the indictments? Where is the money coming from? Various leaders praising this force for their actions stating "It may be illegal but it is moral." The major question on peoples minds is, how do we stop this? What is the red line when we must act? How do we get our laws and systems operating again and ensure our election integrity? Join us as we delve into the legal issues with various legal experts, combat veterans, and define the red line. We will make the case that our basic documents make it clear, the people are responsible for change, not the government. We will define the red line as election theft in mass, taking the right of the people to choose who governs and therefor our laws can no longer be guaranteed as the authentic will of the people. The case will be made and evidence submitted that when election theft in mass occurred, this was the installation of a fiat government over the elected government which is a declaration of war, and constitutes treason. As we ask the question, "Why have those un-elected, and those that have violated their oath by inciting civil violence not been removed?" The goal is to come together in agreement that it is time for the people to act and that the government has been operating to wrap up any and all action to stop it and that in one voice we must agree to ACT. Join us as we delve into the Supreme Court, the men who worked together to create the compromise and mute our system of laws, our defenses with unconstitutional rulings, levying unjust burdens, and creating a system of oppression and lawlessness, and make the case that the defense of the people was never intended to be activated by a President who is government but by the people of the state to which a Militia belongs and begin to agree to organize our Militias with a plan and in unification, under one flag, in complete agreement release the fear and be willing to pay whatever price to win our nation back and begin healing the mental illness that is plaguing so many and remove the bonds of fear. For many years, Americans have talked, but there has been no action because we understand, we may pay with our homes, jobs, house, car, luxuries, and even our lives but when we come together and we pay those prices together it becomes a burden we share and fear is turned to courage in numbers, the talking stops and action begins. We will gain majority consent thru signatures to activate the state militia and present the plan to shut down the border and take the option out of the government's hands. It is the people that make this choice and at the end of this convention, no longer will we be divided, silenced, just typing our opinions on social media, or talking to our graves, we will be unified as Americans, brothers and sisters, who bleed red, and who's heart beats for true freedom. As we see the masses in agreement and sign together, no longer will it be one person alone, speaking in the halls of the divided, but one chorus and one voice, acting to hold our government accountable and we will break this divide and Conquer strategy that has been employed and put fear in the heart of the enemy in our gates. Do you have the Courage to ACT? Change comes when we ACT together. A website will be put up in the near future and donations taken for the event. A location will be decided and is pending in Austin. Begin talking and spreading the word. All Militias and all the people of the great state of Texas are invited and encouraged to come. As always I expect Texas to be the first, the lone star in our country, to set the stage for the second greatest change in our nations history and shine thru as a example to the world of our love and willingness to fight for our freedom and lay down our lives to keep it.
  11. Alright Texas, you are the shining star of the United States. I'm sure your all enjoying the benefits of multi cultural-ism, their traditions, their values, and I am sure you all want to adopt the ways of the wonderful, friendly people flooding over your border and introducing themselves to you. I'm sorry, perhaps I am wrong, are you enjoying the problem? I've done my homework, studied 8000 years of world history, 300+ years of American history, no, American history didn't start in 1776 that was just the founding. I've been to Iraq, experienced the joys of war. I will tell you, despite the wonderful Supreme court, who was working together for years to compromise our basic founding principals wrapping up the militias with a order from a President, you have no obligation to government, this ruling on militias was to keep you tied up. Don't take my word for it, look at what Militias was originally about, you serve the people of your state because you were to be the peoples organized defense against a hostile force, foreign or domestic in our boundaries. Therefor, if you really want to change things, talk will not do it under these conditions. In order to act, you must have majority consent from the people in your state to organize. Therefor, I am proposing a statewide rally in Austin, then in Dallas. The purpose will be to make the case to organize in agreement and close that border. The tactic being employed by our wonderful friends (Enemies) in our boundary is a divide and conquer strategy mixed with psychological warfare to keep you all talking tell your conquered. Fear, yes, that is the greatest enemy but it can be a great asset. If you overcome the government restraints and actually operate in agreement you will put fear in these people that have been working for over 70 years to wrap us up. At this rally, I am willing to make the case under 18 U.S.C. 5, Election Theft and Fraud, in mass being the installation of a fiat government over the elected government which leads to violations of 18 U.S.C. 2381 and 2384. The purpose is to gain majority consent thru signatures of people in the state to organize the states militias and the plan would be to shut down that border entirely. When this happens, you will set the precedent that America is alive, well, and ready to act and no longer just talk. You will be united, in one voice you will be saying, "No More" and this will send a shock wave across the nation and others will follow suite, you win hearts and minds in the process because you have followed process and our fundamental laws. Once the damage is stopped, we need a convention of states, my opinion is, the first thing that must happen in this convention is, removal of all the additions to our fundamental laws that have no business being on the books. We are a nation of laws and those laws reside solely on the miracle of the Constitution which is perfect in own right and needs no addition or subtraction. If your on board with this, give a reply, start talking, I'll set a target date and begin organizing a website to which people can donate for this. I am prepared to back anyone willing to act and i am prepared to go first as a example, though, I personally don't believe I am the best example to go in front, but, if nobody else will, then I will and you now have it in writing, here today and my promise as a veteran, christian, little bit of a angry man but I will shut that off because I am hoping we can begin uniting, agreeing, and that by some miracle we can salvage this nation and I have plan.
  12. The government involved in family is a side issue that can be addressed in a convention of states. What needs to be done and i am looking to see who would support this, I want to assemble a rally in Texas as a starting point. Statewide rally. At the rally I'd like to present the red line under 18 U.S. Code 5, election theft and fraud which is going on in mass. Texas is the worse in all this because the border is wide open and closing it is being blocked by judges either in line with China and the Politicians or paid for by China and the Politicians. We all know the Democratic Party and Some republicans are on the Chinese Communist Payroll, so at this rally we present the codes, we present the course of action which would be closing the border and gain majority consent to form the states militias. While the Supreme Court may have said militias may act only on presidential orders, the President is government and that wraps up militias and their purpose being for the people and in no way tied to the government of their state or the federal government. We can post on here all day, we can talk all day, your either on board and ready to act to clean this up and stop that first and foremost the proper way, or just throw in the towel. I am interested in peoples feedback on how to achieve this, and if your interested in getting this going and have a contribution of time, effort to make or a idea on how to get this spreading across the state and tap into peoples desire to shut the border in Texas, to the point the people will sign to activate the states militias and agree with the goal, then by all means, reply. I am done talking, I would like to act, but it has to be a majority, that is the fundamental laws. I do have resources and abilities to add technically and this is critical because it not only shuts off the border and stops the invasion, but it will drive fear into the evil people up top and I bet some of them will be on the first flights out of the U.S., the purpose is to create fear of repercussion in these very evil men without violence. Once they see agreement, organization and militant might by peoples consent they will shit their pants. Who is on board with the program?
  13. @Odie I am glad you agree. Seems lots of people agree but nobody wants to act. I went to Iraq, I was in situations that would just sizzle your brain. I have paid with my body, my mind and to top that off the government has interfered with my family, raped me financially using my kids, taken jobs and opportunity away and they are prosecuting thought crimes. Hate to say it, but, threats would not have ever come out of my mouth if I had legal recourse. Seems the only people that can make threats are the politicians like Maxine Waters, or Fredo. Where are the indictments, where are the police? Why am I in court over the matter being charged, with a felony no less and not these people. I had just cause, a terminally ill child the mother has ran state to state with for 13 years and I've seen him 7 times tops, and hated him because he cost me money, 100% medical, 100% birthing, monthly support and to go to court I'd of had to pay thousands plus interstate fees and then they would have done what they do, raise the support some more and not enforced the law on her. It's hit and miss. My daughters mother with held my daughter that year to, no explanation to which I demanded one, then the VA did over 6990.00 in damages to me violating Federal Guidelines while calling me a "Rambling Man'. Do I have legal recourse as a man in court? Nope. If you a father, your screwed. In the same email, I threatened corrupt judges, corrupt politicians, and a few big names to swing them from street lamps. Do you know I have denied rent from every place, I am going back to my car September 1st because of it, based on a open case. I snapped and threatened these people knowing full well the reason, but I am in court and they aren't. I'd say I have just cause here. Worse, how do you measure fear? How do you prove intent on something that hasn't happened yet? Is it possible, my children, I have feelings, deep ones and the government and these people have intruded on something they shouldn't and as a result of it all I broke? Morally, yeah, might be wrong, but we are prosecuting people for what they view, creating fear. How do you measure all this? This is by design to break men, impoverish them, make them angry so the jails are filling up with people committing thought crimes and to make sure you can't threaten these criminals. The few times I couldn't pay the support I am threatened with jail, suspension of license. Just to see my children I have to go to court, spend thousands and it's only a possibility I might get something. The truth here is, they have been involved in things you can't measure and as a result, you have angry men and they are demoralized, and when the government is thru with them, they won't lift a finger to change anything. This has to change and fast. These people up top, they are evil, and evil people make evil laws. They are also not elected, that means, the laws can no longer be validated as the authentic will of the people and thus you can't even prosecute legitimately, but yet, they are. We are in deep shit and the time is over for talk, it's time to act. But, nobody wants to do what is required. The truth is, Threats were used by some of our histories most famous people and were meant to bring compromise thru fear in the hopes they didn't have to kill somebody. The truth is, I'd of never done anything, but, put a Felony on me for it so I can never rent again? Worse, the people I threatened are committing crimes like no tomorrow and writing our laws and they aren't legit laws. We don't prosecute on possibilities or fear, you can't measure those, and the purpose of opening that door was to wrap men up when I or other men snap under it all to swamp the system with what boils down to spoken thought crimes in anger, all in the name of 'Prevention', Truth is, courts have no place in family or peoples bad choices. Their excuse is we are providing well fare so the man should be paying. Well, look at the result. The children are property in court. The women gets free reign, runs all over with the kid, while your busting your ass, you don't get to see them unless you spend thousands to go to court and even then you don't get that mythical 50%. WHat's all this about? Well you can't have anyone creating fear when your trying to over throw a nation. You can't have men moralized and willing to defend a nation that has raped them mentally, emotionally and financially. I admit, I've spent the last year hating our country, our flag, but I am realizing now, that was the purpose of all these unjust, non-legit laws. So, after doing my homework, it's time to act and I need your support and everybody's support to change this. I served this country, and my injuries are ultimately going to leave me in a chair as things progress and in pain for life. I've lost my kids. The judges do as they wish. My situation could have been prevented had I just legal recourse but in all honesty, you can't measure family matters and peoples decisions and nobody forced them to give a women assistance. They demand I pay, but I am disabled and worse, they have looted the jobs. Imagine if I wasn't getting any VA benefits. It's out of control and I should not be wronged like i have been and I am tired of being the only one swimming up stream alone on these things. I paid with my body for you and I'll do it again but don't make me regret what I did for you and am paying the price for by being unwilling to defend your selves and act. Quit talking. Start acting and if I can conquer my fear and pay such prices, you can to. It's not pleasant, but this is what happens when you ignore such severe issues, put your head down and go with the flow so you don't create waves for so long. The problems don't go away, they get nastier and uglier and now look, we are being conquered and you have limited time to make your decisions. If I can just get people to understand, you get majority consent, form up and start doing the hard work. I hope this has been enlightening. Start talking to people and gaining majority support for the militias to form up and start acting for the people, this is the ultimate solution to the problem because they are the arm of the people and not meant to be attached to government in any way. A president is government. You get majority support and permission to form up, boom, you can start working for the people to close that border and bring these criminals to justice and then we can remove the laws on the books and slim everything down to the constitution and amendments.
  14. I wish to chime in here. First, the problem is, evil people have no laws and they have been up there making laws. The constitution should not be added to or taken away from. It was a miracle and it should be taken exactly as is and applied to the problem not the problem applied to fit it. The first amendment, you can't cut our, say, Threats and expect the first amendment to work. It's like taking a alternator out of a car. the car will only run as long as the battery has life. The second amendment, "The right to bear arms shall not be infringed." Infringed means "Not restricted". Regulation of any arm, is, restriction on some no restriction on others. However, you have evil people making these rulings, thus they use double speak and here we are today. You can't compromise with these people. The Wisconsin legislation, in a text book would be over 35lbs. Take that and drop it on the table, you get a big "Thud". That is the sound of unlimited government. The more legislation, the more unlimited. I am being charged with Terroristic threats for threatening these evil people and my ex-wife over my daughter. No why it should not be in court? 8th amendment. In the 8th amendment the sentence must be proportional to the crime. What this means is, if you can't measure the crime, government has no place in it. I ask you, how do you measure fear? Let's take that further, government in family. How do you measure two peoples decision to have a relationship, create a life, a failed relationship because two people or one person made a bad decision. You can't. But, look out, here comes government, family isn't in the Constitution so it had to be a oversight instead of, "The government wasn't to be in family." What has been the result of this? These evil people have added on so much legislation and the intent was, to, "Break the System". It's officially broke. Now, here is the problem we all face. Fear. That's right, if you actually stand up to this, you might be killed, loose our house, car, kids, job. You might be denied rent, hauled into court to wrap you up under laws that have no business being on the book. Take the militia for instance. There is this ridiculous notion that a order must come from the president to "Fight" because judges ruled that was how a militia was to operate. Hmmm, are judges government? Is the president government? Yup. Militias were to belong to the people with no ties to the government so in a situation like is upon us, you could obtain majority consent of the people to form a military force and begin to defend the state or even the country free of government. But, they wrapped that up to, so now, just keep waiting on the President, who is government, and waiting on Ohio, and just keep talking on here and amidst yourselves because that's all that will ever happen if you don't understand what I am saying here. You have to tuck the fear guys. You have to give the government the middle finger. You need to begin obtaining the consent of the people to form up and begin working. What do I mean, working. Well, shut the border. Don't wait on the President, or the Republicans, Congress or the Senate, get majority support to form up in Texas, have them elect the leader of the peoples militia then cover that border. In Washington, get the majority consent if possible and form up. Proceed to the Congress and arrest the Un-elected officials and those violating their oath and begin working on giving them Trials. Obviously the government is so compromised this has not happened yet. This must happen because every branch is paralyzed, law is no longer working, enforcement is no longer working, Congress can't get past these traitors, the President is a C.E.O. and a man, he's not Jesus Christ. Finally, enough states do exactly this, then you can come together and if necessary fight, but, I think if you go right after the root of the problem, then you can begin working to remove the laws off the books that don't belong there going back to the point of compromise. You can then get the mental institutions open for the brainwashed lunatics that need help so after this Presidents second term you got really sensible, common sense, not mentally ill people to pick from, thinking their socialist, communist ideals are what we need. Don't begin moving free of government and gaining support amidst yourselves and you follow what government has done to paralyze you, then just keep talking and all you will do is talk until the conquest is complete. You have four years of life left if you are lucky unless you understand what I have said here. After that four years, if these things have not happened, the people held accountable in government by us and our laws enforced on them, you will find out what I mean and it's going to be a harsh lesson. Your out of time, make your choice. Disclaimer: I am not promoting anyone to conduct independent radical action or violence. I am simply promoting that you can do what's necessary under our fundamental laws if you have the peoples consent and the time has long past when this needed to happen.
  15. "Time is the fire in which we burn." - Delmond Schwartz I have been involved in investigating what's been going on around us since 2012. I was a division asset and my primary skill is analyzing systems, technical and assessment. I have been proposing a national convention to finalize outside social media the actual red line that authorizes the people to act. Here is the first problem. Militia solely is for the people. However, the power's that be would have you believe you must have a order from the president. This is a major flaw and it is why we will keep talking and the issues will not be resolved because the Executive, Legislation, and Judicial branches are government. Yes, the president can issue a order to fight and we obey. But, this is not required, it is preferable. We all know this will not be the case and we will talk to our demise. Since the militia belongs to the people, and it was the peoples defense to a government, such as is the case, that is no longer effective to protecting the security and prosperity of the people, you now have a situation where the level of confusion, debate and the combo of warfare is designed to keep inaction. Right now, in violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 5 Election theft in mass is the installation of a fiat government over a the elected government. Twenty of the house seats are stolen, probably more but I can prove twenty. Oregon, they indicted republicans to obtain their power. You have a paramilitary force in our boundaries that are not terrorists, but they match the criteria for armed enemy troops in our boundary by the rules of war. Violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 5 removes the obligation of the people to conform to the laws that are written as you can not validate the legislation that is written as being the authentic will of the people. Worse, it is a declaration of war and a attempted over throw of the U.S. government. This violates Title 18 U.S.C. 2381, and 2384. Currently our flag is being taken down because this declaration has gone unanswered. The problem is, a little compromise leads to more compromise. You can determine we are at war from historical precedent. Cicero stated, "Law's fall silent in times of war." This idea that a order must come from a central point in government in order to act to begin defending is a extreme error. It was bad men, with silver tongues and crafty writing. The militia is for the people and upholds the Constitution and the other option to authorize action is the majority of people in the state. A national convention may be a big reach, but I propose we have a massive convention here in the state and we gain majority consent thru very clear means, proper laws, and we win hearts and minds. If we win this state, others will follow. When that happens you come together and you follow what our forefathers laid out, you send a letter of demands to Washington demanding the removal of those un-elected, the closing of our borders, the removal of paid of judges by foreign governments, the removal of laws off that books that are paralyzing this defense and many other things. I can tell you, the window of time we have is narrow and limited. I've done my bid and my homework and I will not say this again. You can keep talking or you can start acting. If you quit talking and you start acting, you will create fear, and those powers, many will be on the first flights out. Others will follow suite. You win soldiers, police, hearts and minds. We have a massive cleanup job but, you have no good options. We have compromised so long and so much, your damned if you do and damned if you don't. I have been the dissenting voice on this inaction for many years, and I don't prefer it as you do. I have seen it first hand, but, the most you can hope for is that you salvage a country and you rebuild and remove everything from the point of compromise and set the example one last time that we will no capitulate to a corrupt, unlimited, evil, tyrannical government. Yes, that is what we have and it's far worse than you know or are really aware, the latest is only the tip of the iceberg. Anything centralized and connected to government can not be effective to the protection of the people, which is really my greatest concern. This can not be allowed to continue. So it resides on you to decide if I be right or I be wrong. But if you can't conclude that relying on government to tell you to fight in this kind of war is sabotage of this countries one line of defense that is direly needed right now, more than ever, than you did not read what the militia was and you don't understand what these judges have been doing to wrap you up permanently. They have been busy for over 60 years and if you think they don't have Ohio covered or they know how to keep you talking to your graves, than you don't really understand the nature of the problem. Your window of time is very limited, think carefully upon this. I will assist any way I can but I for one, will no longer capitulate to this, and I won't shut up. I am right. This is the legal method and remedy to our predicament and it only takes one state, one people, and the rest will follow suite. Our sovereign is the Constitution, our charge is the defense of the people. There is "Just Cause" at this point and more than enough evidence, and more than enough damage already. God Bless.
My Militia site is designed to facilitate an ever growing network of american patriots, those of us engaged in activities contrary to prevailing opinion understand the risks that come with conversing on popular social media platforms. We oversee a significant share of public thought relating to militias to thousands of individuals everyday, This is a lot of responsibility... to remain the most trusted platform where militia ideas and information are exchanged, We proudly proclaim as the de facto authority in everything relating to militias, arbitrating a worldwide exchange of information as well as overseeing the security of the individuals and units who entrust their ideas, work, and private data to our platform. That this mandates a certain responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. As a voluntary user of and contributor to My Militia, such responsibilities will never be betrayed or reneged upon to the detriment of yourself or our community. Common decency demands that we remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people, and for these reasons we will never stand alone and hereby decree that for as long as we stand, so will our site, and if we shall fall, the last of us will purge it from existence.

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