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  1. After the firebombing, is there any question now that there must be a national convention regardless of if it is state by state to get majority agreement and consent? I heard today Joe Biggs is in support of a big meeting and gathering. I think where there is a failure is that information has had the maximum effect it is going to have, now you have to decide to act on it and what to do, how to do it, and how to keep it within the confines of what our documents authorize. So, where Joe Biggs needs to go with this large meeting he is promoting is the basic truth we can all agree on. First, Title 5 U.S. Code 3331 is being violated across the board. You have mass election theft violating Title 18 U.S.C. 5, where you have multiple governors in a number of states overturned, you have at least twenty members in Congress that are in there by theft. That is a declaration of war in our own Country, in our boundaries. Now, a violent civil war, that's what these people want. If you read Edward Gibbons - Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, it was not the power hungry lunatics, or barbarians flooding over the border that did them in, it was when they began killing each other. Does this sound familiar? Joe Biggs has the right idea, but he needs to talk about the big monster under the rug, what is the price to fix this? Well, obviously we are in a war from within, you have violations of Title 18 U.S. Code 2381, 2384, so you have "Just Cause". The first you do is win hearts and minds using these laws, which I think we can all agree on, they have been violated and must be enforced. But, we are compromised so heavily, you won't get them enforced without something terribly powerful. Our forefathers meet in George Town and first sent a letter to the British. There was some similar discussions before the civil war in the 1860's. We must all meet, agree, then sign on to a list of reasonable demands to be sent to Washington and be prepared to back up those demands. When millions of God fearing Americans, come together, with resolve, these people will flee, then there is cleanup. When you follow protocol and stand on law and our documents you win soldiers right out of the Army. There are many that agree, but we must quit being afraid. The price of freedom is high, there has been a long payment with no response. With Antifa, these Drag Queen events, my major questions, have been, "Where are the police?", "Where are the Indictments?", "Where is Child Protective services?", "Where is the money coming for these uniforms?", "Where are they meeting and coordinating, getting their training?", "Where is the money coming from for 'Milk Shakes'?", "How do they always show up anywhere in the country then vanish with little to no legal action against them?" Make no mistake, if we do not come together now, then this is over. Must make a decision and stop being keyboard warriors, stop worrying about how you might get hurt, or targeted, you may, but if you do not control the fear then, you will be and it will be when you are surrounded and it's to late." Start talking, signing Infowars Petitions which he covered today, July 16th, 2019 on tv.infowars.com if you missed the broadcast. Get them signed, but, get with the program, begin talking, begin talking with friends and neighbors about meeting and standing together. We need something powerful, Joe Biggs is on the right track, but it's missing certain elements that must be part of the meeting.
  2. Yeah. Eau Claire. Run a business here and looks like i am going to be in it for the long haul. Technology if anyone is interested. Anything software, hardware, web hosting, or IT related. Retail, Repair and Computer Manufacture. Business Technology Consultant, I save people money, that's how I make mine.
  3. Actually I am a chemist. phenylethylamine which you can buy on Amazon buy the bulk. It's a health supplement. You can purchase carbonic acid in large quantities. The lab equipment like vaccuo and equipment to perform Dieckmann condensation explained here gives you the 4 Peperdone which is the precursor for Fentanyl. Where you run in to the problem is hydrogen in large supply. Hydrogen generators you need to purchase out of country, primarily because they are only used in industrial process and enough hydrogen with proper stuff you can make a hydrogen bomb which is undetectable. The best way is to convert ammonia to hydrogen which is faster than the electrolysis and water. That method takes forever compared to breaking down the ammonia quickly which releases huge volumes of hydrogen and leaving other by products that are used in other things. Just saying, stock up.
  4. I've been writing here and other places about the American condition. I've spoken with many veterans of Vietnam, Korea, OEF, OIF, I'm right down the block from a recruitment center, and across the street is a pre-basic training barracks. I've passed out DVD's of information to them, online, via email, word of mouth, phone. I am pleased to say the responses and support have been great. It amazes me how many Americans are broke financially but yet the economy is doing well I guess. Apparently it's not where it should be yet. You got mothers working two jobs, fathers working their tails off being raped mentally, emotionally, financially by a government involved in family matters. I want to point out here how ugly we have become as a society. It was 0345 in the morning, June 25th and the new tech I brought on to help facilitate bringing in money with contracts from Techlink I have been unable to perform, because as the VA and all it's systems have walked over federal guidelines rendering me nearly sixty thousand in debt, I lost my insurance, truck. I've been homeless since Iraq 2008 seven out of ten years. He approached me and states, "I googled your name. You have a colorful history. If my wife knew she would demand I cut ties with you. I just want to know, is the old man gone?" I replied, "The old man is never gone. I strive daily to deal with him and I am trying to get the treatment I needed nearly ten years ago, but, because the VA won't perform it's function and services are broken, I have not had a consistent check, my disabilities recognized, and our justice system broke." This was the first time someone actually looked me up, saw the three issues I've had since Iraq and actually asked me about the facts. I selected him because of his work for Campus Crusade for Christ and as a Christian that want's to do right by God, loving Jesus I was blessed by his attitude. We did three contract jobs which helped, but not enough. On Sunday this week he writes me and states, "I got a great job offer from a small company doing php work. I'm sorry I just couldn't pass it up." Since my cut in pay began in January I have gone to every 501c3 organization to attempt to get help obtaining a vehicle. The VA did a inappropriate evaluation last year with no interest in finding out the facts, and VA policy is until a medical dispute is completed and finalized, they don't cut pay. But, despite the fact the evaluation was appealed and in dispute they cut the pay anyways. I busted hump for this man to bless him, I will be obtaining gas cards I was going to give to him. The pay on each job was great and more money then this company is paying him. So, what was the real reason? Anybody can Google someone and without knowing the facts, render judgment. The worse part is, we got places like Hope Gospel Mission, that has cars donated but wont give to a veteran simply trying to work to dig his way out and has had to create his own work to survive. You know, it is illegal to deny rent to someone based on a open case, but they are doing it, and they verbally say so even to a targeted case manager, a veteran from the Center for Independent Living that is a social worker. I have been rendered homeless almost a entire year now. Went from state parks, working at SEARS on my spine that has a disease not degeneration, in pain I hope none of you have to suffer putting the money together to get into this place. The VA won't work, all the services are designed to keep you on the system that you can't rely on, they can't even get me housing. All I have is the work I have procured and because the VA can walk over it's own rules any time they wish, causing me to loose my insurance, the truck I borrowed on in order to achieve that 620 credit score so I could get a VA home loan and never have anyone deny me housing again, now leaving me 60 thousand in debt. I have fought a entire year to recover from all this damage, repeatedly by the VA, to which I have a tort claim in, simply by working. I went to Hope Gospel Mission, they cited rules. They give cars to people that complete their program who have been on drugs and alcohol and recover thru their program. I guess I am supposed to loose everything, go into despair, turn to drugs and alcohol with no hope to get a basic vehicle to start all over again. See the problem? He did, but his reason was good and he can't work with me on a vehicle tell August. The VA has programs that give rent assistance but somebody needs to rent to me and not deny me on a open case and actually obey the law, I am innocent tell proven guilty. There are programs that could fix the problem, but there are waiting lists and rules and guidelines. Advancing hope is the worse. The bank will deny me a loan because of my credit now as a result of the VA breaking guidelines. The attitude and reasoning of advancing hope states quite a bit, they claim to help people, I have the means to pay back the 1000.00 clearly, but he deletes the evidence, cites rules and program guidelines and purely the report and judgment issues by their evaluation guy for their program was composed of a judgment on a open case, my credit which is what a bank does, and while they have the ability to assist me and their is a vehicle right now, doesn't matter. Guy calls the VSO, doesn't investigate the facts behind my situation. They will help any old person that probably created their situation, but the way I was spoken to on recording and attitude tells me all I need to know. My opinion is purely, they googled me, I have a open case, and if they are helping on credit and debt basis, which is what was used then what is the point? People that need help have bad credit. So, its a sham, he wouldn't even look at the facts, the work orders already done, I just lost one contract that would have been another 150 and I'd knock out the repayment first thing. The fact I have survived so long is because I am incredibly good with money. If the VA can walk over rules when every they choose think some of these 501c3 foundations could bend some rules for a man that is working under a condition he shouldn't be, served this nation, has been wronged by the VA, maybe examine the facts instead of googling me and passing judgment on a publishers article. Totally a domestic issue over my daughter and law that shouldn't be on the books. In short, I am going to become a statistic here very soon because all I get is rule, policies, regulations, the system is swamped, broken and then we have wonderful people that pass judgment, violate law openly, and have no decency or respect for a veteran that has the balls and fortitude to continue to work under his injuries to dig out of a situation he has not created and they receive donations and all sorts of tax deductions but won't help me, willing to work, solid in character. So I am putting this out there, my opinion is Advancing Hope in Eau Claire, Wisconsin is not what they claim to be, neither do they have the character or willingness to assist the ones that should receive the help. I have the audio, the way he spoke and acted, very clear, other motives then claimed and I believe it is my open case. Main guy is Kenneth Rip. If you need help, don't bother with these people. They used their influence to advertise with various people in the VA system, charitable organizations but there is many red flags. I'll tell you about the homeless shelter in Chippewa Falls. The supposed PTSD counselor will privately, in his office challenge my Christian beliefs on homosexuality, hermaphrodites, masturbation, transgenders. He will in group back Islam as the religion of peace but I can't speak about Jesus Christ. This is the crap the VA gives us. They house men that absolutely have no interest in leaving because it's a flat three hundred dollars, some basic chores, beds, great food, and once in a while they might pump out people to keep the view they are successful to keep the funding going. The RRTP program in Tomah, Wisconsin is using image exposure therapy to desensitize veterans to trauma. This involves exposing them to traumatic images like killing, death, war, and after a period of time you have no problem with these, they are a part of life. Do you know what that really does? It removes the feelings of remorse and pain over killing, death, tragedy and sure, it reduces PTSD symptoms but now you have veterans that have no problem at all with killing and without those feelings, it's easy to act and commit those actions. I prefer to keep my feelings, thank you. Also, if you are going to expose veterans to these images, who is the therapist? what are his morals and values? what is his intent? Exactly who is the person over seeing this program? Even if these are good people, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. When we get to the place where we Google someone and find dirt, pass judgment on everything we read without examining the facts, we have become a incredibly ugly society. I have been pushing this national meeting because it's the only way we correct these issue together in unison. In the military we worked as a team to win. In the real world, the people fix the problems, government creates more problems and funds these people or gives them tax breaks to keep their control and have leverage, I have been in technology twenty-five years, I worked with classified information systems, I have been involved in investigating the things happening around us. I make it a point to understand all the pieces and players and I can tell you, unless we come together and define the red line and in unity say "No More" then this house of cards will collapse. At best, you might have another four years left then the fruit loops are taking over and they are united and many of them are responsible for the bad people in the VA, creating all these rules, policies, programs designed with so much red tape they are ineffective and we are being held hostage by political correctness, and busy throwing dirt in peoples lives that stays on record forever even after a person has rebounded and changed their course, life, responses. Lets get with the program, I'll be a statistic soon but I am making sure everything is documented so there is no mistake on the wrongs, those that committed them, who I am, what I stand for, all the efforts, my character and I am guaranteeing there will be some justice after I am gone. I've pushed this national meeting, come together and make it happen and quit being divided. This is not any one mans issue, it is everyone's problem. If they can do it to me, they will do it to you. God Bless.
  5. I have in stock a supply of Acer Travel Mates. This is a sleek mobile laptop, small, with video port for presentations, wireless, carries two USB ports. While it is older DDR3 it's cheap and great for people on the go, durable and has a exceptional processor. The price is $250.00 and I will ship anywhere in the U.S. For me to process your order, you will need a photo ID, a scanned in copy of the card used to make the purchase and the shipping address must match the billing address. Standard manufacturers warranty applies, and this product is already discounted so there are not further discounts, it's as cheap as it gets. You may view the images of this product attached. You can order from my shop directly at (715) 895-6650
  6. I will end the abortion debate here in this article, in all cases. These answers are plainly, very indisputable and put to rest any confusion on the issue. My devotion to the sciences was to improve the quality of life for people and I find that most confusion is the result of years of it being accepted, practiced resulting in desensitization or even the human beings coping mechanisms kicking in to create justification to allow one to continue functioning. If you have no interest in the "Red Pill", then stop reading and move on. First, since the beginning of time, people have been conceived, born, lived and died. Now, whether you believe we have existed ten-thousand years or millions, let me give you the end all argument here. America has 243 years of existence. What does that compare to in 8000 years of life? 0.03% of human history. Lets say Human history is 10,000 years, we have existed 0.024% of human history. If you believe in evolution, that's millions of years, we don't even have a number that reflects something worth mentioning, but look out in the last 57 years we have become the deciders of when life begins and when it ends. There are over 3 billion genes in DNA that operate in a very specific way at any given time to keep you alive, we can only explain 25,000 of them. We can not explain 2,999,975,000 genes in DNA but we now have the right to determine when life begins and ends that has been going on since the beginning of time. Are you a God now? Am I a God now? Is the Supreme court God? Until you can tell me what holds the universe together, predict the future, be present in all places at all time, at the very least explain all 3 billion pairs of DNA, you have no authority to determine when life begins, ends and when it should be terminated. This is known as the God complex. "It's a woman's body, it's her choice." Ladies, you know what happens when you get into bed with a man, your body creates life. Your decision begins when you allow the man to inseminate you in the process. Men, your choice begins when you choose to do so, thus your accountability begins. Child support, government in family, this was taking the choices of people and using powers not granted to them to weaponize children against men by allowing emotional women to mentally, emotionally and financially rape men in court while give women all justification to the children even the right to terminate her pregnancy. Fact is, if the man chooses not to be accountable, ladies, you made a bad choice. Men, if the women are raping you using the system, you made a bad choice. These choices and their consequences belong solely with the two involved in making the child. I think the danger here is that each woman that uses the system to drudge a man thru the dirt and destroy him and does not hold her self accountable for the life she has been and always will be in charge of creating is it creates a resentment and ultimately, men, who are the protectors of women, the providers will eventually step out of the way and with no compunction allow you to fall victim to the evils out there, which, there are some evils coming your way that hate women just because you are a women. Wrong enough people eventually it comes back on you. That being said, you choice begins in bed, knowing full well what happens in the process, you are not ignorant its basic education and now it's perverted education. Also, it is wrong a women can scream, "Sexual Rape" while walking off with mentally, emotionally and financially raping men daily. What about rape and incest? When I was in counseling I was told, "You must change your view on the trauma." If I, being a human being and a woman being a human being must change view on trauma to respond correctly, perhaps a woman should change her view on the trauma. If I killed anything and every semblance of those that have hurt me in my life, there would be bodies reaching to the heaven. But, that's what women are doing, "I was raped, I am having a abortion because I would view it as a painful reminder of the event." I am in no way attacking women or the pain of being wronged, but, very simply, in this life, bad things happen to good people and in this case life is the result. Perhaps, just like I must change my view, you should change yours and instead of killing the victim, in this case, the baby, you should change your view. That baby could be someone that makes you proud, carry a cure for some rare disease, maybe, if you allow that child to grow and treat that child as the victim of the wrong, that child could be a healing not a wound, maybe, just maybe a blessing not a curse. Put the blame on the man that did the wrong, don't murder the victim. This settles all debates and all arguments across the board. However, people have a amazing ability to continue to believe what they wish to believe even in the face of debate ending statements and persuasion. Ladies, think about these two statements and the questions. If you have any common sense and decency, you know them to be true.
  7. I have been writing about my ongoing investigations since 2012. As I am sure most of you know, the manual of court marshals undergoes a annual review. What I don't believe you have assembled is all the alterations since 1995. Since 1995 the manual of court marshals has been altered in each change of administration, in procession. I have asked multiple officers I trust, "Why would three administrations need to alter the manual of court marshals?", the overwhelming answer, "To keep good people in or good people out." The largest alteration, in history, was when President Donald Trump entered office. His alterations was a reset on prior alterations. I think, of interest here is what was being altered. While I am no lawyer, this is the basis for many things applicable to the U.C.M.J. and one does not need a law degree to understand what was being done. I hope this sinks in and why at this time I am reaching out state to state to speak with militias, veterans, soldiers and many others in a attempt to push this meeting to bypass the media, and big tech and to cement what "The Red Line" was that actually justified self defense of a majority. The majority has not defended it's self or exercised in agreement it's rights by law to hold government accountable and a big part of that reason is, nobody has a clear, unified, agreed upon, "red line", that fits U.S. Law. However, it needs to happen and soon. You have a very limited window now to get things right or forget the country, find a place out of the way if you can, where your dollar makes the best living and watch. 95-12285.pdf 02-9536.pdf 2010-22279.pdf 2018-04860.pdf
  8. It was 2008, early, Iraq. Five men speed to their destination in Northwest Baghdad. Only five men. This was not standard and under the cover of darkness. As the sun rose and the cold of the desert wind rose across the desert, they arrive at a single building in the South East of a quiet town. To quiet. Five men entered that building, set up and they found the American weapons there that they were looking for. It was to quiet. There was nothing wrong, that was the problem. Five men entered that building that day, only three came home. I know one of those men. If he had anything to say it is this, we had no businesses there. The people in those countries choose their lives and they choose to live the way they do. They never had interest in changing the course of their country, that was clear from the start. It's very much like giving money to a alcoholic to fuel his need to buy more liquor but in this case and many others we gave American lives. After seventeen years, I am certain we all know somebody who has lost someone or know someone who is still paying with their body and soul for the wars we have fought. Those were pointless wars, but this land, this country, it's worth his life. I will make a statement to you, it is this, "The Federal Government is Gone". It was hijacked and dismantled long ago. There are good people right now trying to salvage the systems, working over time, but it's simply to keep the life support going. I was there in 2016 as Trump was elected to go into this system, and everybody pinned their hopes on this man. However, he is not Jesus Christ. He does have divine providence, but he is simply buying time. Let me ask you a question, in light of the outright election theft in 2018, and with the planned theft of the election this next year to "Prevent the next Trump Situation", do you believe one man can fix all the problems? Do you think he can get control of the un-elected government to which he was thrown in? He has my utmost respect because he was willing to pay the price just to keep us going. He is doing what a leader does, in the face of adversity and even knowing defeat is a certainty he is refusing to accept defeat. He had everything, no reason to be up there, he was rich, had a beautiful wife, a lifetime of family and friends. He could go anywhere he wanted when he wanted, but he chose to step up there to buy you and I a little more time. This economy, yeah, it's doing good, he did what a leader does, he looked at the situation, realized he could tell the truth and let this bubble collapse and the destruction ensue, or, he could drive it higher and keep us going a little longer. No leader in a fight looks at his men and states, "This is a loosing fight." When he does that, it removes the drive and ambition of his men and the fight is lost before it even begins. That being said, I wish to direct you to what our founding documents say about this situation we find ourselves in and this time in history they knew would come. It is not the President, Congress, Senate, or Judicial Powers that fix the issue, it is the people. The red line on which we should have united and must unite is this simple, when the elections were taken, you were raped of your right to choice of who governs. By law, this is the installation of a fiat government over the elected government and thus a declaration of war on the people of America. Furthermore, if you take the right to choice of who governs, then why should you or I conform to the laws that are written. If you will steal a election, what is your intent? What laws will you write? This is why you continue to suffer emotional, mental and financial rape men. They have been putting laws on the books that never were meant to be. Twisting our systems to be used against us. They removed the Gold standard long ago so the gap between rich and poor became higher. They centralized the school system so they could teach adverse history and sexualize your children. They have changed medicine that values life into medicine that kills. They have propagated psychological warfare, propaganda, confusion. Things that are wrong you slowly became accustomed to as they slowly desensitized you to those things. This is what tyrants that would steal government do and they have been dismantling the government piece by piece, new law after new law. Here is the best part, when you steel elections and you write legislation it is no longer valid. You can not prosecute it legitimately because you can not validate it as the authentic will of the people. You wind up with contradiction on contradiction, exorbitant prices in court, government in family weaponizing the children, demoralizing the men. Unjust and unreasonable burdens. You wind up with Judges using the powers they stole, because they were placed by these people passing laws and corrupting the foundations. Why did they steal these elections and have been doing so a long time and working cooperatively, because they come to conquer. This is not a state issue, this is a national issue and there is only one solution, you can continue to deny the evidence and truth, you can give up your lunch to this bully, or you can look this bully in the eyes and say "No". People, this digital system is a trap. Never should have been. The internet was a trap to keep you typing and sedated. Now you can google anyone and anything and find out about anyone you like and you don't even have to ask. We don't read anymore and find out the facts for ourselves. This was a weapon deployed and it's been effective. Best yet, social media, we all bought that delusion. I have been investigating this since 2012 and all the elements behind it. There is a solution and I am being persistent because you have two choices, either you continue to say, "We are prepared to fight." and you will be, individually, not united and you will be removed just like that or you can come together and declare in one voice, "We will not go quietly!" The red line legally was Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 5, election theft. This lead to Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 2381 and 2384 being violated to which the penalty is death. Title 5 U.S.C. Chapter 3331 has been violated by judges and elected officials, even federal agents and soldiers. Why are they not being enforced? Well, why are judges immune to lawsuits? Why can't you submit a FOIA request on people in congress? The answer is, they are removing any and all resistance and they continue because they know you will not come together and demand they remove themselves or pay the price. This is why I have reached out because the solution is very clear. It is a big idea, it is a essential idea. It is what our forefathers did before they engaged the British. They came together on common ground. They acknowledged the problem. They agreed to unite. They sent up a letter to the King of England. Why did they do this? It creates fear of repercussion and gives opportunity for compromise and surrender before you begin a destructive war. Just like they did, we must come together. We must define this red line to every American and clarify the situation. The first step is acknowledging a problem. Then, when all are in agreement, every American that can be mustered a letter of demands must go up, reasonable demands. A couple this man can think of is, those un-elected remove themselves and be on the first flights out. Judges that are violating their oath must remove themselves from the bench, be disbarred and new judges put in. A complete review of our laws and the compromised laws taken off the books. Decentralization of the schools. Limits and controls on vaccines. Regulation of Psychology and a code of conduct established. The department of justice dismantled and filled with chosen people. Imagine a nation coming together in one common cause with clarity and "Just Cause" sending these to Washington, prepared to back it up. I can tell you, the spineless would be on the first flights out. Antifa would disappear. There would be many people retreating and this might fix a big portion of the problem and give control back to the people by it's very nature. More over you win over the enlisted out of the ranks of the Army, you win hearts and minds of people, and should any need be to back these demands up, then when you have the hearts and minds of people you have what you need to sustain the battle and win. Yes, this is a liberation not a revolution. That wall will have to be built and I know I have some great plans on how to use this to get it up and how to remove the people that don't belong here. Once it's accomplished you can begin actually treating the mental illness these people have created with funding. You can treat the children that are being sexualized right now so it does not wind up living on in them, they are the victims here. But, lets look at moral cause, the murder of babies even babies that are born and alive now. Who will defend them? Can they speak? This is the worse part and I for one would not blame God for departing us because we would not lift a finger to end the massacre. I can end the abortion debate with just a few short sentences that absolutely come to a inevitable conclusion it's wrong. I hope this is persuading you to begin the discussion and reaching out to friends, family, neighbors and creating a desire to put this brick wall of a united nation up to stop this for good. If you can not reach the same conclusion after this that I and many others have, then take what money you have and find a nice quiet place out of the way as America falls, because united we stand, divided we fall and inaction is action. Your choice. God Bless this Fourth of July.
  9. I am not from Alabama, but I am reaching out as a former veteran. I am encouraging the leaders of the Militias to call me and agree to begin promoting a national event in which we all come together, bypass the propaganda, lies, confusion, and define the common thread, "The Red Line", legally. Myself and many others can define for you exactly what is the case, what the red line was, and I believe when this is over there will be overwhelming support for a move to stop this dead in it's tracks. In military terms this is about "Showing the Flag". We will present the legal codes, what is actually the case and provide a common ground on which the American People, Militias, Veterans, Soldiers all can get behind and present a list of reasonable demands. The motive, to send a message to Washington and the evil people that have taken over, and hopefully the spineless ones are on the first flight out in the face of millions of Americans in agreement. I believe I have a plan that can straighten things out permanently we can all get behind, it's a bold move, but, if we do not come together now, then we will all be conquered individually. In light of the events in Oregon, ask some questions. "Where are the police?", "Where are the judges and indictments?", "Where is the money coming from?" How is this one group of several able to appear and disappear at will and in locations and places to do the horrible things they are doing. I know I have answers that will surprise you but before you can deal with this national issue, then we must win hearts and minds, come together on common ground, under one flag and we must stand with one voice all together and say to these people, "No More!". This is a cause like no other and there are basic laws and values that define every American and it is possible to come together on those grounds that bind us and send a shock wave. This is not a militia issue, this is a American issue. This notion we only deal with what is in our backyard is why we are loosing everything. I would encourage you leaders to begin reaching out to other militias in other states and begin promoting this gathering of all Americans and I am willing to present the case by U.S. Code after six years of investigation, and many attempts and reports. I am willing to present the empirical evidence and I know I can persuade everyone at this time to get behind this plan. Any questions, call me. Don't use social media, go back to what works, word of mouth, email, phone, friends neighbors. Start opening a dialog with each other as we all need each other right now in unison and we must have common ground and "Just Cause". God Bless! Phone: (715) 896-6650 Direct: (&15) 514-7883
  10. I meet with a leader of one of the Michigan Militias yesterday.  I have been making the case for "Just Cause".  Things will not stop tell we come together but there must be "Just Cause" and a common agreement on what "The Red Line" is.  This is under legal code.  However, I am sure there are common moral grounds that constitute coming together in a sustained effort to make demands and back them.  She will be presenting my report to the I.G. of the Army to the leaders and they will be speaking with me.  Other leaders are encouraged to meet with me.  This is not a state by state issue, this is a national issue and things will get worse until we come together on "Just Cause", in agreement with majority support for a sustained effort.  I have directed the Michigan Militia to this site.  Under U.S. Code with everything we are seeing, there is a common thread we can all agree on.  I wish to encourage leaders of other militias to contact me and I will present the U.S. Codes, but I will make the moral arguments to we can all agree on.  There must be a national meeting and we either all come together or we have already lost.  This is not about keeping the country, it's about taking it back.  We've already lost the war, this is about taking our nation back and we must have a common thread once again and I think with Antifa's latest action, the obvious government sanctions, this is the "break" that is hitting home and making the case.  This attitude "I only deal with the things in my back yard." is why things have proceeded so far.  This meeting is not only militias, it is veterans, soldiers, civilians, we must win hearts and minds to this cause or there can be no sustained effort and unity and we can't put this progression of conquest on hold.


    Let me make the case, let me ask the right questions, let me present the codes and put this together for you and I guarantee you will leave with something in common we can all stand on.  This is happening.  Spread the word, by mouth, email, phone, forget social media, get off the computer, talk to your neighbors, churches, friends.  This July 4th, lets renew our commitment and lets be prepared to put ourselves in the way together in one loud voice and with "Just Cause" and a desire to drive the enemy off our land.  From time to time it is necessary to put ourselves in the way for the sake of others, that time has come the laws already give the go, there is still a moral thread that binds us, lets get on the same page and make this happen.  This is not rebellion this is self defense and required in the face of such evil intent.  God Bless.

  11. Exactly. The difference is, they are using a made up ideology as though it is correct. Slap all white people as evil, or claim all blacks are weaponized, or all jews are evil. They would call the Sky red. If they can meet under false, made up reasons to justify their actions and continuation then we can meet for "Just Cause" and actually win hearts and minds, the first step to correction. You must have support, no confusion, clarity and the reasons must be something people can all agree on. In everything I see, majority of people agree on law. The problems is, we don't bypass the things that are keeping us from accomplishing this first major hurdle, so their crusade continues because we are divided. They do not fear consequences and have not meet a wall of agreed upon resolve where they must make a choice, live or die. They must also have the choice, face their misdeeds, the brainwashing, in some cases it's not brainwashing or ideology it's "Evil Intent". Whichever it may be, as long as there is no support, nor agreed on red line, no willingness to back up resolve, this will continue to go un-challenged and we can all throw in the towel. This is exactly what's been needed because it shows where they are headed and they will not stop. What is not commonly known I was explaining to someone today is, the Federal Government no longer exists. Yes, it's there is name, but we lost the war. What you are seeing going on is a man that went up there, bought some time, you have four years of life left then the people behind him will finish the job. We have this narrow window to get this right. The elements in our government are not ALL bad, they are simply busy trying to salvage the wreckage and keep the life support going. Most these people are from our government. A couple questions, "Where are the police?", "Where are they getting their money?", "How is it they can be in one state, disappear and rally in another one?" Has nothing to do with meetings posted on the internet. It's being directed and that is coming from the inside. Don't get this notion you are not effected or that every state is a Island and must deal with their own trash. This is every states problem as we are a Union. One state can't manage a whole, organized army on our turf, it will take every state. So I need your help, the help of others, there must be word of mouth as they are shutting off communications except for those continuing this. We must do this, state by state, person by person and we can't be state Militias. The state Militias were to exist for it's state, but ultimately can be summed up as a standing army. Also realize, people signed up to serve in the Army, Guard, Air Force, but it was under the illusion the Federal Government is functioning and under terms that apply to a functioning government that states it is "Of and for the People". I can tell you, if you meet, you win many of them to and take a large chunk out of the runaway government if you win hearts and minds, explain, persuade, right from the start. Most people that serve are good people and did so out of love for country. Win them, win the civilian population, win each other, you create a machine that can then turn around and have a chance of turning this around. This isn't about Antifa, this is one part. This is about the un-elected, the legislation written by un-elected that is not valid, judges not really judges but planted, worse, city clean up. You will have to remove the enemy from the land city by city, state by state. That wall must go up. The only way is this second step. Otherwise, throw any idea this will not end in defeat ultimately. Your already conquered, that happened some time ago, what your doing is liberating. Need everybody, especially for when the fight is over and people will need to not despise you/us for it afterwards and there will need to be a immense rebuilding effort. Above all, there must be a resolve to understand why certain evils are so bad they can't be allowed to remain alive. Some things, they are so evil, even if you lock them up, they continue to spread like cancer.
  12. The difference in those times is you didn't have "Just Cause" as open and as obvious. This is much different now, there is casualties, fear, people hate what we have become. There is a willingness, it's in the pulse of the nation. At those times, these kind of justifications, they didn't exist. You didn't have the violations in human rights, election theft and the obvious, out in the open, we are taking your country challenge and you will serve us declaration open and out there like it is now. This will not be a repeat. I am a very powerful speaker and persuader, I know others that are. I can make the arguments and persuasion but I am needing people to come to my side on this intermediary solution and realize, I am not for illegal actions, I am for moral "Just Cause". It's a matter of asking the right questions, removing the confusion of news and media, social media, drawing people out and putting this on something we can all agree on. If there is one thing we all agree on it's what Donald Trump started, the idea "We are a nation of laws.". We are not like Iraq, or other countries, they chose to keep their fighting and piss-hole decisions going that made those nations what they are, we chose a different route, but, bad people got in, a little compromise here, a little compromise there, petty division and here we are today, collapsing, not because these people are here or that there is some bad evil at work, yes very evil intent, but because we can't get from washing machines, televisions, social media, we don't read good old books, spend time playing ball, and look up and investigate things without Google anymore. That is why you remove these items, lay out the laws, be clear, have a plan and win hearts and minds and ask people what they want for their children? Do they want their children being selected for the next ass rape by some wonderful neighbor called "Love", do they want to continue with broken families and injustice by Judges planted to administer injustice? Do they want to continue poor and have the rape financially get worse or do they want peace, security, prosperity and what are they willing to pay and contribute to this? Don't be dishonest, be brutally honest, here is what we could be here is what we are now and here is where we are headed if things continue unchallenged. People are not static, they smell bull shit. They've had enough bull shit, give them honest, you will win every time.
  13. A couple things to note, have you noticed they come and go? They have equipment and are prepared? This indicates funding. Also note, they are not meeting resistance? Where are the police? Where are the arrests and indictments? Getting that picture? It shows something vital that I believe most common sense people can now see visibly and the one thing that does is cause Americans to ask, "What if I am next?" This is the icing on the cake needed, I believe to do something that hasn't been done in a long time, bring people together behind a massive assembly and protracted engagement in unison. No state is a Island, we are either one nation or a divided nation. You can can, it's their garbage, let them fix it, but this garbage moves and they have been planning in advance. They are arrogant and all they have is anger, hate, and no knowledge of how this really works. That's what makes us different and why we have been so long over due in our response. We value life. This will win more than any shot, or brutal action, and it cements something everybody can get behind in ways that make cohesion and a willingness to pay with everything so we can take back, rebuild and keep the nation we chose to build on law and codes. That's where our enemies fail, they don't abide by these and human nature if 'Good' desires these and peace. Make no mistake, "Peace is not a option" They have intent to kill, it would be like someone already engaged to murder you, it will get ugly to defend your self. The point of meeting is to ensure the top people, people sitting in Congress and various seats are scared to boot. It's also to ensure there is a willingness that you have support and aid. People unwilling to support and your as hated as ANTIFA. You also will need new people to sign on to replace others. These guys are not in one city, they are in many. This would be a protracted conflict. You first have to try and remove the heads, who I am sorry to say are un-elected, mixed all in and you even have some outside funding heading their direction. You also have to be able to shut MSM like CNN down immediately, no questions. This is why you meet, give opportunity and in naval terms, "Show the Flag". The top cowards will run. The really bad ones will stay. CNN and some of their crew, this is what they want, which, that should make you wonder, "Why?". If these guys want something, it is always bad and they are pushing for this at full speed ahead so you must meet that happy middle and evaluate what happens when you have millions of Americans on board first. This would be protracted, it isn't just Antifa, and you would be pushed to deal with the other varying issues. I know how to best approach the initial start but once you begin, there is only one direction, finish and win. This is why you meet first and be sure Americans are willing to get behind something this necessary. Don't think you can leave this to one militia, they will not succeed, it must be unity across the board and that's been the big failure and why we are at this point because people keep saying, "Let them handle it." or "Trump will fix this." Very serious flaws. If your for a meeting and organizing it and winning hearts and minds, which, "Milk Shakes is doing quite the opposite now." then you need to begin spreading word of mouth and open dialog here. This will require funding, planning, and it must be soon or find a nice little country out of the way because we are going down, divided. I might have a good rally slogan already, "Mop them up!" Kind of like, "Lock them up!" I think we could all get behind that.
  14. Know, you don't just go from A to C. You must start at A = "Just Cause" the code on which you have justification. B = "Meeting Nationally" where you have agreement, remove confusion, set up demands and send with signatures. The hope is the fear of 100,000,000 Americans gathered in agreement ready to back reasonable demands sent as document to the government and states will creates a situation of fear that will scare the spineless out, force the rest to comply with enforcement of U.S. Codes. You win hearts and minds when you follow rules and come together in agreement and create unity and you create a shock wave. Most these people have never fought wars, they are criminals, this would be over quick, but if you can avoid the damage of weapons and force of arms and civil war, which is WHAT they want, so you don't want to give them this, then you have accomplished more than force of arms ever could. The best strategy is coming back with full numbers in any war. If this does not complete the work, then you back those demands. That would be C = "War". The problem is, they are pushing this so hard, and moving so quick now because they realize they have lost, so now, it's going to get brutal. Must have a meeting nationally.
  15. First, been on the forefront defining what constitutes "Just Cause". Declaration of independence defines tyranny and when you have those same abuses in repetition occurring now by government you have a starting point. United States Code Title 18 Chapter 5 election fraud, when you take peoples right to choose who governs you are installing a fiat government over the elected government therefor you have legal cause. Structure, the President, Congress, Senate, U.S. Army, National Guard, all federal and state government. Therefor, never should there be a centralized source that issues assembly to Constitutional unregulated militias based on a order from government such as POTUS to say, "Fight". This was a large error and not putting in a detached unregulated militia that is self sufficient one of the failures in American History. Antifa is mixing acid bombs, initiating attacks with crowbars and initiating large attacks. They are not Terrorists. They are armed, uniformed combatants within U.S. boundaries and that is by the rules of war, Geneva Conventions. They employ combat tactics. They are organized. The events going on today should now be enough cause for everybody effected. Antifa has a large network been growing for many years and there are not enough police to fight them. The Army can not be deployed against it's people unless you want a all out civil war. There is a intermediary solution to this to avoid what may be starting but the time frame needs to be moved up. This solution must occur before you move to armed conflict and it is unwise for the people of this nation to wait until this goes full boar. By that time, it's to late. National convention at a accelerated rate in one location. I would prefer George Town, but, I don't run the show. I simply am a advocate for stepping up in increments, having a unanimous agreement in plain view with demands from a nation of people who are prepared to back them. Just cause is not just defined and code, it is a process one must follow, because, that process may cut the final result short and I'd like to encourage all states at this time to step up to the plate on this. I've done my homework, have you? Title 18 U.S.C. 5, 2381, 2384, our founding documents and the process prior to the war with Britain. I'd also encourage you follow the events of 1860's and what lead up to it, the process again. Also examine the civil war agreements made. My hope would be a nation of people gathered in agreement would send such a fear, this would force enforcement and cleanup up Judges, Un-Elected, maybe some would be on the first flights out. That is it's purpose, but it also states, we are prepared to back up those demands, reasonable ones, and these are not people with spine. They persist because they have no fear of repercussion. Just some thoughts on what is occurring today and over the July 4th holiday. You could be next.

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