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  1. Former Veteran from Wisconsin. MOS was Communications. Did One Tour in Iraq. Specialize in Technology and Science over 25 Years. Not licensed but well versed in law, world history, American history, military combat history. Moving to Oklahoma where family is, and preparing. Not only do I have critical information, working on bringing men with. Should arrive in December and will meet with any heads that are willing, to pass information on what is coming, what is needed. Word of Mouth needs to be implemented, not technology. Drop me line on here, I'll be in touch. COVID-19 is meant to
  2. With the seizing of the Dominion servers in Germany, the statement has been made, "Once Trump is re-elected, not one city, suburb, one single person will be untouched. " What is about to occur will make all the riots look minor. Now that they have been seized, let me point out, China, Venezuela, Argentina, were involved in this election. Now here are the questions you need to answer: Where does 21 Trillion dollars in bank balance re-adjustments go? What do you think the Student Foreign Exchange program has been used for by China? Have you listened to Cana
  3. In a brass, and obvious move, the Democrats have moved to certify the votes before Decembers safe harbor dates on Thursday, 19th of November in a move to steal the state. In just a small county, over 2500 votes were found fraudulent. It has been proven, the Dominion software is designed to steal elections. Georgia used this Dominion Software and individuals, yet to be released publicly, showed the way the software is entered and votes can be altered. There was entry in the software and votes were taken. China is involved and bragging about taking over the country. Any militias in Georgia
  4. Good statement. Man is in sin, subject to error and there is the adage "Every man has his price." However, there are some people you can't buy off at any price. I am one. Don't take that as perfect. Used to love sex way to much and after the Army, I was buff, showed it off and you can use your imagination. Now that I am 43, I'm petrified the curtains or blinds might not be shut.
  5. I made that point in court. "The law is only as good as those that uphold it. So if the spirit is in the procedure, the spirit is gone. Better hope the spirit of the law is in the man." This was in response to the judge saying, "The spirit is in the procedure." Believe it or not, it's a minority that are not upholding the laws. The medical system is following the CDC, most people are complying because they don't know. You would not believe how many medical doctors do not know or haven't put together Corona being the common cold, flue, pneumonia, thus the increase in cases is false posit
  6. Georgia was verified as Trumps. Once you remove the Dominion Software, get rid of the fraud ballots, Georgia was already gained and that was a couple days ago. Complete lie. This is to set up Trump and accuse him of election theft for Antifa and BLM to riot when he declares victory. That's how they work, accuse your opponent of the very crime your doing and make sure it's being fed to your minions who accept anything the MSM say and don't think for themselves.
  7. They are not press if they have been bought off by a foreign power and special interests or parties to suppress information or spread propaganda. This is what Hitler did in Germany, first thing was to get the media in hand to cover up what was really happening. Real journalists are as unbiased as possible, do not block, obstruct information, and as unbiased as possible cover all angles and don't say, "You can't say that name on here."
  8. Yup. Look up the Hong Kong Normalization Act passed by Trump on July 14th, 2020. They can be linked now to blacking out the American public to assist in a attempted overthrow. Clear and Concise evidence. CNN, ABC, MSNBC, various head of FOX. The MSM is done, and that is why they are panicking and screwing up more and more. He had them when he established a cabinet on voter fraud integrity, and with the Hong Kong Normalization Act. Their days are numbered after January 20th. Also explains why in his briefing's he has had very detailed information, exact location of fraud, how much, way
  9. Threw it into my Global and American Investment accounts.
  10. I did not say that. All I know is, Read the JFK Dump on the National Archives, it will surprise you what is in those documents. Whether he was elected honestly or not, couldn't say. He was going to abolish the Federal Reserve, he stated that as President and he also stated there was a plot to overthrow this country, then he was assassinated. Three of our Presidents were in Daily Plaza that day, George Bush Senior who was running CIA operations. He denied this to until he was president.
  11. Good News about mass media, they are going to prison also. I spoke with several attorney's, former police and police. I asked, "if you are a journalist and you are suppressing information to deceive the people to aid in a overthrow, would this be covered by 'Freedom of the Press' or would it be a crime? The response from all, "If you can link them, then it would be a crime and not covered under 'Freedom of the Press', it would fall under 18 U.S. S. 2 Aiding and Abetting, worse Aiding and Abetting a Foreign Power which Trump signed 'The Hong Kong Normalization Act', deep trouble for aiding C
  12. The Cabinet is permanent. It will remain there permanently. In his next 4 years as president, he will take steps to make sure this doesn't get undone. Many congress people going to prison now. I see now what he has been doing. They needed to show themselves completely so he could ensure there is no way out of prosecution. He needed us to wake up and start reacting and doing something. Have we? You bet. Voting will actually be free for the first time since JFK. They have been stealing them this long. After Trump, Pence will run, then I bet, Mike Pence son will run.
  13. No, we died a long time ago. November 3 was a resurrection. We just became free of our Conquerors inside. Now we must prepare for the attempt outside. You can't kill freedom, the inner desire for it, or God. I find it fitting.
  14. While I have gotten some mixed messages about Dr. Steve Pecheniek, the executive order establishing a cabinet in the White House on election fraud and foreign interference signed in 2018 settles it. Trump did set a trap, Trump wins outright and this is why mass firings are happening, prosecutions are coming, he got them. Relax, breath, the only question now is what the damage will be once the purge of these people is complete. Still have Antifa, BLM, Big Tech funding them with the WHO and U.N. and China. Strap in. https://www.infowars.com/posts/trump-set-a-trap-2018-executive-o
  15. In 2018 I did a spread sheet and I noticed all the states that were key were Democrat run after they stole that election. You may check your selves. More interesting is that every state that produces Gold except Montana is Democrat run. The level of compromise is high and this is not random mathematically. I would encourage all of you to examine this for your selves. Even if Trump is victorious in this, they have the ability to shut off around 83.2379% of our Gold production. The Federal Reserve did announce they were ceasing the printing of cash and by Christmas we would no

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