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  1. I know your opinion of me, despite, I am very sorry for what I am hearing. I want you to know everything will be clear Monday in the first publication of evidence on the trickle down effect from what has been released by Trump this last week. I really have been in court working with a man that was wronged. I made the first publication on this COVID and bankruptcy unofficially as I do hedge funding. I've gotten multiple donation offers, but I am finishing the last of the paper work and lining up of very serious evidence and we will be headed into Federal Court to begin cleaning up. The issues your experiencing with left wing attacks are systemic of something much larger and I've been unable to rebut to anything until I had all the evidence in hand. Your experience is not without due respect from me, and I would be willing to privately speak about the lies your experiencing and attacks. The reason being is because I can help you on this. Most my time has been engaged in another case with a 14 year officer, 24 year veteran who's daughter committed suicide and a left wing DA perjured herself to get him into court twice, the officer in the case perjured himself twice on the stand, the key to his gun locker was given to his wife though if the complaint had been legit and not perjured as he committed NO CRIME, it would have been evidence, she sold his guns registered in his name, another crime. It resulted in 3 Felony convictions solely on the basis, his ex-wife "Said So". She even filed a motion in-lime to suppress the one piece of evidence that would have shown the jury this was a show trial. It resulted in 3 felony convictions on him solely on one woman saying so, then the woman put over his probation for 3 years, who did his pre-sentence investigation, knew the DA, violated a court order as he was to have a ankle monitor for one year. These fear legislations violate measurement, a bedrock principle of law. You don't have law and these lower circuit court judges, got many good ones. I can even confirm they have been trying to change things, but the Officer of Lawyer Regulation is hijacked by the left, in our Supreme Court. The public defenders office is fully women, they are assigned and they simply sit in the court and do not defend their clients. They were caught and we got all the evidence and when they realized they incriminated themselves, then they tried to pin the officer that perjured himself. We are filing criminal complaints with the WDOJ, publishing a affidavit of dissent which will need signatures, and we are headed up the federal court system to begin clearing the trash. There are only two routes my friend, legal and when abuses become insufferable. We were soldiers once, and we still maintain our oaths, and your assessment of me was wrong. I am sorry I couldn't get things done, but this has been overwhelming and my ability to talk about this has been limited tell now. I could only disclose my aspects, but we not have 5 veterans on board with this affidavit of dissent, and a ton of people now willing to take action and the first route must be a legal attempt. I would love to show you how hard I have slammed this court. You'd be laughing. In your case, if you have evidence of false attacks, any financial damage, character damage, I would like to see. This can go further in what we must achieve now. The laws must be reformed completely to come in line with our rights. These lawyers are coming from centralized colleges attached to the government and they are not lawyers, they are products that don't acknowledge our rights, constitution and are enemies. We've been hijacked, we have the evidence, I am going to take some major attacks, so is Matthew, but I have won the judge and his good judge buddies over 23 years and he's not left wing, Christian, Conservative and the mob is forming to clean this up. This man was targeted in 2017 and he was part of the Sheriffs department. This was simply, and I'll just say it, Trump got elected, they were targeting anyone they could, he was a victim, you have been a victim. The more I can produce showing how these legislations and others are being used, we can get this done. However, I am sorry to say we are day late and dollar short, this Country is unofficially bankrupt. I've been watching horrible things in the Global markets, and the most we can hope for is we keep the country. All this can be rebuilt, corrected, loose the country you will never get them back. Please feel free to reach out and explain your story and attacks, there are laws, more importantly to clean this up you must assert rights they show which legislations are violations of oath, abuses of power and any judge on a bench when cornered with those rights, if he violates them he can be taken down thru legal process. Understand this is widespread, your not alone and things are about to get cooking. We have decided to pay the price, somebody has to. Chin up. God Bless Darian Glinski 223 17th Avenue Menomonie, Wisconsin, 54751 Phone: (715) 514-7883 Email: [email protected]
  2. Please find what I am getting in news from sources with data from James Lyons Weiler. http://lenteconservador.com/2020/02/02/breaking-now-scientists-confirm-coronavirus-man-madecontains-pshuttle-sn-sequence-proving-laboratory-origin/ https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-02-03-the-coronavirus-was-engineered-by-scientists-in-a-lab.html I believe the video is being blocked which is a interview with James Lyons Weiler. If anyone can get the video link so I can download, I would appreciate it, I require this so I can view and listen to his statements. Also, any actual medical data, not just images and citations posted thru news would be appreciated. Thanks. I am guessing this is actual fact as stated, especially from what I am seeing and its SARS, HIV, Corona put together. The actual numbers I am hearing are in the 7,000 number in China to date. As stated in prior postings, this has been in the United States since before turn of the year. There is no vaccine, however, best methods are, cleaning hands, avoiding infected, fasting 5 days pure water every other week, staying active, increasing heart rate, iodine and colloidal silver. Honestly, HIV? Not aware of any vaccine for that. Not sure if splicing it in would be a permanent infection of HIV leading to AIDS, but I am guessing so, you still don't loose the original virus in the splicing.
  3. Lamen's explanation. Colloidal is simply what is used as the suspension mechanism for micro particles of silver. Elemental silver, no difference. No such thing as bio-active and ionic, very familiar with that fantasy. Silver is just that, a metal. It's a element on the periodic table. Colloidal is the only suspension you should look at, consider, it's the real deal, everything else is coming form this scam that has no basis in reality, but I have run into people buying the whole deal. It's based on this myth called "Monotonic". Monotonic does exist but only as specific elements and can not exist in any other place on the periodic table. There are only a few Monotonic elements. Metals and Monotonic do not mix. You may look up what Monotonic is and why it could not exist in any form of metal element by it's very nature. Just stick with 'Colloidal' and your good to go.
  4. Colloidal suspensions of silver have been a long proven and effective remedy to many things, minor ailments and illness. Stick with that. I don't know what claims your seeing, but, I do know just colloidal silver has plenty of data, plenty of research, plenty of positive and proven results. I don't see it as a anti-viral but, couldn't hurt. Anything else, disregard.
  5. There is no way to tell what the real mortality rate is. Lack of response to this is concerning, it's been here since October last year. We already have to many cases already. They won't have a vaccine for this until a year for now, ready for human use. That's what is being stated. No mask or gear will help with that, already stated by Doctors. Best thing you can do is good old fashioned washing hands, regular. Lysol maybe. The problem is level of honesty, who we have among us, you got fear from that, you have uncertainty in regards to that, so you don't know if it's really a bio-weapon or natural from bats, if the truth is being told or not. Just take precautions of cleaning, washing hands, have food, water, Vitamin C, Iodine, Colloidal Silver on hand. I'd throw in Vitamin K, read great stuff on that. Throw in the fasting recommendation I already made, get active if possible, work out if possible. Symptoms from this are Pneumonia as reported, seen some videos that look more like TB, but, you just don't know and that's kind of the pointer we need to deal with these lunatics because we ALL really know who they are and the fear is worse then anything. When you know someone is capable of this, in your midst, in power, judges mainly supporting this fear, I think your past the point of not taking some kind of united action and really, the judicial tyranny is the problem.
  6. Dr. Steve Pechinick came out recently and is stating this is not Biological Warfare. This is the results of bats. I agree with him on one aspect, bats can be involved. The uncertainty principal when you have raving mad lunatics involved, is, I have seen two presentations of this virus in varying forms, one engineered and mutated, one not engineered and mutating, so then, is it natural and transmitted by bats, or were bats infected then used as a vector of transmission to cover up a release? This is where you have to resolve, once we get thru this, these lunatics need to go because we all know they are mad, deranged and nobody should be living with the uncertainty of what they may do. What I heard from him today, is, they were able to uncover the g-nom on this in only 24 hours, and can have a vaccine ready and with testing as long as they eliminate parts of the testing, have it out to the public in a few months. But, then you have the uncertainty with the adjuvant, the deaths, the absolute tyranny, confirmed voter theft across the board, secret courts, there has to be a clear and concise understanding at this point these people must be removed, judges mainly, that is for certain. Need to reform the laws, then you have a chance when you actually have real elections and no theft, and these insane, mass murdering people, got to go and that's got to be a united, decisive effort, one man doesn't fix them. Listened to lots of phone calls today, I have a 14 year police officer and veteran right next door he was called by a service man, who, in fact, was ordered to go to a local store and buy up the food and water with 3 other personnel. This is being done in various places. I also heard this confirmed via live radio broadcast phone in by military personnel, confirmed as well. For those questioning my sources, I live with former veterans, we all have friends still serving, they have friends, word does get around. I also spent two years around conventional and non-conventional doctors, the last two years working on a project to deal with one type of Cancer. While I am not credentialed, i am recognized by them thru earned reputation and proving of several papers and production of data on one type of Cancer. What I discovered does parallel with this recent release of the cure all cancer drug due to begin administrations to terminally ill patients, I just didn't realize the mechanism behind the method I found success with. Its a common factor in all cancers. I've been investigating the voter fraud, increased cancer and various medical conditions, things I saw in Iraq that raised suspicion, roughly 10 years, I specialized in communications, classified information systems, I have been in technology and sciences 25 years. Main sciences are, physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, and math is a discipline, I finally took up biological and medical sciences about two years ago. I deplore medical science, biology, but I realized I needed to be complete across the board and with a woman that had two breasts removed and a desire to use my unique abilities in this area, wonderful results. I just didn't enjoy the first week of descriptions on what her body was doing with the treatment, ack. Not dinner conversation, but happy for her.
  7. Doug, American Citizens are trapped in Wuhan. They are not being evacuated. Communications are being cut but what has come out is farewell messages. People are dropping dead, smashing head on pavements confirmed by these citizens. There is a cover up. I've been listening to calls today, there are stores being bought out by government personnel here in the U.S. Honestly, this is not a dud, this is the real thing. A man attested to the owner of a hotel dying. I have seen early preliminary videos involving people dropping, yes, heads smashing on pavement. When a government is sending in military personnel to locations around bases buying up water and food, you have a problem. A friend of mine still in the military called me today and confirmed this. He was ordered with three others to do just this, no explanation. From what I am listening to, the CDC is refusing testing of anyone that has not been to mainland china when experiencing the symptoms. Who cares about exposure, they are letting this go rampant by the sounds of it. I can tell you from studying this, no antiviral mask will work, this lives in sterilizing agents. There will be information coming out from public officials in the near future, this i know, however, my guess is, this is to try and not cause mass hysteria. I happen to again have been confirmed in multiple phone calls by personnel, I was again right, this has been in the United States since October. Nobody is skipping this. I am on Discord, I3DI. I do have a series of immediate plans getting going and there is only one way you get on top of this, but, at some point you will be exposed and have to endure the virus and live or die. It lives in crops, bio-fuels, so even with the plan I have which would guarantee avoiding exposure, eventually you have to remove your self, and you will be exposed, either air, food, surfaces, so I have no answer other then a few basic suggestions. This is also a perfect storm to make tons of money and roll over tons of money if you understand hedging, futures, options, foreign exchanges. Since the system is digital, you only want to enter and exit long enough to make a boat load of cash, roll the money over into bartering supplies if possible. I don't know about Colloidal Silver, but that may be a option. It is reported to take out SARS. I understand how it's made, but I can't validate it, however there is a report from the Department of the Army that this works on SARS so this might be a option to defeating this outbreak.
  8. I said I'd let the official sources tell you. You will just take anything I give you and find a reason to fit you middle of the road skeptic attitude. It's alright, been dealing with all variety in 10 years now. I could put real data in your hands and you'd find some reason why it's bias, political, or unreliable or due to party affiliation. If you had read, I'll let the official sources say it. Public officials. It's coming. All i'll say, it's been here quite some time now. It's been going on long before it was declared in China. You can think about that. If the incubation period is 8 to 10 days and this was already started 3 months prior to January 2020, flights, travel, mail, then you figure it out. I'm not citing anything because the officials will be doing it in the near future anyways. I'll accept apologies at that point. People have posted clear and supporting data, a link already goes to a report issued. You called it slipped information from China and cited bias with agenda, I have the text. You obviously can't draw conclusions, if this was OFFICIAL as of January 2nd, 2020, this was already going on long before it got out, at least 3 months, then I'm sure you can do math. Your not interested in truth, you just want to attack anything that you don't want to hear.
  9. You just made a point on why I said, I'll let the official sources, public officials tell you. I am not bothering anymore to give any details. I get attacked when I say something, called subjective, or hostility just like this. If I cite numbers, even cite videos still readily available, I'm "fear mongering" or "Scale 11". Your idiots to expect lunatics like the freaks your watching up in Washington to be anything less then a 100 worse then anything I've stated, ever. You will learn. Since 2010 I've been investigating, keeping tabs, and it's hilarious because I keep saying things early, well in advance, they keep happening, but in the mean time I am treated and talked about just as above. I really don't give crap. Am I 100% accurate, not always, but, if a person has it right 8 out of 10, you'll crucify him for the 2 wrong just because you don't want to face facts. Your the problems in this country and why it's gone to crap, bad decision makers, cowards, morons, fools and you don't know when to quit burying your heads in the sands to own the truth. You will find out the truth, let the officials do it. I'll accept apologies at that point. Until then, I'm done contributing anything other then basic information related to the illness.
  10. Numbers are being under reported, mortality and actual fatalities, not reported correctly. You are going to find this out, you will be finding out from official sources soon how bad this actually is and how long it's actually been in the United States and how many we really have, as well as how many fatalities are actually resulting from this. I do know, however, I am going to let you find out. My suspicion is, the things going on behind the scenes at higher levels and silence about it, it's to not to create hysteria. Get the eyes of China, it's here, and the numbers i have, I've been right, about 3 to 5 months, you'll get it. This will not be a fun summer if things do not change, I don't think people will be going to water parks this year. Just a hunch.
  11. It remains in the body. If you bury the body it will live in the soil. I do not have data on the length or duration of life after death, however considering this infests crops, food supplies, lives in bio-fuels, fuels, sterilizing agents, bio-waste, I can only assume the only answer to eradication after the death of a individual is to burn the body. However, this is airborne and combined with the prior factors, I do not see that there is a escape. The only thing I can say is, I believe the mortality is over reported. The administration of the vaccine is the purpose. For what purpose, I will not speculate, just know, you should accept no vaccine. The data in the link you provided shows a small percentage that needed mechanical intervention and those are the main deaths here from the tables I read. Mainly in respiration and breathing. They are reporting this as pneumonia symptoms, the actual imaging reflects more TB like symptoms, not pneumonia which would explain the expulsion of blood from the lower and upper respiratory system, symptoms to which I have seen limited videos reflecting this response.
  12. This is based on evidence and only constitutes the way I would present this in court for investigation. The adjuvant has been in all our vaccines and responsible for the deaths across the world. The lack of DATA is abnormal. For a component to be used in any medication, it must be tested, and data must be present for it to be used. For there to be NO DATA, points to something of serious concern. With deaths being tied to the use of this, the probable cause is, the lack of data is because if the data were presented, it would show that that adjuvant had been used in vaccines already in order to perfect it well beyond the acceptable use for health purposes and most likely it would not be healthy to introduce this in human physiology. In short, all the vaccine deaths, the worse vaccine being HPV and it's effects being demonstrable in video, it has been perfected in order to complete to weaponize. In our current case, I'd point to this Bio-Engineered nCov now spreading across the Globe.
  13. What bothers me is they are reporting this as the 2019-nCov or variation. This is not a mutation, this matches a adaption created under a company funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, I have the patent number. This cross is Bio-Engineered, not a natural adaptation and breakout. Reports, and these are just reports, 3 to 5 months prior to January 02, Bill Gates and fifteen world billionaires from varying medical industries simulated a outbreak of their bio-engineered virus, not a adaptation. The bio-engineered version is a cross between amphibious and nCov sequences. While this provides (Lamen/Regenerative) capability, amphibious DNA recombination is slow at best. A few weeks prior to today's date, January 29th, 2020, 20 hours of video from the World Health Organization in which doctors, from around the world, held a meeting with deep concerns over Va-cine deaths. The common knowledge between these doctors at the conferences as stated is the use of a adjuvant in the vaccines to which there is no data. One medical professional that teaches vaccine production even states, "The first rule I teach students is, if you can make a vaccine with no adjuvant then do so." A adjuvant is very much like a antagonist in chemist, there are differences, but the purpose mainly is to exponential the effect, or induce a much quicker reaction. As of one week ago, the cure for all cancers was released and is due to be administered in November. For this to be the case, this has been known for some time, under testing or being held and now they just happen to have it despite all claims there has been no solution? Last week, multiple TRO's from secret courts in this country took down anti-vaccine sites, alternate media communication servers, companies complied. Illegal, but they complied, in order to stop the information that we have thousands in the U.S. already, that is confirmed at this point. Now the holder of this patent or part holder, he has a vaccine ready to be rolled out in a week for production. This man has been in seminars, I have video saved, in which he advocates before thousands the reduction of the world population as close to zero as possible, in a equation he summs up a P + Co2 + R (Population + Co2 + Resources). I won't supposition here, however I believe most of you can do the math. Me personally, if I take these events in order as I have a timeline laid out, a simulation months prior to a outbreak of a virus by it's patent holder, bio-engineered, I take his belief P + Co2 + R at face value, you add in the adjuvant that is killing people with NO DATA, probable cause legally would supposition the lack of data is because you would find the adjuvant has been being perfected to increase the effectiveness of the regenerative component in this Bio-Engineer nCov. My personal belief is the statement by him that simulations showed a %50 mortality rate, or 1 in 2 was over stated so as this rolls out the real weapon is the vaccine that will be produced. Further, administration of the HPV vaccine caught in video years back, inducing convulsions, seizures, death, and data showing the break down of the blood barrier between the two hemispheres of the central cortex leads me to the conclusion the adjuvant being implied in the WHO video was perfected in this vaccine to complete this Bio-Engineered nCov not a natural adaptation. Study of earlier vaccines production originally invented by Louey Pasteur, the virus is generally weakened then administered. Early day small pox was taken from scabs of the infected, ground up and snuffed up the nasal passages of the intended recipient, who, having been subjected to a weaker version of this would enjoy the benefits of full immunity. A modern day typhoid vaccine, to which many Filipino people suffer and die from, as it mainly is a tropical virus, can be done, the best route is injecting the full virus into a egg, waiting three months, the virus is weakened then you can separate with a centrifuge and inject the weakened virus into the patient who will suffer some mild effects, but no adjuvant, and they obtain full immunity. The egg has no animal diseases in it, making it the safest but slowest method of vaccine production. The real question in my mind, how does a patented bio-engineered virus break out in China? Of course, in the United States, the pharmaceutical company can not be sued and held accountable for this escape of their creation, they have been made immune. Is this to facilitate a final solution thru the vaccine that will be produced or to create some kind of Psychology regarding the allowance of vaccines in our bodies with no questions of doctors? It is my policy to ask any Doctor that i see certain questions.
  14. In light of this break of containment in California that is being announced, with cases in Kentucky, Illinois, and the obvious vaccine push about to fall on us, I would like to suggest that all the leadership here begin reaching out to each other, establishing communications across the country and we begin forming support groups, smaller communities with individual leadership. Nobody will be escaping this, it's a silent weapon, you go for eight to ten days with no symptoms, passing it, no mask will protect from it, it's airborne, everybody is going to experience this. I can tell you, no matter what, do not take the vaccine. The fund provider of this weapon has advocated elimination of the population as close to zero as possible. This has already broken containment on the west coast. Massive emergencies are coming. By organizing now, having support groups, solid leadership, I know if people are interested I can tell you if the internet goes down, there is a way to keep communities in contact via the same method the cell phones use. You don't want to be caught alone in this as things unfold we need to all be together. Just a recommendation.

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