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  1. This is Main Stream reporting, 2 cases is under reported: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/24/world/asia/china-coronavirus.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/coronavirus-china-live-updates/2020/01/24/4e678f9c-3e03-11ea-afe2-090eb37b60b1_story.html No hiding this now.
  2. This is the original, Corona virus and at least some taxonomy. https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/coronavirus The weaponized is a cross with the original, reptile elements with regenerative properties and this adjutant is the key to weaponizing it I believe. I have some actual numbers across the U.S. I was able to gather as servers were being taken down last night. I am asking people to get actual information across the U.S. not web based because dis-information is huge. Allow me to explain adjutant. A adjutant is the equivalent of antagonists in chemistry. It is used to accelerate or increase the effectiveness of a chemical reaction or vaccine. Please note, the WHO put out 20 hours of video identifying a adjutant in the vaccines killing people across the world but NO DATA. Please note, the worse vaccine noted to date and it's effects was the HPV. Any information on this adjutant, I am asking for it. I believe the reason no DATA is present is because they have been perfecting the adjutant to accelerate the regenerative properties of this virus in the reptilian cross. This fits with the recent release of these living robots at the micro level that is crossed with Frog DNA. In short, the vaccines and all the deaths have been about perfecting this adjutant to weaponize this virus, and the lack of DATA is because the data would have shown in advance the adjutant was not healthy but detrimental and shown the obvious it was being perfected to weaponize. You may watch the footage released by the WHO in regards to this at banned.video I did not have the ability to obtain the full 20 hours so anyone with the full 20 hours of video, I'd appreciate a copy via DVD sent to me. Thanks.
  3. I hope that was sarcasm. Bill Gates has been testing these vaccines on 3rd world countries to circumvent U,S, regulation and cut costs. While claiming he is helping, I've massed many videos of the effects of his vaccine distributions in other countries, seizures, death, in one country they want him from what I know for the deaths. I believe they were compensated. Is is a proclaimed Eugenics advocate and believer.
  4. Ok, you assume the worse, I am hoping for the best. Please, anyone with information or connections on this Adjuvant, none of the doctors I know have any knowledge on this adjuvant being used in the vaccines. There is NO DATA on this. There is a connection and I need something to see what it is so I can research it. The connection is very dangerous.
  5. Carona was invented by Bill and Melinda gates. Has a patent number. I've pulled what I can and I connected the lack of data with the adjuvant being discussed by the WHO in their 20 hour meeting video with this and why there is NO DATA on this adjuvant. This isn't mother nature, this is not even plausible unless it's created and the adjuvant, well it's in the vaccines. I don't discuss why there is no data on this, but, very good reason and it's ugly, educated guess based on what I know limited, not a guarantee. Point is, this plan has been in the works a while. It was Bill Gates that cited in several meetings between Population, CO2 and Resources one number had to go to zero. The rate that was agreed on was a reduction by 90%. The real motivation has nothing to do with CO2 or Resources, it's wicked, evil, and since these people have lost and know it, this is them doing what crazies do, possibly. Point is, lets get real numbers on U.S. cases here, not what's being floated and no assumptions. Let's just assume everything is ok for now, but let's get all the information on this. More information on this Adjuvant is what interests me. I want to find something out about this adjuvant that has been being employed in the Vaccines. I know the connection, that's what needs to be found out here.
  6. This is being under reported. The numbers are way higher. Way, way higher and the symptoms are more like TB. In China that is. Locked down airports, sealed containment tubes. Stocks being depleted off the shelves. It's reached a epidemic level there. Pandemic, well, that has yet to be seen.
  7. Hmm, seems to me it would be kind of odd the creators of this pandemic virus with a patent on it would bring together 15 leaders to simulate this. That's not sensationalist in my opinion, that's a plan. 65 million people, no, much higher with information I have gathered. %50 percent lethal. 1 in 2 die. 1000 times more contagious then any flu.
  8. First, I am not right in all cases. I error on the side of caution as the old saying goes. That's my policy. I was very forthcoming about where I got the information and many people, not just me already know there was intent at this event to either provocateur something or create fear to trigger the loons to do something. Several videos show that 2A supporters immediately shut down several provocateurs that if awareness had not been present and such a large turn out, this could have been a repeat of Charlottesville. Also, you sook Psychology, you tell me then what is the Psychology behind creating a corral, positioning snipers on high rises, disarming people and entering them into a initial one point multiple exit and one point entry then later confining it to a one entry one exit point? I know what the Psychology is, and I know that many of the mass shooting's are the result of this Psychology being employed around us since i have even gone to multiple events here to witness Psychological warfare, especially in persuading Christian and Conservative groups, which I have two addresses and I have sent one group's information into someone with strings to find out their intent and who is paying to run around Wisconsin studying how to best "Persuade" Christians and Conservatives. Nothing occurred, that's good for me. I am on record stating multiple times, I don't think anything is going to happen. I also am on record stating I believe this was more of a fear op. Also, in operations, promoting disinformation is very routine so it's hard to pin point things in all cases. I do know, and I stand by the fact, and others have stated the fact more profound and bigger then you and I, intel was out that there was a plan in place and the two that popped out was things I stated. The only reason nothing happened is because people were on the ball, recording, documenting, paying attention, shutting down any attempt several times to provocateur. Ultimately they had to get down to Psyop fear operations by the end of the event in hopes, I imagine to trigger somebody. Now, I am glad nothing went on, nothing happened. Further, when you now have in the open, what I have been stating for years, Police, Capitol Police, and a Militarized police force, officers paying people a visit that are plainly within their rights to show up at the Capitol just to see it citing "Suspicion" based on looks, you should be very concerned. Now, I know others here know there were tons of people much larger then myself confirming there was a plan in place to provocateur a incident and it was stated openly. So, before you cite me, why don't you pick on the people with larger reputations, more public, have more pull then myself, then worry about me, my accuracy, or my attempt to be sure if anything did occur there was evidence for the purpose of getting it out there to destroy what would have been the demonizing of gun owners and the use of it to further justify gun confiscation and who knows what else. I am going to say, if people like you were not busy attacking others that were busy monitoring, recording, assisting and had listened years ago when I was sending documents and evidence to authorities and calling people like me fear mongers, conspiracy theorists, we would not be watching such events. I suggest you back off your attacks and settle for the fact, nothing happened, nobody knows everything, nobody is perfect and dis-information is also a big part of things going on. What is important is, nothing happened, we have lots of videos to analyze, we now have in the open how bad things really are in regards to militarized police state, the intentions of these people and attacking each other and "Psychology" and claiming it, not something you want to do right now considering how it's being used and has been used. Pick another profession buddy. Further, apparently you missed diagnosing from a distance isn't something your allowed to do if your a Psychological expert or they would have had President Trump out the door on their distant diagnosis.
  9. Thanks bro. I'm not perfect in everything but I have been on this all day trying to be sure I can use anything to get the ball rolling on wrapping this up. I have been attacked several times by people and I am butt tired and still at this. I have some videos, downloaded, revealing to some degree but I am glad this was a success and my gut sais if people hadn't been shutting down the few instigators this would have been a serious tragedy. Mainly, I think the event in it's self was the false flag, big fear Psy-op. Was there other plans, yeah, pretty sure, but to much awareness and understanding what this was about and to many people on this. We dodged a bullet, and I am so over joyed because this has to stop.
  10. It is difficult when all you have is talk. Was there some intention here, Yes. Definitively. That's where I think your reading the definitive part. What exactly it is, that's not obvious. The one thing I have garnered from videos I have downloaded is Psyop or fear. Was there a plan, yes, but, I don't believe it's been acted on because of awareness to the event. What it is, well, I think the videos and some of the things seen in the videos answer those questions. I have several videos downloaded and stored at this point, but as one guy stated, 2A people shut down the Antifa guys immediately. The event it's self was designed to be a false flag and from what I can gather, if people had not been so aware and so awake, I think this would have been a different outcome. DOS attack on server, jamming, limiting the entrance and exit to one entry point, Antifa plants a couple time trying to stir things up, absolutely, was there a plan in place yup. Did they have other avenues, sure. I think, because of the mass show out, and immediate shut downs and not giving into fear, this did not succeed and ultimately I believe what your seeing is the fact there was a plan in play, what your perceiving as a walk back is trying to pin this down to what is precisely the case.
  11. I am seeking anyone willing to team up for a software project I have underway already in JavaEE. It's a basic content management system. This will also involve several plugins for the corporate website, multimedia video like Automated Web Hosting, Virtual Hosting, YouTube, Social Media Site, Search Engine, Web Browser and Merchant Processor Plugins. This is already underway, uses Tomcat. Ultimately the assistance is unpaid. Will be focused on the automated web hosting, Neural Network and Targeting the Neural Net on Forex with a pre-production and then production AI that does the trading thru REST. The web hosting will be a automated process utilizing a merchant processor I have been with for 2 years running. All linux, with php, tomcat 9, kvm, bind, javascrip, cdi, html. The search engine will be for searching terms using a web browser targeting all Android platforms, PC's, very much like Chrome. We will branch into developing a site like YouTube, Facebook, much better then GAB, and to avoid licensing that Oracle is clamping down on with big tech, will be utilizing OpenJDK. I am willing to train in more advanced topics and once I have established your capabilities, good decision making, moral character, I am seeking to establish a board as profits increase of 11 people. This is the phase one money maker and will be the base income generator. Phase 2, multimedia development. There is Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, Substance, Adobe Creative Cloud. We will begin production in a cross platform with GNU C/C++ on a complete kit that incorporates all modern GUI platforms a full rendering engine capable of developing suites like Photoshop, Substance, Speed Tree, Blender, for the purpose of developing in current game engines. Will focus on adding on a complete C/C++ Neural Net AI, establishing a 3D Gaming Studio for the purpose of developing cutting edge games. As we succeed, we will branch into 3D Game Engine Development. The Engine will include Sound Creation, Voice Synthesis with tone inflection utilizing the Neural Net to analyze voice patterns for the purpose of creating any kind of voice in game without the need for actors. Special Effects utilizing our graphics programs. Phase 3, with all the above in place, we will branch into other states, each company will be under the same umbrella but incorporate a board of eleven people elected by the people. As we put one branch in each state and develop new and exciting technologies, and with company transparency in each quarter, we will then use the money to fund militias as was intended so they are well armed and regulated. The way big tech has gotten in so much control is thru corporations. Very little red tape. We can all do the same. A LLC has the same potential but is not publicly traded on the Stock Exchange, however, it can be converted. What is not known is that the entire company can be put in the hands of the people thru legal process and paper work so each states board is elected. With well regulated militias in place, the branches can be used to address the problems of the people and provide a centralized location in each state that keeps the government in check in the future since it will be owned by the people, fund the peoples militias, mercenaries and with each branch in each state having it's own board elected by the people, this forms a idea brought to me called, "The Peoples Branch". This will ensure technology is placed in the hands of people, never to be centralized again, push big tech out of business, form a strong financial back bone, ensure integrity of elected officials. Phase 4, invest in people, businesses, provide business starting scholarships with oversight. Develop new technologies, enter into scientific fields, open up new stores that push Wal Mart, Best Buy, and other corporate entities that people shop with out of business. Providing subsidies for businesses to grow, commandeering micro-processing, technologies that provide communications with little to no EM impact on the body, entering into space fields but owned by the people. With the government in check permanently, and insurance that if one branch goes bad it's surrounded by others that are not, it provides a capitalistic, people owned basis to keep the government permanently in check, and these things never happen again. I will personally ensure the events of today are built into the corporate charter and the goal of the company is for the people and addressing with government, having the funds and availability to ensure enforcement against government tyranny if needed, never happen again. It's been a design in progress, but it is a very good solution and insurance against corruption in the future. Here is the deal, lots of work. This is not instant fix. It is a solution derived. The power is with people. These are not short term, projections I have done go out about 20 years. Any developers wishing to begin the process with me, send a email to careers@i3dix.com.
  12. I have two military people in the area. I left this morning, and dropped all tracking. I've been speaking with them periodically over the last couple years. They are a little higher in the military and this is information they have received as they have been looking into this, I mean everything. I sent a report to the IG of the Army with a five minute tech demonstration on Sundar's lies, United States Code, and it was under the belief we had a formal declaration of war and made the case a informal declaration was made on us. Full four page report with a Ubuntu, Tor, vs Google tech demo. I initially made them aware via these reports I issued in regards to tech censorship, under oath. we have maintained communications since then. It's informal and rare, but, we meet once in a rare while. Initially they didn't believe me, but the five minute tech demonstration I sent proving the lies to the military COC in Wisconsin did catch a few informal heads attentions. I may be out of the military, but I am still obligated under oath and been on these things for years. It's a duty when you know these things. Shame nobody believes you and I am crazy until you actually see it. All this could have been prevented years ago. Good men. I do want to stress, it's mainly hear say based on things they have heard in regards to things going on outside the military that people aren't aware of. You do have some crazies on their way to Virginia, by the way, absolutely want violence. Fortunately the police, FBI have been making arrests. Since the death of Solemanie, there have been some terror cells that were activated to and wrapped up. There is way to much at play here, is it credible, well, no less credible then terror cells being wrapped up. There is a few chatters on comm's that have eluded to something but nothing revealing on open traffic, just suspicious words, phrases, rarely. Most of this is being done, no comms, no phones, very much like I don't carry any electronics or tracking devices and the vehicle is old, no tracking. Take this as it is stated, hear say, but, some reasonable credibility. Understand, most the military is insulated in the regular army, the guard is not so insulated, so there is a real lack of giving credit to 'Conspiracy', a psychology I am beginning to hate, but these two decided to investigate and found my report credible, better then zero I suppose. My personal opinion, I don't believe anything will happen since everyone is aware. I think this has been thwarted in advance because of the awareness, but, play it safe and be absolutely on this tomorrow all day long.
  13. Just making people aware, there is a false flag event planned for this. I have stated to two others that will be there, communicating outside normal channels, it's been communicated to me, there is going to be at least one to several individuals, not your general patsy, either paid swat or federal that will be there to set off the event. How this plays out, well, I've done some examination and I want to make clear, you are looking for one to several individuals that will have access to weapons within the Capitol or Around the Capitol Grounds. You want to catch this person or these people, alive, get them under your control, you do not want them in the hands of Police, FBI, CIA, NSA, Capitol Police, you want them in your hands, the peoples hands so you can prove the event and who is behind it. This will destroy the main stream narrative, and ultimately lead to wrapping this up justifiably in following days with recourse of the people under the God given rights you have. Advice, take digital cameras, live stream, anything that records. Have look outs on all those high rises, recording. If someone has a shot mic, bring it, this is good for sound recording and verification. If this is correct, and I am not saying it is, or even guaranteed, the most likely is the swat on the High Rises. They are untraceable and firing into Antifa is what I am hearing, and from my understanding, Antifa will be there and has access to weaponry. This will set them off. You must be sure to acquire recording of anything coming off the high rises, or of the initial time code of the incident and shooter. If you can validate the incident came from officials, then you have all justification for response and action in following days. Can't stress enough, having the individual that starts any event, if the event is triggered, in the hands of the people is paramount. Evidence is key as this is going to be used to justify rhetoric on gun owners, Christians, Conservatives, Militias and you must be able to validate who is behind it and it leads to the top. Digital Evidence with time codes and the individual or individuals in custody of Militias and the people must happen if a event occurs and DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT GIVE OVER THE INDIVIDUALS TO AUTHORITIES. You know what you do if you have such individuals in hand, get to the bottom, record, get the truth and shut this down. This is a opportunity to destroy this element in our midst if done correctly. Now your seeing what the element has set up, the intentions towards you. They are not after the President, they are after you and I and every God fearing, common sense American and there is no hiding it now. Army is jamming and you can bet they will be stopping media broad casts from going out. This is good as anything that happens would only detract from the impeachment scandal on Capitol Hill. DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT, in any way, enter those Capitol Grounds, it's a kill zone, and only respond if you are attacked, assaulted, fired upon. This is not the place for any action, no provocation, simply garner information, find out any badge numbers, names, anyone that has engaged in backing this that is present as they are Aiding and Abetting under Title 18 USC Section 2, knowingly, following immoral orders. Any event, if it happens, and it may not since there is awareness, would justify people taking action to arrest, detain, try and convict of the people under the conditions in following days, including your elected Sheriffs. God Bless, be safe. Stay Alert, Stay Alive.
  14. I agree. This is not the place for anything, it's a trap. However, if anything occurs, the above mentioned is the best course. That's all I am saying. Really, read the comment above on my opinion, this is actually a good thing in that it reveals to everyone who is involved in this aiding and abetting and when things die down, Virginians can then come together with their elected Sheriffs, arrest every person that was part of using tax payer dollars to aid and abet these crimes, yes another crime in and of it's self. You have every criminal all in one place that day. It also brought out the Supreme Court of Virginia in aiding and abetting these Crimes so now you know the judges need to be arrested. It is the right of the people, but this event is not the place as it's a trap. It is, however a good opportunity to get badge numbers, names, it's revealed who is on the bench, and now, when everything is done and nobody is expecting it, all the arrests can happen, the people can take back what is rightfully theirs, dodge the bullet of domestic terrorism, and exercise the right of reform, by simply holding public trials once this has passed. They can't maintain defense forever, and they can't keep the FBI, Police, protecting them forever. I think anyone that shows and goes along with this enforcement has followed immoral orders in essence and under the God given rights, once you know who is who and where they are, it's a simple clean up job once things die down. They won't get their bloody conflict, you get actual justice, and they can't call for more gun confiscation. That would be the optimal solution. Make no mistake though, no amount of demonstrating, voting, legal arguments is going to alter their course, they will continue, so there is no compromise and that thought must be banished. This is intent to kill, intent to disarm, you have Bernie Sanders campaign stating their intentions and bragging about their communist revolution on Video just coming out. This is a clear and present danger and you can't sit idle, just need to have good timing and approach. Arrests by the people must happen though, law is totally compromised and bought off. Please do not assert I am promoting any kind of action here, however, I expect there will be action, that is the set up here, that is the provocation and provoked and angry people will respond, then you have them hiring Crisis actors, I don't see this as going well, so the above mention is simply the best approach if guns are coming out and a conflict does ensue. They want to call in the Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, label everyone domestic terrorist, however they don't apply if they run over the God given rights of the people, the fundamentals.
  15. I want to make this clear. I don't recommend any action here. I am not for war. I am for mainly using the opportunity to collect information on who is Aiding and Abetting. Now the VA Supreme Court just Aided and Abett this immoral legislation and his gun ban. You now know who is on the bench. Get their names, find out about them. Keep them, at some point in the near future, they need to be arrested by the people. Every officer, get as many badge numbers, names, need to be arrested at some point. This is not the place to be doing anything, it's a big kill box. However, if something happens, then the above is your best advice. You can't surrender to this. The recent videos from Project Veritas show the plans by this element for you. Goolags, killing you off, and they are going to take your guns, there are no legal arguments, the law is off the table because they have the judiciary, they have stolen the elections, so your right to choice is taken, I coin this "National Rape". However, anyone there, just find out who is there, aiding and abetting, you have the ability to look them up and gather information for round up later. To many civilians, innocent people, it's best if you wait, do nothing, do the demonstration. The major question I have, is, "After votes are taken, legal recourse is off the table, tons of demonstrations, when does one say, these people can not be reasoned with?" Yeah, Patriot Act, National Defense Act, they are invalid if they over rule your right to reform. These peoples power is derived from the consent of the people. They have tampered with the consent by tampering with voting. Mass voter fraud renders all legislation's invalid until you have elected officials in. This crazy left element, well, if they dont' want to play fair, you will need to fight and make them fight to keep their control. However, this is not the place for it, but if things occur and this becomes a fight, the above is the recommendation. Anger is high. Temperament's are heated, and justly so. However, you can not stoop to their level, play their games, the fundamentals do apply and we must go back to them and since they will not allow reform, yes, at some point it must be forced. That's a given when you ask those questions. Anything at this even will be deemed more reason to take guns and they will push harder for gun confiscation. Throw any idea out the door your not on a list if your a Christian, Conservative, or Veteran. Get any notion you can reason with these people, or that you have any recourse out of mind. This is a killer in the home, with intent to kill, and there are no legal arguments, no choices in governance at this point that will resolve this. This particular event if only useful for one thing, information gathering. Who is aiding and abetting these crimes, in bed with this element, names, identifications, make a point of collecting that information. My personal choice, don't do anything here, wait until it's over then come together and arrest every single person out of nowhere. Clean the judiciary especially, and force the correction when your not dealing with a set up. As a matter of fact, I'd submit, not being there in Richmond and just calling it off, that is your best avenue. It's not surrender, it's disarming the situation, letting things pass without giving them their bloody wet dream, but unite and determine when the event is over and nobody is expecting it, pay every person a visit in mass, put them in cuffs and hold them, try them, and do it under the rights of the people and declare any act over riding the Constitution and God given rights, moral law, invalid. Again, the above is solely a recommendation and where things stand if something happens and I know there are elements that want to accelerate this and end it. Use this opportunity to know who is among us that needs to be cleaned, as many as possible, and the cleaning needs to be legal, absolutely legal and avoid any direct confrontation so there can be no claim or smearing of domestic terrorism, gun crazed lunatics, guns are dangerous and accelerate their plans of gun confiscation. Just settle it though, Governor Northam, this element, no demonstration, no voice, is going to stop them from turning anyone into Felons over night. They will not relent, they just don't care, simple as that, they are going to get their disarmament, impeachment, goolags, communist revolution over your dead body and mine. So please, no violence, just be ready to arrest once this passes and do it unexpectedly United. Then hold fast.
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