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  1. Navy vet, staunch constitutionalist and devout christian here. Ive sat by for the last 8 years and watched this once great nation deteriorate into a cesspool of filth and corruption. I have never been more ashamed to be an american than i am today. I feel like the time for a peaceful and political solution has come and gone. I know many of us had high hopes that president trump would right this sinking ship, but alas he has failed to do so. I believe now is the time for action. For proper planning, organization and strategy. Im interested in connecting with like minded individuals who agree that its time to draw a line in the sand and declare the progressives will gain no further ground. As i see it today, we have exhausted all other means. We have tried the soap box, and the left censors us, we have tried the ballot box. The politicians betray us. Our last hope is the ammo box. Its with a heavy heart that i realize the changes we need will only come from the barrel of a gun. We need to stand and fight before our ability to do so is taken from us like so many of our rights. If need be, i will fire the first shot. I have little to loose, yet we collectively have so much to gain.
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