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  1. Biden wants to put the Gun Buy Back Law back into effect if he wins, this guy is nothing but a socialist pig . These idiots want to change everything that is America and including going against everything that is in our constitution. Next they'll be banning semi automatic hand guns , then shot guns etc. I cant believe that our rights are about to be taken . This great country of ours cant be taken over by a bunch of socialist nut jobs. They just want to control us. Bastards arent going to take my rights away , that's for sure!
  2. So they'll do an investigation, then what ? Nothing , the socialist wont get anything, she'll walk like Comey, Brennan, and their ilk. No political piece of shit gets jailed , I want to them punished for everything they've done , their nothing but traitors, liars and hypocrites. Send that bitch back to Somalia . She's a hate monger radical socialist pig !
  3. We need to talk . You happen to be in a critical area of the country .

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    2. Brian D.

      Brian D.

      Cant call now but will do as soon as I can . ?

    3. Brian D.

      Brian D.

      Daniel , I tried to call you, but says phone number changed or is out of service. 

    4. Brian D.

      Brian D.

      Daniel , tried calling you on another number I found still cant get through. My number is 480-363-7282 give me a ring anytime after 8am before 4pm mon -fri , weekends I'm dispersed camping with family out of cell phone range usually .




  4. Thank you my friend for answer. I'm sticking with you !
  5. What I meant was, do I get red flagged by Big Gov for joing or donating to a malitia group?
  6. Brian D.

    Brian D.

  7. I'm a wine expert by trade , am a libertarian and am terrified by what is going on in our country , illegals , socialism , liberals taking over . Mad as hell at the media and its lies. I have zero military experience though I'm a military brat . Been all over the world , seen 3rd world countries , I dont want to end up that way. Want to join a group but am worried government will take my gun rights away. Can this happen ?

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