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  2. Looking for a group to start training with driving distance from Astoria. Have a little army infantry training and would love to get involved
  3. Looking for a unit within a few hours of Astoria.
  4. Looking for a group to start training with in Oregon in I’m Astoria but willing to drive 1-3 hours.  Have A little bit of army infantry training and a little of my own gear

  5. I live in Astoria but am willing to make the drive I have 2-4 day off a week from the mill and a little of my own gear and a little bit of army infantry training. I’m a fast learner and I’m decent shape. I’m 28 and love my country and wanting to stand with a group of like minded patriots
  6. I’m Aaron looking for a group within 1-3 hours of Astoria to train with. I was on the army as an infantryman for about a year and got discharged for an injury in 2008 but am fully healed and good to go. Have a little of my own gear. I’ve always wanted to be a soldier and believe in the militia and the need for it. If someone could point me In the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. My name is Aaron I was in the army for a year as an infantryman and got out due to an injury in 2008 . All I have ever wanted to be was a soldier and defend this great nation from all enemies foreign and domestic. I’m very familiar with military gear and have done a little bit of civilian training. I’m looking for a group within an hour or two maybe three to start training with and have time to donate and my own gear. The militia is out constitutional right and they are what fought off the oppressors of Britain and have us this great country. I’m ready willing and able to stand with other patriots in defense of our nation and homeland.

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