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  1. No problem. You can click on my avatar to open my member page. On the top row click 'Message' to send a private message. But if what we are discussing is good info for others, then post it here on the forum. Welcome Banjo! Do you own any of the other models mentioned?
  2. LOL Yup. But normally the forums are for discussing topics, and not so much as a chat board as we were doing. You can also send me a PM
  3. Well, glad you made it, Welcome. You can start other topics in the Utah Militia forums to address other subjects as needed.
  4. No problem... I will move them over as well... Also made you the author 😁
  5. See here https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/topic/64738-utah-comms/
  6. The Lounge is the front page of the Utah Militia forum. Made a special page for Comms. We can continue our Comms talk in here.
  7. K.Ratt, I am going to move this thread to 'Utah Comms' so we don't clutter up the Lounge.
  8. K.Ratt, just going to focus on the comms part of your post for now... I am not familiar with the Baofeng equipment, but it does look impressive. I am old school, and so is my current comms setup. Not that I don't like the cool hi tech stuff, I love it! But I am using gear that is EMP hardened as the foundation. If other equipment can be added/intergrated, all the better. What Input/Outputs do those radios have? Separate antenna jack? I don't own any land and don't really plan to. Kinda pointless if my goal is to be mobile. Just where ever I can get the best signal to be effective in comms relay.
  9. Glad to see more people coming into the Utah pages. I am in the 435 AC (just north-east of St George). I like what you have been putting together K.Ratt and feel the comms are an essential part of getting any type of organization happening for the state. Because of our populations being spread out so far, radio comms are our best bet. I have a 28' motorhome that I have been retrofitting to be a mobile communications platform. So far it's just CB/Police band radio but working on a foldable 25 ft HAM antenna tower mount for the roof. Age and sporadic health issues (cold and flu) are slowing the progress to the point I am getting very concerned.
  10. When and where are the O.K. meeting held? I would be interested in attending.
  11. Keep in mind the above image shows areas effected *by at what height the HEMP (High-altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon is detonated at*. A nuclear EMP attack on the U.S. would most certainly be 300+ miles up. EMP and HEMP Do Not have fallout of any kind as they are explosions very high in the atmosphere. It is the E1 Gamma particles produced which will effect non-hardened electronics. Gamma pose no threat of radiation to people, livestock or pets. It is also the most likely nuclear attack against us. This is a subject I have studied and researched for many years. And a subject for it's own thread, as this is about dealing with ground blast nuclear events and fallout.
  12. @LetFreedomRing No problem there. This gave me a perfect opportunity to discuss training and temperament. I should also point out that not all GSD's are candidates for advanced training. About 60% of them can manage Lv III, and maybe 25% for level IV.

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