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  1. I know I have something to offer, but I'm untrained, old, poor, and pretty much a loner; I wouldn't want to get anyone hurt on my account. I will fight if it comes to that. 450 Yards, Perfect Hit
  2. Hi Steve, welcome here!  I would like to speak with you sometime if possible?  Thanks!

  3. I am pro-government, as outlined in The Constitution.
  4. Reminds me of a forum where this dude was saying, "people that broke the law, gave up their rights." I bet George Washington, and the other founding fathers that were seem as criminals by the King, would think otherwise.
  5. I use a scout scope setup on my AK. I'd like to be able to see camouflaged soldiers in the bush. I'm taking it and my 1911 out tomorrow for a drill.
  6. Steve Caldwell

    Steve Caldwell

  7. FreedomRing Video A comment in that video.
  8. I saw a link to this site on YouTube and decided to join. Since it is 4th of July, how about a video? Happy Independence Day! Glad to have found the site, I hope to learn a lot!
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