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  1. Mike Dag

    Mike Dag

  2. I am old enough to remember Operation Phoenix implemented in Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia; It targeted the infrastructure of Viet Cong strategists, cut the head off the snake and the snake DIES to sum it up. Well, this method is as old as time itself and IT WORKED extremely well in Southeast Asia, ask any survivor of Phoenix... if you are able to still find one.! If POTUS and his Q cleared team are to WIN this war of hearts n minds, certain criteria need to be put into motion QUICKLY: I recently Re-read the book TWILIGHT WARRIORS; many of the men cited in this excellent book are with us still...working. There was a particular strategy implemented dubbed F3 ( find, fix, finish, Re-aquire.) This WARFARE model can be used against the ANTIFA bozos with LETHAL efficiency, think Tiananmen Square on steroids, military Aikido. We need to put these bastards in a deep hole and fill it. As Dr. Gary North once said, " Ideas carry consequences, BAD IDEAS carry the gravest ", The ideas espoused by such brain trusts as Illhan Omar, Occasional Cortex Cortez, Maxinne Waters are DANGEROUS , erasing our AMERICAN HISTORY is EVIL and those responsible for allowing these trends to occur need to be TAKEN and dealt with HARSHLY. I'm done.
  3. I DESPISE this Schiff. A slippery bastard. Democrats are heading for DOOM if they persist in attacking America's Founders, America's laws, HER Constitution!!! The time for timid behavior has LONG SINCE elapsed; pretty please doesn't WORK.. Dragging our enemies carcasses to an awaiting rail car IS IN VOGUE NOW!!!! This " petition " is a classic example of WORTHLESS ENERGY expended; A better petition drive would be in the manner of a an Executive Order arresting DISLOYAL " public servants " who have VIOLATED their oath of office... THAT'S A PETITION DRIVE with teeth!!!!!! Our Liberty Teeth is comprised of WEAPONS, our MINDS, TACTICS, OUR LAWS all can be looked upon as WEAPONS. We gotta USE our WEAPONS NOW and stop with the Tea Time BULLSHIT. Communists have been conducting CONSTANT warfare against America for 150 years and we are treating it as a minor mosquito bit!!!!! WTF??? POTUS needs to step up the PLAN ........ George Soros and other trouble makers of his kind need to be TAKEN DOWN hard and fast without mercy. That's the reality we find ourselves this AM.
  4. Armed is an ABSOLUTE necessity . A working plan, COMMS. between neighbors. 2 WAY Motorola perhaps? BUDDY SYSTEM. NO LONE WOLVES.
  5. This woman is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! Trump and his Q cleared TEAM are the only element keeping the enemy on his belly!!!!!
  6. Mike Dag


    DIRECT ACTION by MOTIVATED PATRIOTS gets shit rolling!!!
  7. Mike Dag


    Absolutely NOT. Just as " undocumented " is still an ILLEGAl alien!!! Rule of law MATTERS.
  8. America does NOT need enemy combatants from Somalia masquerading as " representatives " as is Illhan Omar; this sad excuse for a human fu****g being must be removed from the Congressional rolls as should her 3 cohorts.POTUS was absolutely correct in stating that America's enemies have NO PLACE in our homeland and if they persist in remaining, there are a myriad of ' methods ' for removing these treacherous bitches. The above example of EXPEDITED ENEMY REMOVAL is my favorite choice of saying... " Buh Bye " Leftist Governors, Mayors, Anyone who continues to attack our POTUS without cause needs to PACK their bags and GET THE F**** OFF US SOIL... before the SOIL gets placed ON TOP OF THEIR SORRY ASSES. I'm out.
  9. THE 21 now FIRED FBI/DOJ traitors are still out breathing the air, this boils my blood!!! They need to be dealt with " another way " ......can anyone guess what I'm thinking???
  10. The 4 freshmen Congress - stooges have declared war on our duly elected President. They should be dealt with swiftly and harshly; the Somalian had no answers as to how to fix her third world shit hole, yet she has a Gazillion BAD ideas for my Country!!!! She and her side kick Occasional Cortex Ocasio from the Late Great State of NYseem to embrace a system that ultimately got 200 million citizens worldwide DEAD!! FAST TRACK these 4 schmucks to an awaiting ship for transport!!!!
  11. The jokers @ Google are a creation of DARPA, we can include FACEBOOK as well. These corporate silent weapons MUST be dealt with swiftly and decisively by Trump Admin DOJ . Federal anti-trust charges should have been brought forward ALREADY against these violators of our First Amendment . To delay is to invite further attacks from these SOB'S.
  12. Google execs. deserve to be rounded up and placed in shackles and given an orange jumpsuit, transported to an awaiting Naval ship destined for GITMO!!!! Google is NOT America's friend.
  13. I like Texas too but during the Federal attack on TEXAS CITIZENS @ Waco Branch Davidian property I did not see ANY LARGE Texas resistance force REPEL the Bill Clinton jack booted attackers from BATF, FBI etc....... Just didn't see ANY support for those 101 Texas folk who were burned alive.
  14. I have been waiting for Team Trump his military arm to descend like vultures onto the malicious SOB's attempting to KILL OUR way of life...... I have followed Team Q since Oct. 2017. These men and woman have a PLAN and I am confident they will FAST TRACK this plan using the UCMJ finalizing the fate of many of these shadow government swamp rats. They ALL belong deep inside the GITMO HOLE forever.

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