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  1. Here's a question: How long must we put up with an out of control government bent on total control..RULE OF LAW BE DAMMNED.??
  2. I'm no troll. I don't even play one on TV,ha ha..
  3. Again my apologies for appearinhg Argumentative I was testing the waters to see who is paying attention to this hoax. They destroyed a 5 trillion dollar economy in a matter of weeks. That is what you call a sneak attack. Benign in its application... an economic hydrogen bomb!
  4. You know this is why I don't give American much hope no way... Not with the way people look at their government as if it was goddam Santa Claus. They are looting the country and you don't even see it.. The so called virus pandemic whatever you want to call it is a Smokescreen. If I appear argument of it's unintentional
  5. So if I ask serious questions about the validity of a disease or a virus I'm considered a whack job? That's great
  6. Whetr do you find the doctors? CNN The same liars who told us Trump was a Russian asset.
  7. I wasn't trying to Stir anybody up if you're not already stirred that's a problem already.
  8. Look nazis have been operating in America since the end of World War II it isn't anything new. You may know what as the 4th Reich. It's hardly a conspiracy. Keep head in sand... And pretty soon it won't matter either way
  9. I can see this fell on deaf ears. So I suppose you believe this bullshit hoax of a virus instead of an actual BIO WEAPON? 36 million Americans are out of work. And all I see are sheep wearing stupid mask around their face tell me there isn't a major problem going on here. People are easily duped by government experts. I was hoping to find like minded individuals who are actually paying attention to this unprecedented. LOCKDOWN. Where are the goddam wolves I thought they would be here !! My bad.
  10. Fascists have now completed their DRY RUN scare using BIO WEAPONS. 36 MILLION AMERICANS have been displaced from their employment . Socialists are destroying US using a PANDRMIC scare. THEIR AIM IS TO MURDER BILLIONS.. This is what atheism leads to gentlemen. I SHALL NOT WALJ DOWN THIS ROAD. THIS IS NOT WHAT AMERICA WAS FOUNDED UPON. THE FEAR OF GOD MADE AMERICA PECULIAR...AND GREAT. I'M LOCKED, LOADED, and ready to repel ANY " GOV. NAZI out to turn my home into a hell on Earth.
  11. I am old enough to remember Operation Phoenix implemented in Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia; It targeted the infrastructure of Viet Cong strategists, cut the head off the snake and the snake DIES to sum it up. Well, this method is as old as time itself and IT WORKED extremely well in Southeast Asia, ask any survivor of Phoenix... if you are able to still find one.! If POTUS and his Q cleared team are to WIN this war of hearts n minds, certain criteria need to be put into motion QUICKLY: I recently Re-read the book TWILIGHT WARRIORS; many of the men cited in this excellen
  12. I DESPISE this Schiff. A slippery bastard. Democrats are heading for DOOM if they persist in attacking America's Founders, America's laws, HER Constitution!!! The time for timid behavior has LONG SINCE elapsed; pretty please doesn't WORK.. Dragging our enemies carcasses to an awaiting rail car IS IN VOGUE NOW!!!! This " petition " is a classic example of WORTHLESS ENERGY expended; A better petition drive would be in the manner of a an Executive Order arresting DISLOYAL " public servants " who have VIOLATED their oath of office... THAT'S A PETITION DRI
  13. Armed is an ABSOLUTE necessity . A working plan, COMMS. between neighbors. 2 WAY Motorola perhaps? BUDDY SYSTEM. NO LONE WOLVES.
  14. This woman is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! Trump and his Q cleared TEAM are the only element keeping the enemy on his belly!!!!!

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