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  1. Lol regan is the reason California banned open carry and concealed carry. Why because he was afraid of blacks with guns. He did the import ban and machine act of 86. He supported the awb along with bush. Trump backs red flag laws , bump stock bans. And back ground checks. Sorry learn your history before you spout some stupid lies.
  2. Do you really need the history of Republican anti gun laws. Regan bush all where terrible and trump is the most anti president in the last 50 years.
  3. Cute but why would I vote for someone who took away property from someone who had a right to it.
  4. What does posting memes have anything to do with how Republicans are anti gun.
  5. Do more harm.... that is the sound of good for the second amendment
  6. So bump stocks Red flag laws Back round checks Awb Yeah no thanks stop drinking the koolaid
  7. Where can you gob6 miles with a rifle and not stand out? I typically ruck once a week with a 40lb pack. Then run 5ks 3 to 4 times
  8. Nobody? Voting is pointless nobody cares about you.
  9. Or you still think trumps backing your second amendment
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