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  1. It's not so much run.. but if your able body man or woman. Its your duty to get into some basic shape. You don't need to be navy seals fit. However maybe not have the group party at a buffet. I am not trying to knock anyone down. I am working hard to get into better shape because I need it. I don't want to let my team down.
  2. I hear you but If your growing to a point you have a couple dozen training on a normal basis then you are beyond what 99 percent of militias are today. I didnt say six pack abs but I do say if my life depends on you running that hill and taking accurate shots and I see you shoveling everything from Burger King and getting drunk everyday. I won't work with that. Our mag is made up of all sorts of people and some thin and some over weight. I am including myself as over weight. I am personally taking the responsibility to work hard towards fitness. I will not be the one to fail my brothers and sisters over something we all can control.. This isnt meaning to be negative but good dialog
  3. Kitchen queen 480L Keeps your house warm without electricity
  4. You actually envision a front line battle field ? Just eat smaller portions and go out and workout. If you can't run walk with a ruck for a few miles a day. Jefit is a free app that has plenty of workouts you can do at home without a lot of equipment. Their is little excuse for our side to be so out of shape that your combat ineffective and a risk to the fight.
  5. You just need ncos never needed a officer for anything.
  6. Good luck most people rather talk a big game but when it comes to some level of fitness. You will hear things like I dont run from a fight or I'll be your sniper. I struggle with it and back on track lost 10lbs and need to lose 25 more.
  7. You write books right 

  8. 20200118_024900.thumb.jpg.6a3667e157019c934fca595afc261359.jpg

    1. Claw Hammer

      Claw Hammer

      That's  cool  we are looking to work with other groups out their how is your group doing. 

    2. Walt Madsen

      Walt Madsen

      We are growing every day and working on getting laws passed to protect the rights of all and our constitution 

    3. Claw Hammer
  9. Yeah that's good for small amounts. Look up a medical supply store or discount place and maybe they sell it in bulk. Trust me you will never not have enough
  10. Come to this thread and let's organize some community lines of communication and share some intel. We are looking forward to getting more local groups together as the times get darker. The things in Virginia will happen here.
  11. Hit up a surplus store and get gauze and wraps. You can at least make your own. For the most without emergency care and hospital. You will die.
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