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  1. The heavy hand of tyrannical government
  2. Paul Harrell and the impact on the 2a community
  3. Oh I understand it. Just people will make up data or science to support anything
  4. Lone raven. So just one guy. Its pretty common for people to bullshit their military status in groups.
  5. Tanks dont do well in cities. Mraps might be ok but I assume they will round up people for fema camps soon. New York is getting hit hard
  6. Meh as long as they dont shoot unarmed people who cares.
  7. The recoil is straight back and decent but manageable. Their isnt the 40sw barrel flip and easy to use. I shot some buffalo full loads and its solid. The normal stuff is rather simple and smooth. It's a solid hitter and kills everything.
  8. Unfortunately you cant get six people to agree on a style of training. Much less the amount of people who own guns and use them regularly are a very small percentage of the population. Third Congress doesn't like you owning guns in the first place much less civilians training others. This isnt thr same country you used to live in a 100 years ago. Socialism is taking over and going to claim victory here in less than a decade.
  9. Islam isn't able to work with western values and while nice ones exist you have no idea if they are just practicing the law of lieing to non muslims. Sovereign citizens are legal and right. Why do we feel the need to obey the ridiculous laws that take away your freedoms.
  10. At least you get it. Most people ramble some dumb flu bs.

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