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  1. @ Beege this is the Recruiter of the N.O.W Militia, I am reaching out to you to find out how serious you are about The Constitution. If you are still interested please reach out to me in a private message
  2. My Fellow Patriots in FLA who are really serious about uniting, in the ending of January or the Beginning of February i will notify you all 2 weeks prior on the Meet location. This will give you all enough time to spend time with your family and friends for the Holidays. Once this is all done Training and Preparation will begin.
  3. @Takeitback101; there are Militias in NY, the problem is that everything is limited on what you can and can not do in NY. Militias are marked as Terrorist/ Organized Crime Groups due to the Cowardly Power Hungry Elite. @Calvin Champion Woods has made a great point. The best thing to do is find a Team in Upstate NY Cause it is more Country and has the training capabilities that the City does not have. Just remember that you will be on the Elites Radar so what ever you do, play it smart. Moving in Silence and being unseen and unknown works in your favor and it protects you and your Family. Being Loud and Visual makes you an easy target for the Elite
  4. My Fellow Patriots From All Militia Groups: I know that a lot of us do not know each other or trust one another because we always have to have our Guard up. I am reaching out to you all to ask you to prepare yourself for what is coming. We Need to Unite all over Our Country. I know we are for the Constitution but there is a lot of people claiming to be Patriots and all they do is sit behind a computer or throw batteries on other Brothers/Sisters backs but wont lift a finger to help Fight for our Constitutional Rights. Not all are Warriors and not all will Fight. They would rather hide under a rock for Temporary Safety until there safety runs out. For You Brothers and Sisters that sit back and don't get your hands dirty, you have no idea what you are doing. If you do not step it up and be prepared for war, you are going to lose everything you worked so hard for. Those who have No Fear will make History and those who even Fear their own Reflection will suffer more than a person who has No Fear. I hope that my message gets through to all of you. I am not telling you to start the War, im telling you to Wake Up so you can be ready to Defend yourself and your Loved Ones. Reach out to Militia Groups, Join them, Train with the Fellow Patriots. Its better to Fight with others than on your own. You are The Militia. The Easiest way to Lose a War is Standing alone unprepared in a War, Im going to make it simple, You and Your Loved Ones Lives, Liberty and Freedom are in your hands. The Choice is yours, Temporary Safety Or Permanent Liberty and Freedom? May God Be With Us and Bless Us All.
  5. If we are all going to unite, we need to meet up in the middle cause it is not fair that one side of FL is meeting in their comfort zone so we all have to make that sacrifice and meet half way in FL. Lets remove ourselves from our comfort zone, put all our differences aside and stand for what matters most "The Constitution" period
  6. These Damn Tyrants think we are ignorant, they think we need them. We don't need someone to Govern our every way of life. That is why God is here for.
  7. Hello Fellow Patriot...

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