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  1. That os why you should always be prepared. You need to think like your enemy and not let your guard down not even for a split second. Always stay at the ready
  2. Mustan9 are you going to that March in Dec. with the Proud Boys?
  3. Warning: To My Fellow Patriots, The Demonrats have Declared War On Us. They have posted all over social media that they are going after every single Republican, Conservative, Constitutionalist, Those who voted for Trump and those who supported Trump. We need to come together as True Patriots when the time is right. As We The People all know that they are trying to Disarm us by all means. We will Defend The Constitution for it is "The Law Of The Land". Stand At The Ready At All Times & DO NOT give up any of your Firearms. It Is Better To Be Prepared Than Not To Be. Stand Firm & Stand S
  4. Warning All Kansas State, The Demonrats have Declared A Full Blown Attack On Republican Voters, Republicans In Office And Those Who Supported Our President. We All Need To Come Together. We Are The Silent Majority. Give These Traitors Nothing, Meaning Your Firearms. Stand At The Ready, I Can Feel It In My Bones, Its About To Get Ugly
  5. To All Patriots, this is the perfect time to come together from all parts of the Country, for we are under attack like we have never seen before. The Demonrats have Declared War On Us, i ask that the entire Alabama State Stand At The Ready. Dont give these Traitors a thing; meaning your Firearms. The Demonrats want Absolute Power over Our Lives. They want Our Property, They want to Stay with our Hard Earned Money, SSN. They dont only want to enslave us but enslave every generation to come.
  6. No Worries, We have to come together. I am trying to get all States United. I will be talking to the rest of the Country soon
  7. Okay Patriots, you both have a point but their is no need for showing who balls sag longer than the others. We need to stand together. Fighting amongst eachother is not going to solve our problems. We need to stand firm, we can not become enemies if we are going to win this war.
  8. These Traitors Really Got Me F'd Up. I Will Not Kneel, I Will Not Surrender, I Will Not Be Enslaved, I Will Not Live In Fear, I Will Not Hide, I Will Not Comply
  9. We dont have to be in the same Group, only become Allies
  10. Who ever is reading this message, Stand At The Ready At All Cost
  11. This is the time to show them scum bags that we are united. We will not give them a single thing we own. Do not accept a vaccine, nor a buy back or give them any of your firearms
  12. Now that we are all on the same page, are you patriots willing to unite?

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