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  1. Leadership is not given but earned. Anyone who desperately wants to be in power or control mostly always has bad intentions. A person who doesnt want any power is always a better candidate for the title, for they will do a better job cause they dont want to let their Team/Group down, all they need is a little push or to be taught how to become a good Leader.
  2. My Fellow Brothers & Sisters: We have bad news. A Truly Loved Fellow Patriot has made his way into the Kingdom Of Heaven. In His Honor, We will be showing Our Support & Gratitude to a Fallen Brother From My Group. Rest In Heaven Beside The Almighty Holy One. "Scott Bartz" aka TimberWolf. For those who have not had a chance to speak to the Brother, he was and is a great man, it was and is a great honor to have known him, train with and breaking bread with him.
  3. ATTENTION ALL Alabama State Patriots, I am reaching out to you all to create an Alliance with All of Alabama State with Florida State. I will explain how an Alliance works; Alliance means you keep your Ranks and the name of your Group the same, nothing changes. Now for Example: Patriots are just sitting home minding their business when all of a sudden they hear a bunch of shots being fired by orders from the Tyrants in Alabama State, that is when Florida State gets a Distress call for Assistance, that is when Florida State and which ever States are in Alliance with us Gear Up and head to Alabama State to Fight on your side. I Fear that time is closing in all around our Country. "We Are Not" Merging Groups meaning; their will be No Changes being done in any Allied Groups. Please Join the Alliance and lets make history when the time calls upon us
  4. With the new Bill they just Introduced violates the Constitution as a whole (HR 6666). They have been showing Extreme Intimidation of Force to We The People. That is what needs to be done. As far as the 2nd Amendment goes, there is no limitations to our Rights. If we limit our Rights We will lose them all
  5. It was a pleasure and Honor talking with you @ fixer and i appreciate all that you have done for us patriots. Keep your eyes open and guns ready. If you ever need My Team, we are here.
  6. Welcome Everyone. Who ever is living out here in FL State, reach out to me in My Private Messaging if you are serious about joining a Militia Group or Contact SecondRecon and Join his Group. We will be glad to have you in any of our Groups
  7. Im not trying to be offensive With the Bursting Bubble saying, my mother really did pass away from it cause she had some medical conditions so it took her life. This was planned it wasnt by mistake. The Elite and the China so called ruler were involved in this experiment of Depopulation. We are Guinea Pigs to these pieces of shit.
  8. Im sorry to burst your bubble but my mother just passed away in NYC from the COVID19 and its real. Stay protected, when the Government says not to panic that means panic. When they say to panic that means they are about to screw us over, get your guns ready they have Declared War Against "We The People".
  9. I guess everyone is now on the same page. When and where. Im there.
  10. We all need to be aware of what is going on in Our Country. Our enemies are here in Our Precious Nation

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