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  1. Good day Courage, hope you are doing well! Thx for the follow!

    1. Courage777


      Anytime My Fellow Patriot

  2. This is what these Traitor Demonrats have been planning all these years. They are trying to enslave us and decrease population.
  3. I needed to assure that this was valid post before posting it and it turns out the post is facts
  4. My Fellow Patriots; our Freedom and Liberty is Insanely Under Attacked by The Elite but there is also a solution. There is a Patriot Brother Running For FL Congress District21 and he is a Republican and a Vet. Please Support his Campaign.
  5. I highly agree with OathKeepers, we have been humbly waiting for a change from these Tyrant Eliteist and look how far it has gotten us. They say they are doing all of this for "We The People" but they are doing one thing for us, Enslave Us. I am done playing these games with these Clowns, Power To We The People, and Prison and Death For All Tyrants. And for those who enjoy Temporary Safety over Permanent Liberty & Freedom, Deserve Neither and Will Lose Both.
  6. All New Members n MyMilitia. If you are interested in joining an upcoming Militia Group that takes things seriously and are really devoted to making a difference with Like- Minded Patriots that are about Truly Defending Our Constitutional Rights than we are willing to work with you.
  7. Yes my Team is still on High Alert this War is far from over. Its only begun
  8. Courage777


    Yeah Here in the U.S

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