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  1. All New Members n MyMilitia. If you are interested in joining an upcoming Militia Group that takes things seriously and are really devoted to making a difference with Like- Minded Patriots that are about Truly Defending Our Constitutional Rights than we are willing to work with you.
  2. Yes my Team is still on High Alert this War is far from over. Its only begun
  3. Courage777


    Yeah Here in the U.S
  4. My Fellow Patriots, its about to get a whole lot worse in VA
  5. Hello Fellow Patriots, I am Looking for like minded people that are willing to build a Team Together and make a difference in protecting your State and Constitution. To become more like a Family than a Group. Loyalty is key. We will prepare you Mentally Physically and Emotionally. By the time we are done Training you , you will be ready to take on the whole world. If you are the Candidate for us reach out to me. We don't care about your Nationality, We do not Tolerate Racism.
  6. If you live in Kentucky and you are interested in meeting like minded people. Reach out to me. I am looking for 7 candidates in Kentucky that wants to Lead a 21 man Team. You have to be willing to Lead by example, Train, Prep, Store Food/ Supplies, Emergency Plan Prep, and most of all be Vetted in. Be in Proper Uniform, when Training Sessions Begin
  7. From what ive read, they (UN) are trying to put pressure on our Cowardly Elite Govt because they cant put in play the NWO without the U.S. They are all in it together. All they are trying to do is confuse We The People so they can divide and Conquer. Oppression, Slavery, Genocide, Abuse, Rape is all yet to come. The Illuminati is behind it all. Thats why they keep removing Biblical Scriptures, Hid the Constitution from We The People. They stopped teaching our future Generations about The Constitution. They removed God in Heaven from the Court Houses, schools teaching Biblical Scriptures and the list goes on. The Elite stopped taking Sworn Oaths. Remember our Founding Fathers said it best, When removing God from Country, expect the worse to come
  8. Are any of you in another Militia? If not Join Us as we train/prepare for War, Freedom, Liberty and Justice.
  9. They are now planning to bring in the UN to take control of OUR Country by Disarming LEOs, Military, and Law Abiding Citizens who disobeys theyre illegal Law. Prepare yourselves cause they aint a bone in my body that will allow these Elite Foreign Cowards to disarm any of us. If They want a War, than a war we will give them
  10. Go to the right side top of screen and click on icon that looks like writing paper, than click on units. Or you can scroll down on home menu and find your state Militia
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