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    Area code militias formed in 2020 and are coordinated and commanded by members within the locale. They are independent and not directed by a national command and are forbidden to operate beyond state lines. These militias are not intended to replace local units but too instead supplement them by identifying "points of contact" across the United States to establish and enhance area militia units. The leaders of the First Regiments will take the members in under their Unit, point members to already established units in their area or help them organize. These leaders will be people in good standing on the site and in their communities and must not possess any sort of blind aggression or delusions of grandeur. They must be aligned with the My Militia sites overall standards and mission.

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    About American Patriot the III% We fully support and have the utmost respect for ALL oath-keeping LEO, First Responders, and Military, both active and non-active. We are not a militia or a paramilitary group. We are the citizens of these United States who are simply exercising our rights to share knowledge, bear arms, peacefully assemble, and to train and network with other patriotic Americans. We may form community response teams locally, and if the time ever comes to call upon us to defend our county, state, nation, and the U.S. constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” we are prepared to work with local authorities and assist them in delivering the services needed to stabilize the areas they serve and where we live. We’re also very active in the political arena, in an effort to affect change on that level as well. Please understand that APIII% is a serious-minded, highly-motivated group, and we are actively engaged in resisting all efforts to undermine our constitution and the American way of life. We do so with the full expectation that we will, by our actions, ensure future generations of Americans the best opportunities available and a shot at the American dream. We provide a forum for both individuals and patriotic groups to come together in support for one another and share their goals, views, and expertise in related fields. Under no circumstances will APIII% tolerate those who advocate acts of criminal violence, terrorism, or the overthrow of government. We will not support any specific political party or candidate, only those that share our vision for the republic. All members must understand the duties and obligations of both citizens and government under the United States and their state’s constitution. We are not “just another Facebook page” in that we are proactive in our goals. We strive to provide patriots with the most up-to-date news and information, along with opportunities to meet and train with like-minded people in different disciplines. Patriots with skills in child care, medical, self-defense, communications, military, etc. are needed to achieve this goal. Welcome to our family, patriots. You are among friends, and together we will return our country to the glory it once was.

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