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  1. I'm close to you, in Crawfordville. Where do you train?
  2. I have it on reliable sources that Texas legislators are talking succession from the union, and closing boarders to all. They never signed the proclamation of states
  3. Foxtrot Charlie

    Foxtrot Charlie

  4. Checking in for roll call. At least this is where the roll call link brought me.
  5. Well, yes. we have twelve 100 watt solar panels by Regogy which I have split into two arrays, one 60 amp charge controller also by Renogy, one Midnight Solar Classic 60 amp charge controller, a Renogy 2000 watt inverter and two battery banks consisting of 6 six volt 240 amp hour batteries each. Now we don't have anything like air conditioning or a forced air furnace. But our system is enough to give us all the lighting at night we need, about 5 hours of cable TV and internet and a pot or two of Mr Coffee in the morning. As long as the sun shines during the day, we have electricity for about 24 hours. Our hot water is instant-on gas heated by Eco-Temp. We have one made for the interior, and one for the exterior shower and laundry. Now, and for our water, we have to have a generator to power the 5 hp 220 ac motor for now. We had a stainless-steel hand pump by a company called Simple-Pump also installed in our well, and they make a DC or 110 AC motor, designed for the Simple-pump http://www.simplepump.com/our-pumps/motorized/' This winter we stayed very comfortable because we went ahead and had the house insulated, encapsulated actually with soft-cell foam insulation. We have insulation on the under side of the roof and all exterior walls. We have a steel roof and exterior. No maintenance. Anyone want more details on our system, I will be glad to help.
  6. I live in Crawfordville, about half way between Augusta and Atlanta, in Taliaferro County, the least populated county east of the Mississippi. My wife and I have 14 acres and are almost through building our new home there. Have 1000 watt solar system and are completely off-grid. 65 years old.
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