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  1. Sorry it's taken me this long to respond. But, I'm interested.
  2. Woah!!! take another Xanax.....breath brotha!
  3. This is the "Truth"!!!! I've been trying to explain this to everyone I know for the past 10 years. When the 44th President was elected, this is exactly what I saw coming. At the time, I was in Iraq surrounded by "Libtards", who thought he was the greatest thing since "Microwaveable Dinners". They didn't, and still don't have a clue, what the globalists...aka NWO...aka far left., are! They live in this utopia, where, everything is what they view how it should be in "their view"! Then disregarding what actual reality is. I feel....we can not vote our way out of these completely insane identity based politics, anymore. You can't get an unbiased perspective of news anymore. Google is succeeding in censoring independent news sources. Although, these "Independent News Sources", are really just spewing what MSM has already said, but just interjecting their own commentary. You have too be a true "Critical Thinker", to sift and filter through all of the BS, that you see on YouTube! The channel "TimCast", would be the prime example. He brings a moderate but leans left perspective.....then goes way left.....but then in the same breath.....swings back to the right. Look I am not saying you should either be left, or right! But this guy thinks Tulsi Gabbard, should be the Democratic nominee! She is just as anti 2nd Amendment, as the rest of the idiots running for the nomination!
  4. Where are you getting your "intel"? I have yet too see any type of "scuttlebutt", from my sources, about this.
  5. I don't think we are quite there yet. Things haven't got that far out of hand yet. Now, don't get me wrong, shit is far worse than I thought it was a year ago. I just don't feel that we are the stage of a full recall. Even though, I'm not much worried about them calling my old ass back up. Besides, I'm not shaving my beard! Lol!
  6. Tonight I tried to interview with this organization. They use a type of communication, which is ridiculous. Has anybody else have problems with trying to interview with them? It's almost as bad as trying to join the III%s (Originals). These 2 organizations (from my perspective), seem to project that they are the "Special Forces" of the citizens militia force. Granted. I am not former SF, I am not an "Operator", nor do I try to portray as one. But when one Org. blocks you for speaking out against a dumbass policy and the other to saying "well since this communication software sucks...and we can't hear him, so just drop him!"....well that is a problem! Today, we need too be united! As "Law Abiding Citizens", we need to stand together and be ready to fight the Tyranny, that awaits us, that the far left wishes to bring to us. So if anybody is interested, I am willing to start a "True Militia". A Militia that does not accept criminals, does not accept racism, does not accept bigotry, does not sexism, as long as you are not a down right POS, then I will start an organization called "The Actual III%". Those "wannabees", can go and play their little "war games". We will actually go out and train in tactics that will be useful to securing the "Constitution of the United States"!


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