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  1. time to organize in NC message me please

  2. That's why the Christians needs to start coming out to help us as well. I am not suppose to be in politics but seeing how Nancy Pelosi is working with Antifas and Dan McCready...we would've lost our HOME. Do NOT let that happen at all cost. We are the Second amendment guardians for a reason. Maybe that's why I was born in Texas (inside joke.) Please help the young Republicans like Joshua Flores from the Hispanics for Trump in Charlotte and vote for Mark Robinson. Mark Robinson stands for the second amendment as well. Make sure it i
  3. I won't be there but we might have some people coming. I am cheering for you guys! Stay safe! I have to work. I am always vigilant. 10-4
  4. They are also recruiting antifas @Shelby, NC. The place is call Collective workers and they give out "free clothing". Be aware. 10-4
  5. We are getting tired of them talk.
  6. We now have word that the antifa losers are planning on showing up and countering us at the January 20th rally in Virginia. Well this rally just got a lot more fun. BRING IT ON, COMMIES! #LGBT4TRUMP2020 #KEEPAMERICAGREAT Deplorablepride.org (Look for my friend with the Don't tread on me rainbow flag.) Good luck to all and please stay safe! ??REBEL FOR LIFE REPORTING??
  7. Screw being a proper woman. It's time to LOCK AND LOAD.
  8. In this fight y'all going to need anyone you can get rather they are lgbt conservatives/females..They know Islam does not accept gays/Americans & Christians. It doesn't matter who you are as long as they love their country and is able to fight back. This is no longer the North & South.
  9. I am born there. I haven't been back in ages. Y'all lucky! WHOOO GO TEXAS!

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