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  1. Are there any active groups in West TN? I was with a national group for a while but they were obese and poorly trained. Serious groups only please.
  2. Hello everyone. I am Bo Perrin. I am an instructor in the Russian Martial Arts (Systema, Russian Combat Arts). I am presenting seminars to introduce the basics of the Russian Knife work. Here's the info.

    Knife Training flyer1 (Red Logo).pdf

  3. Hey Tech, were you able to find a group in our area??? Give me a shout asap

  4. Are there any SERIOUS militias in west TN area? I was a member of defense force briefly but was extremely disappointed in their fitness and training. Sorry to trash a militia but it was basically a bunch of drunk fat guys telling stories in the woods. Having been a member of Security Force before Chris Hill made a bunch of changes, I've experienced real training. A.C.E was great, but they had a serious lack of members in west TN. Please PM if there are any active members in west TN. I have land, spring fed ponds ripe for fish stock, firearms, ammo, dry goods, lodging, ATVs. Basically everything that will be vital if this virus hysteria escalates. I am a constitutionalist, liberals need not respond.
  5. Redd, sent you a PM. We are neighbors. It's extremely difficult finding active militias in our part of the state
  6. I have AK47s and 9mm weapons/ammo. PM me for details. This is an excellent time to buy
  7. There is militia presence in Memphis and surrounding areas. You'll find there is a larger need for discretion here compared to the remainder of the state, due largely to the demographic and political differences. Anyone in the Memphis area please message me directly.
  8. Tbolt, just sent you a message. There is a presence in west TN.
  9. Highway


  10. I'm in west TN, facing a definite lack of militia activity (online) in the area. I believe in the constitution and preserving it. I can travel, devote manpower and resources to the right group. I'm a normal, church going, business owner. Not looking to get involved with fanatics, simply people vested in preserving and defending the constitution.
  11. I live near Memphis, ready to consider active involvement and resource contribution for the right group. There is a lack of militia presence in west TN (online). But I'm a small bus owner who is able to travel.
  12. Patriot in west TN just north of memphis. There arent any groups in this area that I can find, but I'm willing to travel. Ready to offer resources utility and financial for the right group behind the right cause.
  13. I'm looking also, 30 minutes north of Memphis. Some survival training, utility/financial resources available to the right group. If there are any organized groups here dedicated to preserving liberty, freedom, and the constitution, please contact asap.
  14. Hello, I'm looking for an organized militia in west TN, considering possible involvement and training. I'm a small business owner, lover of freedom, liberty, and the principles this country once proudly stood for. Anything to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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