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  2. True but the world has changed immensely. When I was in Vietnam, women were not in that type of combat then or even being considered for it. However, since Desert Storm up through today, the technology and equipment for combat has changed dramatically. The Kurdish Women fight just as fiercely as their Men and the exception is that they are separate brigades. Either way, as a former Marine and retired Army Major, I have served with outstanding women many whom were in far better shape than many men. So strong and weak do apply but in that sense the woman can be stronger. So, if they can do the job and do not pose a physical threat to other soldiers due to lack of strength or stamina, go for it.
  3. Women who can do the job should be allowed to serve in any capacity. One of the most battle hardened women brigades in the world, the YPJ of the Kurds is a perfect example. However, having said that, one needs to look at the recent results from the newly designed Army physical fitness test. The pilot program launched had over 80% of the women who failed; not just scoring lower but failed! If they retain this high bar and it is one if you take a look at the events, women will not only be discouraged from joining the military but also having their careers shortened. Someone at the Department the Army in the Pentagon really needs to take a scientific approach to this and not come up with a three tiered program as well. If you are a cook, you still will find yourself in combat sometime needing to drag a 200 pound plus soldier from danger. Lowering that standard for everyone is an anathema to the Warrior Ethos because there would be some left behind. Keep the standards the same for both men and women but make them so that they are achievable as a combat soldier given their responsibilities.

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