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  1. Hi Scott !!! Not sure what I need to do at this point but like others, I feel the need to get acquainted with like minded persons in these troubling times. I'm retired Air Force, having spent the bulk of my time in the Security Police field. After retirement I worked for the state of Florida as a correctional officer then crossed over and worked as a Deputy Sheriff here in Bay County until I could draw state retirement. As you might expect, I'm not a spring chicken but my skill set is fairly extensive and I'm looking into HAM radio. Please point me in the right direction.

  2. New to this.  Spouse and I about 11 N of Crestview, 4 miles S of Laurel Hill area.  Interested in grouping with like minded, constitutionalist willing to commit to working with others.

    1. SBartz


      Welcome Pat! No events planned as of yet. Still formulating the team but the intent is to get together as a group periodically (but not too often) and train/discuss our position and next steps as events continue to unfold. Sorry, I don't check this website as often as I should. Give me a call to discuss further and welcome to the group!

  3. Hi Scott, I'm Brad,  I'm in Fort Walton Beach, I'm concerned about how things are playing out so I thought I'd find some like-minded individuals. 

    1. SBartz


      Hi Brad and everyone. Sorry for the delayed or even lack of responses. My dad (Scott Bartz Sr) passed away on 8 Jun and things have been hectic for us as a family. I will be in touch soon and yes, we need to be prepared to stand up for our constitutional freedoms as needed in the coming weeks, months, years ahead. God bless and stay safe!

      Scott Bartz Jr

  5. Hi … I am the commander of the 850 militia , and you are in the right area code. We are a small group that live close to Paxton, Fl. , but our address is Laurel Hill, Fl. There is a lot of room for input, as to our goals and what not. What would be a good time to call you. I like talking to people in person rather than on the compute.
  6. Hi... No I am not fear full of giving my location or even my address. Looks like your the odd man out from the rest of us. We are located just south of Florala about 6mi. We are always looking for more members here in the 850 area. I would like to talk to you more , so if you would call me, I will give you my # 8508342102. I can explain what are goals are . I can also see what your interest are. Hope to hear from you soon....SCOTT
  7. Well I would be fine. We have our own power system, well, and 6 months worth of provisions. Do no forget plenty of ammo.
  8. I tried to sign in and forgot my pass word Insert other media.url
  9. Like you, I am also retied reload my own ammo and have preparing for the last 6 months and being on 10 ac. and can not be seen from the road. [WWG1WGA]
  10. Well , I remember the last crash. they had armed guards around the paper (TOILET) companies . If you can afford it, try to buy some silver .999 pure . also food that will keep a long time. I bought that same generator on ebay for $600.00 brand new. Make sure you have plenty of fuel for it. Just run it for the minimum time needed to conserve fuel .. Stick matches ( strike anywhere). We have 2-way radios with the other people in our area. (MURS) no lic needed. First aid kit a big plus along with aspirin and other med's that you might need. I could wright a whole book on the s
  11. I do not pay much attention to sleepy Joe,  he does not even know what state he is in.... He is in a state of mental  delusion, for sure.

    1. Stuart Haynes

      Stuart Haynes

      Does Sleepy Joe even remember that He is running for President ?

    2. Stuart Haynes

      Stuart Haynes

      My mailing address says Jay Fl. I actually live in Berrydale a few miles out. My Phone number is 850 686 1801. I am in and out often so if I dont answer, Leave a message.

  12. Hi Scott.... Welcome  aboard . Slowly, but surely we are gaining momentum. Lets keep the  membership growing, I do believe that harder times are a head.  We must be prepared to respond  to any situation that would require our services.  Thank you for your membership again...… Scott Sr.


    1. SBartz


      Thanks Dad. Glad to be here!

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