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  1. No. But I will definitely look into this. I became the 9th man in a dream and it’s always stuck with me. I was fighting a demon and right before I woke up I charged at the demon saying I was the 9th man. Crazy I know but it was a dream I never forgot.
  2. I’m in Las Vegas East area to be specific. Father of 6. Able to run field ops and actively looking to train.
  3. My user name comes from the great state of Texas my fathers name and my God given number. The number 9. I am the 9th man.
  4. Hello all ! My name is Tristan and I’m a proud freedom loving American looking to do my part. Looking to change these so-called progressive young folks minds and be a productive law abiding citizen that knows his rights protects his brothers from tyranny and praises God above all.

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