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  1. Long haul trucker, voter, defender of our state and federal constitution. Elizabethton, TN
  2. East TN hillbilly here. Don't talk much but I'm paying attention! Happy Halloween Patriots
  3. Taking the wife to get her a new concealed carry revolver on Saturday. She's leaning towards the S&W M&P Bodyguard.


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    2. LetFreedomRing


      Nice, I've held one in my hand and tried the trigger, very smooth and not to heavy of a double action pull.

    3. IrishTN


      She really wants to simplify her every day carry and I don't see it being any simpler than that. I'm excited to give it a try myself

    4. LetFreedomRing


      My wife has a Taurus CH85 SS .38 SPL.  I bought over 25 years ago at a gun show for $225 with a 50 round box of 125 JHP included.  Took her out, paced off 7 yards and she squeezed off the first 5 rounds into the X ring the first time she shot it.  Other than a .38 SPL derringer of a friend she shot once, this was only the 2nd time she had shot before.  She likes the simplicity of a DAO revolver with concealed hammer.  I talked to her a couple years about about switching to an automatic with higher capacity but she wouldn't have it.  She said the snubbie works for her and she is content with it.

  4. IrishTN


  5. Hi all, east TN long haul trucker with family at home holding down the fort. Worried about the future for them and the erosion of our nation from the communist creep. When Patriots make a stand I'll be in the roll call

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