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  1. Discoveries over the past few days show there were right wing agitators and even police agitators, the protestor activities has simmered down to a peaceful resolve. Interestingly no Covid spikes, that to go to everyone’s advantage if the goal is reopen sooner. Governors and military chiefs speaking out against the use of military on civilians, there will be community efforts to clean up. Let’s hope we push through together.
  2. I see what your concerns are but I’ve been on the inside of protests for years and I can tell you none of these people are armed nor have I ever heard of any secret strong arm factions, what you see is what you get with these people sometimes a duck is just a duck. The constitution says we can protest and that we ought to for certain causes. The tea party started by looting the British right? I assure you the looting is done. That statement is over, what’s left of the protestors is the non-violent ones. Please do not “open fire” on them. I believe there are influences guiding us into a civil war that is not in our best interest. In all reality the BLM protestors can help the re-open process, that’s an area we can both agree upon. In another week or so if the these massive BLM protests do not come down with Covid. The government. Will have no choice but to open up. The media is will have some ‘splaining to do...
  3. It’s not that I’m a spy you guys, and I do realize it’s rare for a Bernie supporter to join militias. But Bernie is out of the running. I would say he was never a threat, and he was actually right about a lot of the things he was saying, but that’s neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is just because you may be right wing or constitutionalist or libertarian or conservative or nationalist does not mean you have to support Donald Trump. There is a legitimate argument that says if he sends federal troops to police American civilians, that he is breaking or at least bending the constitution. Hear me out, I know a lot of you guys were in support of the re-open protests right? Well what happens per se if none of these black lives matter protesters end up causing a spike in Covid? None of them have so far. Another week goes by and still no spike? Then we have to reopen. George Floyd is but one victim of thousands within a similar type of crime it’s not just about him. That group feels there is systemic racism deep inside the American government, and they are tired of it. The Bernie supporters feel that the DNC rigged the primary election, therefor America is no longer a Democracy, that’s a big deal right? If that’s the case at the very least we need transparency about the Republic it’s become. There are other groups that just join in out of angst, like the anarchists for example, they just want no government. A lot of the feminists and LGBTQ are outraged for a various reasons. Even the right wing wants to protest for re-opening of business. Ron Paul and his libertarian party wants to re-open. This is a rare case where it all overlaps and everyone wants to protest anyways. The government is violating its own constitution, they are agitating the protestors. I can show you evidence that the initial looter who started it all in Minneapolis, was either an undercover cop named Jacob Pederson, or some other type of provocateur planted. They knew the criminal psychology, a plant provocateur would cause a domino effect of more looters. They may have burned down their own police station. Why are there no other suspects? There is something wrong here. Without pointing fingers, the fair thing to say is let’s find out who the instigator/agitator/provocateur is. It makes a big difference knowing who it was and why they did it. I know you must think as a Bernie supporter, that I’m with the “leftists”. Ask any political analyst, on a spectral diagram they will show you Bernie’s views & policies are only slightly left of center. Not much different that what we had in the past under FDR or Eisenhower. Not radical or extreme by any means. If the provocateurs are really with antifa or Soros or if they have socialist or communist agenda fine, I just want to know the truth. All I‘m asking is that we get to the bottom of it, with proof & evidence who it was. What’s their agenda? If if I had to guess, I my hypotheses is that Trump’s alt-right agenda is Nazi influenced, Zionist influenced, and Russian influenced. There is a propagandist agenda to turn us American civilians against each other, and it’s working! Look how paranoid we are. I was actually nervous about joining and I shouldn’t be it’s my right and my duty. I’ve always had constitutional obligation to stand against tyranny. I’m coming from a slightly left wing libertarian, but also progressive point of view. Look up the bull moose party, they were led by Teddy Roosevelt and were considered a “left of center” neo-nationalism party. That’s my party affiliation, if they had a Progressive Libertarian party I’d join that, unfortunately people think those two are an oxymoron, so I’m stuck with the progressives but I also have an affinity towards Thomas Paine & JeffersonIan Libertarian Influenced American Ideology.
  4. I believe the excessive militant police enforcement is unjust & immoral. The coming military forces all be unconstitutional. Since there was such a large movement to re-open, should we be protesting this too?
  5. The militias need to protest the unconstitutional orders in their own way. Sending the military after the protestors is fascist am I wrong?
  6. Everyone in a militia should be against the unconstitutional orders am I right? Trump broke the law this is even worse than the “re-open” if that was protest this must be protested. The government is trying to divide the left and right so they never protest the same thing at the same time. Imagine if we protested in unity. For all of our various reasons not just BLM
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