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  1. If you could charge a political party with a crime you would charge the democrats with Treason.
  2. So I have an interest in USA politics, anyway cannot believe what is going on here and the political points scoring.. After this is all done and dusted I think the American people will never vote Democrats again, they will remember. Dont you just approve the bill and put it through? No doubt in another few weeks more stimulus will be needed so put it through again? As far as I can see it the Dems are now costing lives, they hate America. It must be terrible to hate yourself so much From australian Newspaper: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-hospitals-face-escalating-catastrophe-in-new-york-city/news-story/1e70ab67995fe1c903f5e8329cf45471 OR am I reading this wrong?
  3. haha thanks mate, we might need them the way things are going here. PM just announced all closure of pubs, restaurants, cafe, sporting venues etc Australia wide. All our state borders are to be closed from Tuesday. Schools remain open for some reason... go figure. Interesting times indeed.
  4. Got my wrist band a few weeks ago with much excitement so thought I'd post up some pics from Australia. Here I am at my son's Cricket Practise. I must admit American politics have certainly given plenty of entertainment lately.. just know there are so many people around the world who think the Dems are just crazy people. ?????
  5. hahah a great advert indeed! yup everything you said is true about Australia.
  6. In regards to guns Australia really isnt anything like USA, yes some people had guns but generally speaking most people do not, or did not have guns. So the gun buy back scheme that the government implemented just gave the opportunity for people to turn in guns that were not registered without fear of being prosecuted. I could guarantee that any criminal or shady type person didnt return their guns, plus these types of people can still probably get guns now if they want, but the general law abiding citizen its just too hard for them.... its an interesting topic..but yeah very very different to the USA.
  7. i recently moved from Melbourne, if we were going to stay I was getting my gun license as shit is getting too dangerous there with home invasions and stuff where i was living. no too bad where I am now so no need. UK is fucked, the sooner they get out of the EU the better by the sounds of it...
  8. Watched his latest last night, haven't watched him before but heard of him simply because of the Left being up in arms about what he said. Pretty funny guy to be honest. If we cant laugh about this sort of shit then we are lost as a world. Rotten Tomatoes critic review gave him 0% and he had 99% from user views (this has since moved around a bit) This goes to show how the media and hollywood etc have no actual clue what the main stream person is thinking. They are so out of touch it isnt funny, except Dave is funny...
  9. pretty accurate no wonder I get sea sick.
  10. AussieMatt


    hahaha gave me a laugh
  11. Just another virtue signalling company that I will now be avoiding in the future, please add to the list. Anytime Fitness Going SJW relevant info: https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/alan-jones-losing-more-advertisers-in-wake-of-attack-on-jacinda-ardern-20190819-p52iip.html He meant to say "put a sock in it" but said it wrong, now the SJW are all up in arms! If you read through the facebook comments sounds like more people will be leaving. hahaha "get woke go broke" why must companies insist on giving a political stance when all we want to do as consumers is buy their bloody product.
  12. Tor browser yes, but you wouldnt use that for general websurfing....
  13. Time to ban trucks too I guess since they can run over multiple people at a time... Isnt it the user not so much the equipment that is the issue?

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