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  1. I used to work in an ER, and one night the paramedics brought in a man who was visiting from another state. He blew a blood vessel in his heart, and was wearing compression booties to keep him alive for as long as possible. I held the phone for him to say goodbye to his wife and family, as he knew he was going to die in a few minutes. It was so hard to keep from crying as he spoke with each family member, telling them how much he loved them. When he finished the call, he told the doctor to go ahead and remove the boots; he died in a couple of minutes. He was young; only early 40s. We were all wrecks.
  2. Hey just reaching out to locals in my area I just recently discovered the California state militia I've also reached out to Major Pauge in the 2nd Regiment. This mymilitia.com is actually quite resourceful in plugging me in with people around me. I know I'm in Los Angeles and you're all the way out up north but I'm trying to get it together and figure out what I got to do to get started.  plus I guess the more connections I make the more informed I'll be.

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