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  1. We are meeting Saturday, November 16 @ 1200 @ the Pizza Ranch in Sturgis. Maybe we can meet then?
  2. West River general meeting scheduled for 11/16/19 @1200. Meeting will be at the Sturgis Pizza Ranch, meeting room.
  3. What exactly are you looking for? Let me know and I will answer what I can.
  4. We are having an open meeting on 9/21/19 @ 1200 at the Pizza Ranch in STURGIS.
  5. Currently there is no militia in SD. With that said there is a group East River and a group West River that are working together to get South Dakota AP III% off the ground. You East or West river?
  6. I’m headed to bed, work at 0500 tomorrow, getting up early sucks. I will message you tomorrow. Any questions shoot me a message.
  7. Anyone in South Dakota looking to meet up? South Dakota AP III% is trying to get off the ground. Let me know.
  8. Western South Dakota, Rapid City area. Anyone?
  9. Still training? Looking for newcomers?

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