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  1. as far as HR5717 GHOST STATE Militia will not tolerate this so when that time comes This Militia will be operating as a true militia loyal to the constitution along with the other patriot groups in the country. Stay mentally and physically ready.
  3. Its not trolls, they are sharks they see weakness in you. i mean this is your 3rd "I banned trolls" video. how about not give a fxck about what random internet commenters say. and btw no one gives a fxck, get your t levels checked because you think men who are here to train and give their lives for the constitution care about some old low t guy in the woods complaining about the mean ppl on youtube.
  4. the gifs memes cutawats an ]d comedy was done by me first this guy is a copy cat and the editing style doesnt match the personality of the content or show
  5. At this point Im thinking we should postpone the fl meet-up at the Ocala Range due to corona Virus. what do yall think?
  6. Like the title suggests We as a whole need to have a few common frequencies based on region for the American Minute, Patriots, and Miitiamen. This would in the event of SHTF WORL, u name it. We would be able to stay in contact disperse intel, rally troops/supplies and coordinate efforts to achieve mission success. Lets first discuss How to operate radios, Types of radios, and Regional Frequencies. This is a matter of the utmost importance as far as an organized Militia or union of militias.
  7. 10 am Camo bottoms bring gear as far far your minuteman setup (plate carrier, rifle, comms etc) just to see if we are all clear on what the spec for gear are. We will not be using gear on our first meet up except for rifle and range tools. you can keep you setup in your car. FYI I'll be the young blk guy with long locs in a mohawk, very hard to miss. I look young but ill be 30 the day before the shoot. lol.
  8. So far our first meeting will be at the Ocala Gun range. this is to : 1) make sure everyone has a working and up to regulation rifle 2) builds a sense of unity and familiarity 3) takes the anxiety and pressure off of meeting up with a group of warriors while allowing us to test the most basic role of a militiamen (shooting) Its a bit more social of an atmosphere for us to get to know one another and see whose gear needs work and who knows how to shoot and handle a weapon. Along with us finding a commonality in our weaponry.
  9. tactical scorpion is a great option have a set of those and a set of ar500 as well, my wife is Lady2A btw We run Ak platforms but there is no "we all have to have the same gun and caliber" rule. the one rule i do tend to follow is having at least 1000 rounds per fighting age person in your household of your fighting rifle. so i have 2 fighting age ppl here so i keep atleast 2k rounds of 7.62 just in savings and another 1k in mags and ammo cans for training. but i go advanced and go with 1k rounds per person in my house so I still have another 2k to put away.
  10. Later today I will be uploading a comms setup for us as well as gear loadouts for Lady 2A and myself
  11. Euro travel ban for 30 days. Possibility Trump Declaring a national Disaster. This is especially frightening living in orlando a city based on tourism alot of things bad can happen here financially due to the lack of 10's of thousands of visitors daily for a full month, i can tell you from experience the the off season hits hard here so this is going to be scary living in a sjw city. Prep yall. just in case and be prepared for further hits to the stock market and our financial system. dont want to fear monger but be logical.
  12. try movavi its decently priced and simple to us.

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