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  1. so far we have brevard county and a member of my group mentioned soldiers creek. LETS ALL TAKE A VOTE SO WE CAN DECIDE WHICH WE ALL PREFER AND JUST MEET UP. Any comments after this post should be either of the following A) Brevard County Meetup B) Soldiers Creek
  2. Someone with the location has to schedule a meet up or rally or something, feel like fl is too sleepy and the movement honestly.
  3. WE NEED A FL MILITIA!, alot of talking about random shxt for attention or because you live in a fantasy, it needs to end, WE NEED A FL MILITIA, with branches for each part of the state.
  4. your answer is the exact reason why they have gotten away with so much. like i said before the american "patriots" are too comfy in their lives to actually live the life the post about online.
  5. idk but now we need to link up more than ever, I'm in the 407, whats the best place for central fl militia to meet up?
  6. ppl will believe anything. instead of posting it, have cops and forensics do fingerprints on it and keep it moving....
  7. this weeks events are a prime example of why we don't want the militia to be associated with any racist views. we are here for the constitution the ppl and to preserve freedom for the future. this is in regards to my last post on this thread.
  8. The user "NewYorkPatriot", https://www.mymilitia.com/profile/3915-newyorkpatriot/ is not associated with GHOST STATE militia. WE DO NOT ALLOW those who are looking for camaraderie among the white supremacists ideology or racial-radicals of any ethnic group. I just want to put that out there. because we take vetting seriously, and to those leaders in fl who do as well here's a heads up.
  9. without a fixed budget I cant really advise you on which specific set to get.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/System-Military-Adapter-Kenwood-Baofeng/dp/B082WHMTLV https://www.amazon.com/IRON-JIAS-Headphone-Canceling-Protection/dp/B078KY1LN5?th=1
  11. the works, i want to cover everything for those that dont know or have limited knowledge in.

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