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  1. this guy makes money off of reporting our rights getting taken away. smh im so done with these InstaTube Vloggers. He cant wait to report something first.
  2. VERY MUCH SO, ive been a tinkering with some ideas and will be glad to share my reasearch ive done in creating/modifying tech for a militia benefit
  3. Young Family man Patriot looking for like minded warriors to train with. I created a group, our goal is to train, take an active roll in the community, defense/security of community. Very down to earth, looking for monthly/bi monthly training/meetups. to hone skills and work better as a unit to accomplish whatever it is that we are doing. I would like to function with either larger or nation militias if we are able to find said groups. I currently live in Orlando but willing to travel within reason. All we ask is that you bring yourself, your gear, your willingness to be a part of something larger and the willingness to train regularly. Link Below to join. If anyone would like to set up a statewide shoot day im very interested in that.

    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      If I get back to florida , Ill be sure to look you up

  5. What day is best in march for a fl meet up? lets focus on that rn.
  6. I'm not seeing a win for anyone here, tbh. its only embolden the next state. how many trips do we have in us to a state rally?
  7. show me a kid dumb enough to do that and not show off or play with it to their friends before giving to a teacher if at all
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