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  1. this weeks events are a prime example of why we don't want the militia to be associated with any racist views. we are here for the constitution the ppl and to preserve freedom for the future. this is in regards to my last post on this thread.
  2. The user "NewYorkPatriot", https://www.mymilitia.com/profile/3915-newyorkpatriot/ is not associated with GHOST STATE militia. WE DO NOT ALLOW those who are looking for camaraderie among the white supremacists ideology or racial-radicals of any ethnic group. I just want to put that out there. because we take vetting seriously, and to those leaders in fl who do as well here's a heads up.
  3. Incorrect. as head of what appears to be the only free open militia site for our nation . you do owe us at least the effort to demonstrate and try to convince us of your ability to maintain and keep this site up and running properly so the american militia can protect and defend the nation properly. Not trying to sound like a dick but as the person in charge of this site you DO have an obligation to some degree. just because of the position you play. Being a militiamen ist just showing up with guns its making sure those running things adhere to their obligations and know the american militia watches you that much harder than we do for politicians. Basically what Im saying is you now have the ability to keep us connected and aware of whats going on nationally in our movement. But I'm a down to earth guy so I'n sure you wont be a wrong fit or anything my concern is just what has transpired with the last owner of the site. that incident where ownership changed, I had seen it coming for weeks and began to prepare for it. for example what if fixer wasnt able to find a new site owner in time..... my point is one person (the owner) mental health and ability to operate such an important site.
  4. I saw this coming I just didnt want to look like an asshole before others could grasp it. Also while I speaking on it the site changing ownership affects the greater american militia as a whole. what happens if this new site owner has some sort of ego or bias or lack of understanding mmgt etc. all the things could lead to the eventual decline in how the site and militias are viewed as. Im sure the new site owner is a great person my concern is only that on of the american militiamen. and the continued preservation of the american militia to ensure freedom and continuity of our way of life.
  5. without a fixed budget I cant really advise you on which specific set to get.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/System-Military-Adapter-Kenwood-Baofeng/dp/B082WHMTLV https://www.amazon.com/IRON-JIAS-Headphone-Canceling-Protection/dp/B078KY1LN5?th=1
  7. the works, i want to cover everything for those that dont know or have limited knowledge in.
  8. well it looks like we need to learn everything you can teach us, if you feel up to it, getting everyone together learning the same things and cross teaching together gives us a much wider knowledge and understanding and unity.
  9. Looking for Survival Bushcraft for my team. Any instructors out there or know of any in FL, Preferably Central Fl area. I see alot talk about shooting but not team outdoor survival. To me this seems like a must know-how for the basic militiamen, a skilled course or at least a skilled instructor. I'm also looking for CQB Instructor/Course for my team. Any suggestions or info that you can trust and recommend would greatly help.

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