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  1. Deathstroke, if your looking to get involved the Illinois Light Foot Militia could use your experience and skills. Find us on here and feel free to email me @ [email protected] or private message me here.
  2. Hello Patriots of IL. Marine of the 21st Light Foot Militia checking in. The 21st Light Foot Militia has been INACTIVE for awhile, so I have decided to activate the 21st! Along with the 21st, we are also standing up the IL Light Foot Militia Special Response Team. I am looking for any and all IL LFM members as well as leaders from other IL groups. Also, i we have any lone wolfs looking for a unit or maybe want to start one for their county, I can help you get set up.HMU here, send me a message, or email [email protected] or email SpartanILFSRT
  3. It appears Reaper has become inactive. If anyone is still ACTIVE in the Illinois Light Foot please contact me directly here or by email. [email protected] Thank you Marine

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