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  1. The meaning of the word Liberal has changed over time. Nowadays it's up to the TV to decide what the word means. The word has been redefined to mean a "liberal" hits someone over the head with a bike-lock and burns their free speech sign in Berkeley. 50 Years ago, it was the liberals holding the free speech sign, not burning them. That's why some people will refer to CLASSIC or PROGRESSIVE liberals. Classic meaning Free speech, pro-capitalist, don't touch my guns, collect my own rainwater and I just want to carry a gun while smoking pot at my gay friends wedding. (voltaire) M
  2. Have any of you heard of Rally For Our Rights? Gun rights group. CALL TO ACTION: Longmont, CO City Council To Vote On Extreme Anti-Gun Resolution In a Gun Safety Resolution so extreme it puts Boulder’s so-called “assault weapons” ban to shame, Longmont, CO city council is asking federal and state elected officials to implement laws such as gun registration and requiring gun locks so advanced the technology barely even exists yet, among many other things. On Tuesd
  3. Thoughtcriminal is a reference to 1984. I like to read things people don't want me to read. (like the Satanic Bible). I am a free speech advocate who also believes in the right of self-determination. That makes me a modern day thoughtcriminal, and more likely to be fired and censored. With the marriage of corporate and state power, thoughtcrime (aka "hate speech") is quickly becoming a reality. (Just like Europe)

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